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Updated on November 23, 2022

Hismile Reviews 2022

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Hismile Review Summary

This is an in-depth review of Hismile teeth whitening products. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • My personal experience with Hismile’s teeth whitening kit
  • How to use Hismile’s teeth whitening kit (the most popular product) 
  • How effective Hismile’s whitening kit  is, according to scientific research 
  • The difference between PAP (Hismile’s hero ingredient) and peroxide (other companies’ whitening agent)
  • The oral health benefits of other active ingredients in Hismile’s PAP+ whitening formula
  • Other popular Hismile oral care products 
  • How much Hismile costs 
  • Where to buy Hismile products and the best alternatives

What is Hismile?

Hismile is an Australian-based brand of oral care products, specifically peroxide-free whitening. The products are widely used in the UK but are growing in popularity in other countries. 

Hismile uses a proprietary PAP+ formula to whiten teeth. The hero ingredient, phthalimido peroxy caproic acid (PAP), claims to whiten teeth quickly and effectively without irritation or sensitivity.8 

The Hismile formula also has other supporting ingredients that enhance the health of your teeth. They include hydroxyapatite and potassium citrate.

I tested Hismile’s claims and ordered a teeth whitening kit for myself. This article covers my experience, the history of Hismile, and more.

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Newmouth / Erika Veurink

My Experience Using Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit

I saw whitening results after my first 10-minute session with Hismile’s product. I used the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit a second time, and the results improved. The images below are the before and after of my smile. 

hismile Before
NewMouth / Erika Veurink
Hismile After
NewMouth / Erika Veurink

Whitening Process

Following the instructions on the packaging, I brushed my teeth thoroughly beforehand. Then, I removed the mouth tray to connect to the LED device.

Wearing the device for just 10 minutes was notably more comfortable than other whitening processes. Plus, 10 minutes is on the shorter end of at-home treatment times. 

Once the blue light switched off automatically, I rinsed the mouth tray and put everything back into its allotted space in the box. 


As a person with sensitive teeth, I felt apprehensive about integrating a new product into my routine. Thankfully, the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit did not trigger any sensitivity, as promised. 

Ease of Use

I was most surprised by how easy it was to use. The whitening gel stays neatly within the trays. Not having to set a timer for the 10 minutes is also very helpful. 

Replaceable batteries and well-made components make the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit a worthwhile investment for long-term whitening. Additional whitening gels can be purchased on Hismile’s site. 

The included shade guide also makes it simple to track visible improvement in your teeth’s whiteness over time. Simply find the shade that matches your natural state.


Before trying the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit, I had some yellowing toward my teeth' edges. This disappeared after two uses and revealed a more even and bright smile. 

If I used the whitening kit more than twice, I’m confident my smile would have gotten even whiter. Hismile guarantees results up to eight shades whiter after six 10-minute sessions.

This product is a fantastic way to whiten your teeth at home, thanks to its affordability and ease of use. The immediate results make it a great addition to any pre-event routine. 

I recommend trying this whitening kit if you have sensitive teeth or are looking for an effective and affordable peroxide-free whitening experience.

Meet the Experts

Dr. Roshan Parikh is the Chief Data Officer and Dntl Bar in New York City

Elizabeth Graves is a registered dental hygienist at Take Home Smile, an education platform for Dentists

History of Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit

Hismile launched its first teeth whitening kit in 2014. They sent kits to hundreds of people to try out during this time — from video bloggers to celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

The overall verdict was positive. Now, Hismile has a global community of over 3 million customers. 

Hismile’s whitening formula is 100% peroxide-free. Peroxide is the main active ingredient in most whitening products. It has been extensively studied as an effective whitening agent.1, 2, 3

Hismile’s at-home teeth whitening treatment claims to be just as effective as peroxide without the unpleasant side effects. Peroxide can cause sensitivity, gum irritation, and the demineralization of teeth.1, 4, 5

Hismile's teeth whitening kit uses three powerful, enamel-safe ingredients to provide instant results without any sensitivity:

  1. Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (PAP) is clinically proven to whiten teeth without sensitivity or gum irritation
  2. Hydroxyapatite (nHAp) rebuilds the protective layer of teeth and replaces lost minerals
  3. Potassium citrate helps relieve pre-existing sensitivity and provides long-term protection

How to Use Hismile's Teeth Whitening Kit

The Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit is very easy to use, especially compared to similar products on the market. The process requires 10 minutes a day (vs. up to 45 minutes for other brands). 

The kit includes an LED device with a built-in timer, a universal mouth tray, six whitening pods, and a shade guide. 

To use the kit, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, brush your teeth for two minutes before beginning the whitening treatment. 
  2. Open the back cover of the device and remove the batteries. Pull out the plastic tab and reinsert the batteries to activate the device. 
  3. Attach the mouth tray to the LED device. 
  4. Open one of the PAP+ Teeth Whitening Pods. Each pod contains enough gel for one full whitening treatment. 
  5. Apply half of the PAP+ gel to the top of the mouth tray. Repeat this step for the bottom of the tray.
  6. Power on the LED device by pressing the button on the device. It’s hands-free, so you can walk around freely.
  7. Whiten for 10 minutes. The device will automatically shut off.
  8. Spit out any excess gel and rinse your mouth with water. 
  9. Results are noticeable after one to two treatments. Use all six treatments for the best results.
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Newmouth / Erika Veurink

How Quickly Will You See Results? 

I saw results after two treatments. Results vary depending on your level of tooth discoloration. 

Hismile’s whitening kit comes with six pods. One full pod is used per treatment. 

You’ll likely notice the full benefits after you complete the full treatment course. If you do them back-to-back, this takes about a week (six treatments).

How Long Does Hismile Last? 

Hismile claims the whitening results should last between two weeks and three months. 

How long your teeth stay white depends on lifestyle and diet habits. For example, if you drink a lot of coffee, the results won’t last as long. You’ll need to whiten more consistently. 

Other staining foods include dark-colored berries, red wine, soda, curry powder, and tomato sauce. Cigarette smoke also discolors teeth.

hismile kit
Newmouth / Erika Veurink

Why is Hismile Peroxide-Free? 

Hismile products are peroxide-free for a few reasons:

  1. Peroxide causes free radical oxidation that leads to unpleasant side effects. These include tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.1, 4 However, most adverse effects are easily reversible.6 
  2. Peroxide dehydrates your teeth, which is what causes the sensitivity.7 Enamel dehydration produces a temporary, visible tooth shade reduction.7 
  3. Peroxide may demineralize teeth (i.e., loss of important minerals to keep teeth strong and healthy). However, there are mixed studies about whether this is true. One study found that hydrogen peroxide whitening did not affect mineral loss.6 Another study concluded that high peroxide concentrations can lead to demineralization.5 

The Science Behind PAP

Hismile’s initial goal was to develop a whitening formula that provides peroxide-level whitening without the side effects. This is how they discovered PAP and created the PAP+ formulation.

According to Hismile, the PAP+ formula combines expert-level whitening with fast and effective results. Unlike peroxide, PAP doesn’t release free radicals or dehydrate your teeth. This means that the discoloration molecules are broken down safely, without the risk of sensitivity, damage, or irritation.8

PAP is a highly reactive whitening agent that lifts stains by targeting internal and external discoloration. Due to its potency, it can whiten teeth after one to two treatments. Results vary.

An independent study found that PAP had immediate whitening effects after a single-use treatment.10

Other Hismile Ingredients

The PAP+ formula also contains hydroxyapatite (nHAp). Some research shows that hydroxyapatite is superior to conventional fluoride for cavity prevention.9 nHa also mimics your natural tooth enamel (provides protection) and replaces lost minerals.

Lastly, the PAP+ formulation contains the active ingredient potassium citrate. This ingredient helps prevent and reduce sensitivity. One study found toothpastes containing potassium citrate are effective in reducing dentin hypersensitivity.11

What Do Experts Think About PAP?

“PAP is used as a bleaching activator for teeth whitening by whitening the discolored molecules in your teeth,” shares Dr. Roshan Parikh, CDO at dntl bar.

Besides PAP, Hismile’s Teeth Whitening kit uses nHAp and potassium citrate. “The inclusion of a nano-particle apatite (nano-hydroxyapatite) and potassium citrate offer additional benefits to the teeth during the whitening process, such as improved enamel structure and the reduction of pre-existing tooth sensitivity,” Dr. Parikh shares.

According to Elizabeth Graves, a registered dental hygienist, "The ingredient PAP isn't more widely used in whitening products because it is relatively new to the dental industry. Some dental professionals and most of the general public have not even heard of it before.” 

She shares, "with the promising research about its effectiveness and safety, PAP will surely be replacing hydrogen peroxide in whitening treatments." 

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Newmouth / Erika Veurink

Other Hismile Products 

The Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit is the brand’s #1 bestseller. It is the first product they created in 2014.  

Since then, they have developed more oral care and whitening products. Here is a short overview:

  • PAP+ Whitening Strips™ use the same formula as the teeth whitening kit but with added convenience. The strips offer effective peroxide-free whitening on the go. 
  • PAP+ Toothpaste is another convenient whitening treatment that can be used daily or when needed. The toothpaste is designed to provide gradual whitening results. It also includes ingredients that protect your teeth from damage and decay. I tested this product.
  • PAP+ Mouthwash™ comes in a small, concentrated bottle. All you have to do is mix a dropper full with 15ml of water before use. It is also small enough to bring in a carry-on bag. I tested this product as well.
  • Day & Night Toothpaste can be used for everyday cleaning. They are not whitening products. The Day Toothpaste features a protective micro-shield wax that protects your teeth from harmful bacteria. The Night Toothpaste contains gentle abrasive ingredients to help prevent cavities while you sleep.
  • V34 Colour Corrector neutralizes yellow undertones and brightens dull white teeth.
  • NHpro Enamel Care targets enamel remineralization and manages sensitivity.

Hismile Alternatives 

The two best Hismile alternatives include:

1. Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit offers fast whitening results guaranteed. The kit has 99.3 percent ratings across 500,000+ customers. 

Snow brands itself as a comfortable, safe, and convenient way to whiten your teeth at home. The serum is specifically designed to reduce sensitivity. 

Each treatment session takes 21 minutes or less. 

Note: This teeth whitening kit is not peroxide-free.

Read our full review of Snow here.

2. GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

The GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit is clinically proven to whiten up to five shades lighter in five days. Unlike many teeth whitening products on the market, GLO is also FDA-approved.

GLO Science products do not cause sensitivity in the majority of customers. Even if you do experience sensitivity, it will likely be very mild and temporary. 

Each treatment session takes 32 minutes (8-minute intervals).

Note: This teeth whitening kit is not peroxide-free.

Read our full review of GLO here.

How Much Do Hismile Products Cost? 

Here is a complete list of Hismile’s products and their costs:

Product Cost
PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit™ $149 (six treatments total)
PAP+ Whitening Strips™ $39 (14 treatments)
PAP+ Toothpaste™ $35 (1.4 oz tube)
PAP+ Mouthwash™ $45 (30ml bottle)
Day & Night Toothpaste $25 (two tubes of toothpaste)
V34 Colour Corrector $29 (30ml bottle)
NHpro Enamel Care $39 (30ml bottle)

Where Can I Buy Hismile?

Hismile Teeth Whitening

Hismile uses a proprietary PAP+ formula to whiten teeth. The hero ingredient, phthalimido peroxy caproic acid (PAP), claims to whiten teeth quickly and effectively without irritation or sensitivity.

Alyssa Hill

Hismile logo
Overall Value
Treatment Time
Customer Service


Hismile’s initial goal was to develop a whitening formula that provides peroxide-level whitening without side effects. This is how they discovered PAP and created the PAP+ formulation.

According to Hismile, the PAP+ formula combines expert-level whitening with fast and effective results. Unlike peroxide, PAP doesn’t release free radicals or dehydrate your teeth. This means that the discoloration molecules are broken down safely, without the risk of sensitivity, damage, or irritation.

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