Dr. Khushbu

Author and Medical Reviewer

Dr. Gopalakrishnan, a licensed general dentist with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from UCLA School of Dentistry (2014), exemplifies a holistic approach to dentistry, emphasizing the treatment of the entire body rather than just dental issues. Her postgraduate journey includes a comprehensive general dentistry residency in a hospital setting, equipping her with a broad spectrum of clinical skills and experiences.

Currently, Dr. Gopalakrishnan dedicates her expertise to serving in the public health arena, addressing the dental needs of communities with limited access to care. This commitment not only showcases her proficiency in various dental practices but also reflects her dedication to social responsibility in healthcare. In addition to her clinical endeavors, she actively contributes to the dental field as a consultant for organizations such as Dr. Clobo and Kaplan. Her role in these capacities often involves the critical task of reviewing and creating clinical protocols, further solidifying her authority and reliability in the dental community.


  • UCLA School of Dentistry
  • Residency, VAPAHCS/ Stanford/ Highland Hospital
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