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GLO Teeth Whitening Kit Review (2024)

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Is GLO Worth the Price?

GLO’s Teeth Whitening Kit may be a worthwhile choice if you’ve struggled with sensitivity and are willing to invest more in a comfortable whitening solution that you can do at home.

GLO Brilliant can effectively whiten your teeth, although its results tend to be subtle. With a higher price than most brands, we recommend finding alternatives if you value faster results and significant teeth whitening.

GLO Science Teeth Whitening

At NewMouth, we understand that a busy lifestyle often means less time for self-care. If you’re looking for an effective teeth-whitening solution, we’re here to guide you. Discover the best kits that deliver a radiant smile, boost your confidence, and seamlessly fit your schedule.

Pros & Cons of GLO Teeth Whitening Kit

I tested the GLO Brilliant Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit and looked at customer reviews on YouTube and Amazon. Here’s an overview of its pros and cons based on my experience and what others are saying:

What I Like About Glo Advanced Brilliant

My teeth are like pearls now. It does its job as described. Do like it says… use the lip care… trust me.

Amazon Review
  • Effective teeth whitening. GLO brightened my smile after 7 days. Clinical studies have also shown similar results.
  • Minimal discomfort. The low peroxide concentration and the included lip balm were a lifesaver for my dry mouth and sensitive teeth.
  • Easy to use and convenient. I love the hands-free whitening with the portable LED mouthpiece. I can multitask while I whiten.
  • Comprehensive kit contents. The kit has everything I need for whitening, plus a lip balm and travel case, offering good value.
  • Eco-friendly and ethical packaging. It’s great that the packaging is biodegradable and the vials are recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free.

What I Don’t Like About Glo Advanced Brilliant

I have used this for 7 treatments now, and it seems to be working. The issue is that the unit won’t keep a charge. It only lasts about 1-2 treatments.

Amazon Review
  • Higher costs. It costs more per treatment than other at-home kits. While I think it’s worth it for gentle whitening, others may be put off by its prices.
  • Variable results.  While I saw decent results, some people might not get the dramatic whitening they expected.
  • Tedious reapplications. Reapplying the gel every 8 minutes can be a bit messy and inconvenient. Other kits only require 1 application.
  • Difficulty reaching molars. It’s tricky to get the gel evenly applied, especially on my back teeth.
  • High-maintenance controller. It takes time to charge but only holds enough power for 2 uses. You can avoid the hassle by keeping it charged overnight.

What’s Included: A Look Inside the Box

GLO’s Teeth Whitening Kit comes in a custom-designed case with separate compartments molded for each of its contents, including:

  • GLO® Mouthpiece with adapter
  • GLO® Control with lanyard
  • Five (5) GLO® Teeth Whitening Gel Vials (mint)
  • One (1) GLO® Lip Care
  • GLO® Science User Manual
  • Silicone cover for the mouthpiece
  • USB cord for charging the controller

The product was packaged well, and the case is perfect for storage and travel. It even has a convenient handle so you can carry it around.

glo brilliant whitening kit 1 e1673475454286

If you’re committed to making eco-friendly choices, GLO aligns with your values. Its packaging is made of biodegradable materials, while the vials used for the teeth whitening gels are recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free.1

My Experience Using GLO Teeth Whitening Kit

I tried the GLO Advanced Brilliant Whitening Tech Kit for a week. Below is a more detailed breakdown of my experience with the brand, including:

  • Before and after results
  • Sensitivity and other side effects
  • Comfort and ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Maintaining my results

Before & After Results

I’m fond of coffee, so my teeth were slightly yellow before the treatment. It wasn’t until after 3 uses that I started seeing results. When I completed my treatment in 7 days, my smile was 2 shades lighter than when I started.

I expected better from GLO’s whitening system, considering the research behind it and how long each treatment lasts. However, after reviewing clinical studies, I realized my results are close to what others are experiencing.

Science-backed teeth whitening: Studies show that GLO’s at-home kit can lighten teeth by up to 4 to 5 shades in 10 to 30 days. Maybe if I continued using the kit, I would have gotten the dramatic results I was hoping for.2,3,4

For the best results, the company recommends the following usage:1

  • Use GLO Brilliant for 5 to 10 days in a row
  • Use the treatment 1 to 2 weeks before any important event
  • For instantly brighter teeth, use once or twice before the event

Sensitivity & Other Side Effects

Despite the hydrogen peroxide in GLO’s whitening gel, I didn’t get the “zingers” (sensitive teeth) throughout my treatment. The gel also tasted good and didn’t leave a weird aftertaste at the end of each treatment.

The warmth from GLO’s mouthpiece did need getting used to at first. I’ve used LED accelerating devices before but they only emitted light, not heat. I became more accustomed to this warm feeling over time.

GLO’s mouthpiece doesn’t heat up to more than 52°C or 125.6°F. To give you some perspective on what that might feel like inside your mouth, it’s roughly the same temperature as a perfectly warm soup.5,6

For your safety: Don’t forget to apply GLO’s lip balm before wearing the mouthpiece. This will keep your lips from drying during the treatment.

Comfort & Ease of Use

Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes and requires three applications. So you have to be extremely committed to GLO’s teeth whitening process.1

It may seem tedious at first. But once you’re used to the steps, it gets easier, and you’ll find that it’s actually convenient.

Fitting GLO into your routine: You’ll need to be flexible with the treatment since it includes a mouthpiece and several applications of whitening gel.

Its mouthpiece isn’t bulky like other whitening kits we’ve tried. It slides on effortlessly and feels comfortable, even though it fully wraps my teeth. 

The broad-tipped brush on the vials makes it easy to apply the whitening gel on my front teeth. Although it was difficult to reach my molars at the back.

I would usually use GLO’s whitening kit before bedtime or between chores. The controller has a lanyard so you can conveniently wear it around your neck while the mouthpiece is plugged in and inside your mouth. 

It helped me do other things—like laundry and vacuuming—during my treatment. Since the control doubles as a timer, I knew when to remove the mouthpiece and reapply the gel for another session.

This is where it gets messy and slightly uncomfortable. You have to reapply the gel three times in a row at 8-minute intervals. I didn’t mind too much since I needed to brush my teeth after completing the treatment.

My advice: Make sure you fully charge the GLO Control if you want uninterrupted treatments. I found that charging it overnight before bedtime and unplugging it in the morning was the most convenient.

Value for Money

The GLO Brilliant Kit starts at $31.80 per treatment, but this includes the mouthpiece and other accessories. Ongoing refills of GLO’s Whitening Gel bring these prices down to $5.50 to $6.50 per treatment.

Most at-home teeth whitening kits cost $2 to $2.50 per treatment while professional whitening costs $400 to $1,500. However, they usually contain higher concentrations of peroxide and cause sensitivity.

Bottom line: GLO offers good value if you want a gentler peroxide-based alternative with less likelihood for sensitive teeth. But if you want more treatments for a lower price, other at-home kits might be a better fit.

Maintaining My Results

I avoided my usual cup of espresso for several hours after each treatment, although I continued to drink coffee for the rest of the day. My results lasted for about a month before reverting by 1 shade.

GLO says you won’t need treatment for another 6 to 12 months if you brush and floss regularly. But my results faded quickly, so it probably depends on your teeth and the foods you eat.1

For long-lasting results: I suggest observing your teeth and repeating the treatment as you deem fit. In my case, doing it once a month after my initial 7-day treatment helped me maintain my results.

The Ingredients and Science Behind GLO: Are They Safe and Effective?

If you’re a religious coffee or tea drinker, then you may want to do it more often than, say, somebody who doesn’t do that stuff. You can do a touch-up or whole five-day cycle every couple of months to reach your optimal tooth color.

YouTube Review

In-office teeth whitening treatments are effective but often involve harsh conditions—higher peroxide levels, intense lights, hotter temperatures, and longer treatment times—which increase your risk for sensitivity.7,8,9,10,11

GLO’s whitening kit offers a gentler yet effective alternative for at-home use. It uses Guided Light Optics and other science-based innovations.5,13

You can read the full white paper here to check the research and impressive before-and-after photos of people who used the treatment.

Here’s a breakdown of the science behind GLO:

  • GLO uses a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (6%) that is not only proven to work but is also safe and less likely to cause sensitivity.5,11,12,13
  • The mouthpiece is designed to wrap around your teeth. This “closed mouth system” ensures the peroxide stays long enough to produce its effects.5
  • The mouthpiece emits comfortable levels of light and heat, reducing your risk for sensitivity while improving the peroxide’s bleaching activity.5
  • The short treatment time limits your exposure to the peroxide, light, and heat—lowering your risk for sensitivity and other side effects.5

Comparing GLO to Other Teeth Whitening Options

I looked at clinical studies comparing GLO with Crest 3D Whitestrips Advanced Vivid and Zoom Professional Whitening. I also checked their pricing to see how they hold up against each other.5

GLO Brilliant AdvancedCrest 3D Whitestrips Advanced VividZoom Professional Whitening
Type of TreatmentAt-Home Teeth Whitening KitAt-Home Teeth Whitening StripsIn-Office Teeth Whitening
Cost Per Treatment$31.80 initially then $5.50 to $6.50 per treatment with refills$2.50 per treatment$300 to $1000
Number of Treatments5121

To sum it up: GLO is a cost-effective solution for at-home teeth whitening. It provides the same results as Zoom without pain and whitens teeth better than Crest after 3 to 10 days of treatment.3,4,5 

What Customers Say About Glo Whitening Kit

The GLO Brilliant Advanced Whitening Treatment is well-reviewed on Amazon, where it received 3.5⭐ from 60+ customers who tried it.

So I’ve used three of these so far to get my teeth where I want it to be, and I also applied this product just to this one tooth a couple of times, because I wanted to lighten just that tooth. I didn’t notice any sensitivity in my teeth, which is really exciting. The con is that it’s expensive. But I don’t have tooth sensitivity. I feel like it’s done a really good job whitening my little rogue tooth there, and then my other teeth look a lot whiter.

YouTube Review

Many users found it to be both effective and gentle in brightening their smile. People with sensitive teeth reported minimal discomfort. 

Unfortunately, GLO users often struggle with the device’s battery life and long charging times. The overall price of the kit was also a concern. For some, their results didn’t justify the high cost and need for ongoing refills.

Where to Buy GLO Teeth Whitening Kit

You can buy GLO’s Teeth Whitening Tech Kit online for these prices:

For the best prices: I suggest purchasing from GLO’s website. The company frequently offers promos and a 15% discount for subscribers.

I got my kit for $129 instead of $159 and bought an extra set of GLO Whitening Gel Vials for $65.

Final Thoughts on GLO Teeth Whitening Kit

The GLO Brilliant Kit lives up to its promise of gentle teeth whitening, making it a great option for people who prioritize comfort over dramatic results. Its effects are noticeable but subtle—perfect for those who want a brighter smile without harsh chemicals or risking increased sensitivity.

While GLO’s higher price and the need for frequent gel reapplications might be a turn-off for some, the focus on gentleness makes it a worthwhile investment for those who struggle with sensitive teeth. If you want to brighten your smile comfortably at home, it’s worth considering.

However, there are other options besides GLO that may work better for you:

  • For sensitive teeth: Auraglow is a cheaper but effective alternative. It starts at $2.40 per treatment and $1 per treatment with refills.

For faster teeth whitening: Snow may be the right choice. It can whiten teeth in 3 days, although it causes sensitivity in some people.

Last updated on May 9, 2024
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Last updated on May 9, 2024
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