Denture Repair

How Long Should Dentures Last?

Dentures, which are prosthetic teeth, should last you many years. Whether you’ve had an oral injury, tooth decay, periodontal disease (gum disease), or for another cause of weakened, broken, or fallen-out teeth, dentures are considered a long-term solution.

While most dentures are removable, there are various kinds of dentures to choose from — and some may be better suited for your lifestyle than others.

Depending on the type of dentures you choose, they can replace broken or missing teeth for years to come.

removable full denture lower jaw

Your general dentist or prosthodontist can walk you through your denture options to find a type that works well and will last you a long time.

The five different types of dentures include the following:

  1. Full dentures — These work best for anyone who is missing all of their natural teeth or for those who have had to get some or all of their natural teeth surgically removed.
  2. Immediate dentures — Dental professionals may use immediate dentures as a temporary solution until the patient’s gums heal after any tooth removal. When they are ready for a permanent set of dentures, they’ll ditch the immediate dentures.
  3. Overdentures —  Overdentures, which are also known as implant-supported dentures, are held in place on top of the gums by dental implants. The dentist or oral surgeon will screw the implants into the jawbone to stabilize these dentures. 
  4. Partial dentures — Partial dentures replace some permanent teeth that are broken, missing, or that have been removed. They include false teeth and an acrylic, gum-colored base or metal framework that attaches to two or more clasps. Partial dentures are considered removable alternatives to dental bridges.
  5. Economy dentures — Economy dentures are the most affordable dentures available, but they’re certainly not the most comfortable. Dentists do not generally recommend economy dentures because they can irritate the gums and lead to poor oral hygiene.

If you prefer dentures that last long, you may choose a permanent type over a removable option. Because they are fixed in your mouth, they last longer. While removable dentures may last you about five to seven years, permanent dentures may last you seven to 10 years.

How to Keep Your Dentures in Good Shape

Of course, the better care you take of your dentures, the longer they will last. Practicing proper dental care by regularly brushing your dentures and rinsing with mouthwash will help keep them clean, stain-free, and functional for longer. Here are some other tips for keeping your dentures in good shape:

  • Placing your dentures in water or a denture cleanser solution while you are not wearing them (if they’re removable) can help them to retain their shape, stay pliable, and keep from drying out. That said, never place your dentures in hot or boiling water that could warp their shape.
  • Because dentures can accumulate plaque, biofilm, and bacteria like your real teeth, cleaning them with a nonabrasive denture cleanser on a daily basis is essential.  Denture cleansers come as solutions, tablets, creams, gels, or pastes. Note that you should not use denture cleansers while they’re in your mouth.
  • As an alternative to denture cleansers, you can clean your dentures with a vinegar solution or mild baking soda mix. 
  • Always use a soft-bristle toothbrush and remember to avoid using toothpaste as it can be abrasive and create grooves in the denture acrylic. 

Can a Broken Denture be Repaired?

Yes, if you break your dentures, they can likely be repaired. Of course, some repairs will require more work and time than others. 

If they break, they may require additional acrylic or a denture tooth replacement. When broken beyond repair, you may need a denture replacement. 

4 Types of Denture Repairs

There are different types of denture repairs depending on how your dentures broke.

Denture Reline

Denture reline refers to resurfacing of the side of your denture that touches the soft tissues in your mouth. This helps the dentures fit more comfortably.

Denture Rebase

Denture rebase refers to remaking the pink acrylic part of your denture that holds the teeth.

Denture Adjustment 

Denture adjustment refers to realigning the dentures so that they fit more comfortably in your mouth in the event that they’re causing you discomfort.

Denture Replacement

If your dentures are broken beyond repair or simply no longer work for you, you may need to replace them altogether.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Dentures?

Depending on how badly your dentures are broken and the type of dentures you have, denture repairs start at about $50 but can easily climb to the hundreds.

What is The Best At-Home Denture Repair Kit?

There are some on Amazon - you can find the top results with a quick google search of "denture repair." However, these are only temporary solutions:

Common Questions and Answers

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about denture repairs:

What glue can I use to repair my dentures?

If your break is as simple as a broken tooth in your denture, you can temporarily fix it yourself. While a professional repair with denture acrylic is best, you should avoid using super glue or gorilla glue because it is harmful to inhale and dangerous if ingested. 

Can you fix broken dentures at home?

If you break your dentures at home, you can pick up a denture repair kit from most Walgreens, CVS stores, and similar shops. You can use this denture adhesive or super glue to reattach a tooth or temporarily fix some cracks in your dentures.

How do you fix a broken denture plate?

If your denture plate breaks, the best thing to do is visit a dental professional who can properly fix or repair it for you. While there are temporary fixes you may be able to do at home, they won’t last forever. You may also need a new denture if the break is bad.

Can Gorilla Glue be used to repair dentures?

It is not recommended by dental professionals to use Gorilla Glue as it is toxic and can cause a serious medical reaction. 

Is Super Glue safe for denture repair?

While Super Glue can temporarily fix a denture, you should not use this as a solution. Super Glue is harmful to your overall health if inhaled or swallowed. Contact a dental professional or use an approved denture repair kit. 

Why do my dentures keep falling out?

If your dentures keep falling out, it may be because they don’t fit properly. Even if they used to fit comfortably without any issues, your mouth can change over time or your dentures can warp or break. Visit your dentist to replace, repair, or adjust your dentures as needed.


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