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Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes

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While fluoride is a powerful tool for cavity prevention, we understand there are reasons why you might want to explore fluoride-free toothpaste options. Whether it’s concerns about potential exposure, allergies, or a desire for natural ingredients, we want to help you search for the best fit for your oral health.

At NewMouth, we’re a bit obsessed with all things toothpaste. Our editors, including the owner, are constantly experimenting with both fluoride and fluoride-free options. We love trying them out, searching for the best taste, price, and innovative ingredients like nano-hydroxyapatite that support a truly healthy smile.

We know finding the right toothpaste can be overwhelming. Let our knowledge and experience guide you – in this article, we’ll share the best fluoride-free toothpastes and some insights to make your decision easier.

What Should You Replace Flouride With?

If you’re looking for fluoride-free toothpaste, the top alternatives are nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HA) and xylitol.

Nano–hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium that closely resembles your tooth enamel. It remineralizes your teeth and reduces sensitivity.

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that makes life difficult for cavity-causing bacteria. It inhibits their growth, promotes saliva production (which naturally protects teeth), and helps your teeth remineralize.

Other common ingredients found in fluoride-free toothpastes include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils
  • Baking soda
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Zinc
  • Activated charcoal

These offer benefits like antimicrobial action, stain removal, breath freshening, and support for overall gum health. Look for a combination that matches your specific needs and preferences.

Everything We Recommend

  2. The Runner-Up: Boka Nano (n-Ha) Toothpaste
  3. Best for Kids: NOBS JR KID’S TOOTHPASTE
  4. Runner-Up for Kids: Boka Toothpaste for Kids
  5. Best for Babies: Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste
  6. Best with Organic Ingredients: Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste
  7. Best Whitening: Boka Refresh Mint Teeth Whitening n-Ha Toothpaste

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7 Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes


NOBS Toothpaste tablets kids

We’ve fallen for NOBS Toothpaste Tablets. These little guys pack a punch with nano-hydroxyapatite, leaving our teeth feeling remineralized and healthy. Plus, they’re a super convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste.


  • We love the fresh, unique flavors – a welcome change from standard mint.
  • Our teeth feel noticeably cleaner and smoother after brushing.
  • The tablets are perfect for travel and create zero mess.
  • We appreciate the focus on natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.


  • The tablet format takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to paste.
  • They can be a bit pricier than standard toothpaste options.

We always come back to this toothpaste when we have it on hand. They’re a fresh take on oral care, and despite the minor adjustments, we find ourselves reaching for them again and again.

Here is the container and what the pills look like:

NOBS Toothpaste tablets product shot
NOBS Toothpaste tabelts product shot single tablet 1

2. The Runner-Up — Boka Nano (n-Ha) Toothpaste

Nano Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste for kids Boka

Boka toothpaste is another great option with its emphasis on nano-hydroxyapatite. Their unique flavors and focus on natural ingredients make them a strong contender in the fluoride-free toothpaste world.


  • It has some of the best flavors – Coco Ginger is our owner’s favorite.
  • Nano-hydroxyapatite offers remineralization benefits and sensitivity reduction.
  • They use a variety of natural ingredients with potential oral health benefits.
  • The non-toxic and vegan formula is perfect for those seeking those qualities.


  • It’s definitely on the pricier side of toothpaste.
  • Doesn’t seem to combat bad breath as effectively as some other options.

Overall, Boka earns high marks for its delicious flavors and focus on natural ingredients. While it might not be our top pick for all-around oral care, it’s a fantastic choice for those who prioritize taste and a clean ingredient list.


NOBs Jr. Kids Toothpaste

NOBS Jr. Kid’s Toothpaste provides a safe and effective fluoride-free option for your child’s oral health. It features nano-hydroxyapatite to remineralize teeth and a yummy bubblegum flavor that kids adore—one of our editor’s kids picks this toothpaste over and over again for its flavor.


  • It promotes strong teeth without fluoride.
  • The kid-approved bubblegum flavor makes brushing time enjoyable.
  • Its gentle, natural formula is free from harsh chemicals for a safe brushing experience.
  • The vegan and cruelty-free formulation is perfect if you’re looking for this feature.


  • It is more expensive than conventional kids’ toothpaste options.

NOBS Jr. is a great choice for parents seeking a fluoride-free toothpaste that’s safe, effective, and appealing to kids. It shares similarities with our top pick in its use of nano-hydroxyapatite and natural ingredients but comes in a familiar tube format and a fun flavor.

4. Runner-Up for Kids — Boka Toothpaste for Kids

Boka watermelon kids toothpaste

If you’re looking for fun and flavorful fluoride-free toothpaste for your kids, Boka offers a fantastic option. With their unique and delicious flavors, your child’s brushing routine will be a treat.

Plus, these toothpastes use nano-hydroxyapatite for remineralization and are safe to swallow⁠—a big plus for little ones.


  • Watermelon Mint and Orange Cream flavors are winners with kids and adults alike – we love the summery vibes and creamsicle nostalgia.
  • Nano-hydroxyapatite helps rebuild and strengthen tooth enamel.
  • It’s safe to swallow and perfect for younger kids who are still learning to spit.
  • It’s free from fluoride and other harsh chemicals.


  • It’s more expensive than traditional fluoride kids’ toothpastes.
  • We noticed this doesn’t foam as much as other options for kids. If your children are more likely to brush their teeth if toothpaste foams you might want to consider other options.

Here is our editor’s kid’s favorite flavor:

Boka Kids Toothpaste Watermelon flavor 1

Boka Toothpaste for Kids is a great choice for parents seeking a fluoride-free option that’s safe, effective, and makes brushing time enjoyable. The delicious flavors, reminiscent of their adult counterparts, are a major selling point.

5. Best for Babies — Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste

Dr. Browns Fluoride Free Baby Kids Toothpaste

Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste is our top choice for the littlest brushers. Designed especially for babies and toddlers, it’s a safe and effective way to introduce good oral hygiene habits.

The fluoride-free formula is perfect for kids who haven’t mastered spitting, and the gentle flavors make brushing time a little more enjoyable.

“My son wasn’t a fan of brushing at first,” says NewMouth Editor Sarah, “but Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste made a huge difference. The subtle fruity flavors were a hit, and I loved knowing it was safe if he swallowed a bit. He got used to the routine quickly.”


  • The fluoride-free formula minimizes any worries for young children still learning to brush.
  • The Apple Pear, Strawberry, and Mixed Fruit flavor options are appealing to babies’ taste buds.
  • The ingredients are free from artificial additives, gluten, and parabens for a non-toxic choice.
  • It includes xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol that offers dental benefits like reducing plaque and inhibiting harmful bacteria.
  • Helps establish a healthy oral care routine from the earliest stages.


  • Some babies might be picky about the available flavors.

Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste is an excellent option for parents prioritizing safe and gentle oral care for their infants and toddlers. We recommend this when a child is too young for our ‘Best for Kids’ options, as its fluoride-free formula and focus on safe ingredients provide peace of mind.

6. Best with Organic Ingredients — Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste

Dr. Bronners All in One Toothpaste

If you’re the type of person who reads ingredient lists meticulously, Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste might be right up your alley.

This fluoride-free formula boasts a high percentage of organic ingredients and avoids any synthetic additives. We love that it comes in classic flavors like peppermint and spearmint for a refreshing brushing experience.


  • It’s made with 70% organic ingredients for a truly natural formula.
  • It’s free from SLS, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and foaming agents.
  • It appeals to those wanting a minimalist approach to oral care.
  • It offers classic mint options as well as a unique cinnamon flavor.
  • It aligns with ethical consumer preferences, being vegan and cruelty-free.


  • It might not be the top choice for those seeking maximum cavity prevention.
  • The lack of foaming agents can be an adjustment for some.
  • Natural ingredients may not provide the same whitening results as more conventional toothpastes.

We think Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste is a winner for people who want their toothpaste as natural as possible. While we don’t personally feel everything needs to be this natural, it’s perfect for someone who avoids additives at all costs.

If maximum cavity protection or dramatic whitening is your top priority, you might want a different option.

7. Best Whitening — Boka Refresh Mint Teeth Whitening n-Ha Toothpaste

Boka Mint toothpaste

Boka’s making another strong appearance on our list, and for good reason. Since 2021, they’ve consistently impressed us with their innovative, fluoride-free toothpastes.

The Refresh Mint Teeth Whitening n-Ha Toothpaste is a stellar example. This formula features nano-hydroxyapatite for remineralization, sensitivity reduction, and a subtle whitening effect.


  • Nano-hydroxyapatite strengthens and rebuilds enamel.
  • It helps tackle surface stains for a brighter smile.
  • The refreshing mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling clean and invigorated.
  • It’s free from fluoride, sulfates, parabens, and artificial additives.
  • Our owner loves it⁠—he’s always handing out tubes of Boka to friends and family to upgrade their brushing routine!


  • While it helps with surface stains, don’t expect dramatic whitening like you’d get from strips or kits.
  • The price can be slightly more expensive than traditional toothpastes.

We’re putting this in the ‘whitening’ category, but it’s important to manage expectations. No toothpaste will drastically whiten your teeth – for that, you’ll need strips or professional treatments.

Boka whitening toothpaste product shot

However, if you want a fluoride-free option with a bit of extra stain-fighting power and a focus on healthy ingredients, Boka’s Refresh Mint is a great choice.

Is Flouride Dangerous?

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in many places and is widely used in dental products and public water supplies. It’s proven to prevent cavities and strengthen enamel, reversing early signs of tooth decay.

While fluoride offers clear benefits for oral health, there’s ongoing debate about its safety in high doses. Excessive fluoride intake, especially in young children, can lead to dental fluorosis (changes in tooth enamel appearance). In rare cases, long-term exposure to extremely high fluoride levels might contribute to skeletal fluorosis, a condition affecting bones and joints.

However, fluoride toxicity is associated with significantly higher doses than those found in drinking water or toothpaste. Regulatory agencies, like the EPA, set strict limits on fluoride levels in water supplies to ensure safety.

What Is the Best Fluoride Alternative?

Nano-hydroxyapatite has emerged as a promising fluoride replacement, offering similar remineralization benefits. Our owner likes to alternate between a nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste and a fluoride toothpaste to get the best of both worlds.

Here at NewMouth, we recognize the benefits of fluoride for dental health. However, we also understand that some people may have concerns or want to explore alternatives. If you have concerns, discussing your needs with your dentist is always a good idea.

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