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Best Floss 2024

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Did you know the average American uses only about 18 yards of floss yearly? That’s a mere 10% of the amount dentists recommend, which means most people probably aren’t flossing enough.

Flossing protects teeth from decay and gum disease by dislodging food debris from hard-to-reach areas. It also helps keep smiles healthy and white.

Eliminating food particles and bacteria prevents bad breath and stain buildup. Research also suggests that good oral hygiene and flossing may help lower the risk of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses.

Our General Recommendations

Flossing is essential, but finding the right type of floss makes it easier to adopt this healthy habit. Don’t feel pressured to choose a specific type from this list! Over time, you’ll figure out what you like and dislike, making it easier to find the perfect floss.

Traditional flosses are common in the market. These include:

  • Unwaxed floss ⁠— Thin, good for tight spaces, but may shred more easily
  • Waxed floss — Glides smoothly, less prone to breaking, but slightly thicker
  • Dental tape — Flat and wide, ideal for larger gaps between teeth
  • PTFE floss — Strong and smooth, but some experts advise limiting it due to manufacturing chemicals
  • Super floss — Perfect for cleaning braces, bridges, and wider gaps
  • Expanding floss — Soft and stretchy, gentle on gums, cleans larger surfaces

Water flossers are another type of floss that uses a pressurized water stream to dislodge debris between teeth and below the gumline.

Choosing the Right Flossing Tool for You

Here is a table to show what type of floss is best for specific conditions:

ConditionRecommended Floss Type(s)
Tight spaces between teethUnwaxed floss, PTFE floss
You want easy-to-use floss that won’t shredWaxed floss
Wider gaps between teethDental tape, super floss, expanding floss
Braces or other dental appliancesSuper floss, water flossers
Sensitive gumsExpanding floss, water flossers
Difficulty with traditional hand flossingWater flossers

While we’ll recommend some of our favorite brands and floss types below, don’t feel overwhelmed—just grabbing basic store-brand floss will be good enough in most cases.

5 Best Manual Types of Floss

1. Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss

Best Waxed
Oral B Glide Pro Health Clinical Protection Floss

I always recommend this floss because it’s easy to find in almost any drugstore or grocery store, and it’s super affordable. You get a lot of floss for your money, which makes sticking to a daily routine easier.

While it might seem basic, this floss gets the job done. It slides easily between teeth to help get rid of plaque and food (even in tight spots), and that minty freshness keeps my mouth feeling clean.

2. Reach Waxed Dental Floss

Budget Option
Reach Waxed Dental Floss

Sometimes the best option is the simplest one. I’m a big fan of Reach Waxed Dental Floss because it’s incredibly budget-friendly. Honestly, there’s no excuse not to floss when it’s this cheap.

I’ve tried this floss, and it’s surprisingly effective. It slides well, especially if you’re used to waxed floss, and gets the gunk out from between my teeth just like more expensive brands. The mint flavor leaves my mouth feeling refreshed, too.

3. GUM Deep Clean Expanding Dental Floss

Best Expanding Floss
GUM Deep Clean Expanding Dental Floss

If you’re looking for an expanding floss, GUM Deep Clean is my top pick. This stuff is seriously impressive.

It starts thin so I can work it between even my tightest teeth, and then it expands to sweep away a surprising amount of plaque. I noticed a difference in how clean my teeth feel after using it compared to regular floss.

This floss is ideal if you:

  • Have varying spaces between your teeth
  • Find regular floss less effective
  • Want a deep-cleaning sensation

4. Oral-B Dental Floss for Braces

Best Superfloss
Oral B Super Floss Threaders

Anyone with braces or dental work knows traditional flossing can be a nightmare. Oral-B Super Floss is designed specifically to solve this problem.

The pre-cut strands with a stiff end make threading around braces much easier. The combination of spongy material and regular floss effectively removes food particles and plaque, even in hard-to-reach areas. Plus, the minty flavor leaves a refreshingly clean feeling.

This floss is ideal if you have:

  • Braces
  • Bridges
  • Wide gaps between teeth
  • Implants

5. Cocofloss Woven Dental Floss

Best Natural Floss

I’ll admit, I was mostly drawn to Cocofloss because of the fun colors and flavors.  While the “all-natural” aspect is a bonus, it’s not my top priority when choosing floss.

I trust the effectiveness of ADA-approved options more. That said, Cocofloss does feel more luxurious than my usual floss, and my teeth feel super clean after using it.

This is great for:

  • People who prioritize eco-friendly products
  • Anyone wanting a more pleasurable flossing experience
  • Those who like variety and fun flavors
  • Parents who want to make flossing fun for kids

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3 Best Water Flossers

Water flossers, countertops, or portable devices that use water to clean between teeth are great options if you struggle with traditional flossing. They’re easier to use and as effective at removing plaque and debris.

While they can be more expensive, remember that consistent flossing is key⁠—any method is better than none. If you’re ready to invest in your oral health, water flossers offer a convenient and effective way to enhance your routine. Many people, myself included, find they work well alongside traditional flossing.

Our General Recommendations

When it comes to water flossers, I personally prefer countertop models. They offer more powerful water pressure, which I believe provides a more thorough cleaning.

While portable, travel-sized cordless options exist, I find regular string floss more convenient for short trips. That said, I’ve tried a few travel-sized flossers and will include some of my favorites below. They’re not quite as powerful as my favorite countertop model, but it’s definitely manageable and perfect for on-the-go cleaning.

1. Waterpik Aquarius

Best Overall
Best Floss for Braces, Retainers, & Bridges
Waterpik Aquarius

The Waterpik Aquarius is a true leader in the water flosser market. I’ve used mine for years without issue, and it continues to deliver a powerful clean.

The Aquarius boasts impressive features like 10 pressure settings, a timer, and a rotating tip, plus specialized tips designed for braces, implants, and more. It’s both durable and easy to maintain.




  • Proven effectiveness ⁠— Clinical studies demonstrate its ability to remove plaque and improve gum health.
  • Customizable — While it has 10 pressure settings, I personally find the highest setting to be the most effective for my needs. The variety of specialized tips allows me to customize my cleaning routine.
  • Durable — I’ve had my Waterpik Aquarius for four years now, and it’s held up remarkably well.
  • Easy maintenance — Thankfully, maintenance is simple. All I need to do is replace the tips and occasionally clean the reservoir.

This is great for:

  • Anyone seeking an exceptional water flossing experience.
  • People with braces, implants, or specific dental needs.
  • Those committed to maximizing their oral health.

Note: While water flosser and toothbrush combos exist, we recommend purchasing them separately for optimal product selection and customization

2. Waterpik Cordless Advanced

Best Portable
Product Backgrounds 10

If you absolutely need a travel-sized water flosser, the Waterpik Cordless Advanced is my top recommendation. It’s the most reliable brand in this category, and it gets the job done as well as a portable flosser can. Just don’t expect the same blast of water pressure you’d get from a countertop model.

  • Truly portable — Compact design, travel case, and long battery life
  • Quiet operation — Great for shared bathrooms or early morning flossing
  • Easy charging — Rapid magnetic charger and a global voltage compatible power supply
  • Waterpik quality — We suggest just buying a Waterpik. Other brands might be cheaper, but the quality difference makes the extra cost worthwhile.

This is best for:

  • Frequent travelers
  • Those with limited bathroom space
  • Anyone wanting a water flosser they can easily take with them

Waterpik has a ton of portable models. If saving a few dollars is important, you can check out their other options. While I haven’t personally tried them, Waterpik is a reliable brand, so you’re likely to get a quality device.

3. Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Best Water Flosser for Children
Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

If you’re looking for a water flosser specifically for your child, the Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids is an excellent option. It’s smaller and has gentler power options than the adult models, making it perfect for little mouths. Plus, the fun stickers let kids customize it!

Key Points:

  • Kid-sized and kid-friendly — Designed for ages 6+, with easy controls and fun stickers
  • Adjustable pressure — Perfect for sensitive gums or first-time users
  • Includes special tips — Options for braces and general cleaning
  • Still powerful — Clinically proven to remove plaque and improve gum health

This is best suited for:

  • Children ages 6 and up (especially if they struggle with traditional flossing)
  • Kids with braces
  • Parents who want to make flossing fun for their kids

Why You Should Trust Us 

Our team is passionate about oral health. Over the past five years, we’ve rigorously tested countless floss and water flosser products.

As an oral health website, we’re fortunate to receive and evaluate a vast range of dental products⁠—our supplies could probably rival a dental office!

This guide isn’t just a collection of random products. When recommending anything, we do our homework:

  • We test the product — If possible, we test it ourselves, drawing on our personal experiences (we’ve used our top floss and water flosser picks here for 4+ years).
  • We dig into reviews — We compare positive and negative feedback to get a balanced view.
  • We check in with experts — We value insights from dental professionals.
  • We prioritize value — We want you to get the best quality products for a fair price.
  • We research thoroughly — We dive into studies to understand what works and what doesn’t.

All content on NewMouth is heavily researched and medically reviewed by a licensed dentist to ensure accuracy. Our dentists double-check our recommendations, and anything they don’t agree with gets removed, no questions asked.

We often recommend products with the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, which have proven effective. But, for those without the seal, we go the extra mile, investigating company reputation, reading hundreds of customer reviews, and ensuring they provide excellent customer service.

Flossing might seem like a small task, but its impact on oral health—and even overall well-being—is anything but small. Finding the right floss or water flosser is key to making this a lifelong habit.

Experiment until you find what works best! Our recommendations provide a starting point but don’t feel limited.

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Last updated on April 30, 2024
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