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Candid Reviews

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Note: Candid no longer offers at-home impression kits and visits to Candid Studios. The only way to begin treatment is to see a CandidPro provider.

Key Takeaways

  • Candid Co. is a clear aligner company that launched in 2017
  • Its clear aligners treat mild to severe teeth misalignments in 6 to 24 months
  • Candid aligners cost $3,500 to $7,000 and are slightly cheaper than Invisalign
  • Candid works with over 300+ dental providers in the US for remote monitoring
  • A dentist or orthodontist will personally assess you and create your treatment plan
  • Unlike most brands, Candid moves all of your teeth and not just the front teeth

Candid received mostly positive reviews from its customers, but some have had negative experiences with the company, its services, or its products.

We tried CandidPro aligners to see if there was any truth to these claims. In this review, you’ll learn how we scored Candid in five categories:

  • Overall user experience (3.8⭐)
  • Treatment process (3.8⭐)
  • Pricing and financing (3⭐)
  • Customer service and aftersales support (3.5⭐)
  • Brand reputation (4⭐)

We also investigated its features, considered feedback from Candid users, and compared it to the best Invisalign alternatives we recommend.

CandidCo Clear Aligners Review

Candid Before & After Photos

One of our writers went through the Candid aligner journey and shared her experience. She wore the aligners for 22 to 24 hours daily as prescribed.

The photos below show her actual teeth on the first day of treatment vs. about 5 months in. She also included 3D models of her teeth on step 0 vs. step 14 of her aligner system. 

These models represent what her teeth are projected to look like with each step of the treatment.


Based on her experience, she noticed that her front teeth didn’t move until about 4 months into treatment. This is because Candid moves the molars first.

This straightening method is known as full arch tooth movement:

"We're not just correcting the social six. We're preparing both arches for what's going to be the social six correction. As we expand and create space for the necessary movements, we’re able to then address all the issues a patient has with their bite as we tackle their chief complaint."

Dr. Lynn Hurst, Chief Clinical Officer at Candid

Once enough space is created, your front teeth will start to move. You won’t see instant results, but the wait is worth it. According to our writer, her treatment progressed as expected.

What is Candid Co?

Candid is a teeth straightening service that combines the convenience of at-home teeth straightening with the comprehensive care typical of in-office aligners.

Similar to in-office brands, it works with dental professionals who can:

  • Assess you at a clinic and determine if you’re a good candidate
  • Perform additional dental work to help you qualify for the treatment
  • Create your personalized treatment plan
  • Check in on your progress

Candid offers CandidPro aligners through licensed dentists and orthodontists, just like Invisalign treatment. What makes Candid different is that treatments are done at home. 

Instead of requiring dental visits, your provider will monitor you remotely with the Candid app.

Our Candid Review

We rated Candid on five categories: overall user experience, treatment process, pricing and financing, customer and aftersales support, and brand reputation. 

We based these ratings on our Candid experience and online reviews.

1. Overall user experience (3.8⭐)

Pros: We appreciate Candid for the convenience it offers. It allows you to straighten your teeth from home while getting professional monitoring through an app.

Its clear aligners are made of Zendura FLX, the same high-quality plastic used by Invisalign. They don’t contain any phthalates or Bisphenol A, so they’re safe to wear.

Candid aligners are easy to install and remove. They’re also discreet and comfortable.

Cons: The changes in Candid’s business model can leave you confused and frustrated. For instance, the company no longer offers at-home impression kits (Candid Starter Kit).

The company also closed its studios across the US. You can’t visit a Candid Studio for an in-person consultation—you’ll have to see the nearest CandidPro provider.

2. Treatment process (3.8⭐)

Pros: Candid has a network of dentists and orthodontists who can work with you throughout the treatment. This helps ensure safe and effective teeth straightening.

Its remote process is simple, convenient, and easy to follow, as instructions are provided via the Candid app. The same provider who evaluated you will monitor your progress virtually.

For safe and healthy teeth movements, Candid only offers daytime aligners that provide the light and continuous force needed to successfully straighten your teeth.

Unlike most clear aligner brands, which only align the front teeth (also known as the social 6 or social 12), Candid aligners are capable of “full arch” tooth movements.

As a result, Candid Co aligners can move all teeth. It corrects more complex issues compared to other brands, which only treat minor and moderate teeth misalignments (malocclusions).

Cons: The only way you can start treatment is to visit CandidPro providers. It isn’t practical if there is no provider in your area or if you prefer to stay at home for the whole treatment.

Remote check-ins aren’t personalized and don’t provide the same level of care you’d get with an in-office dental visit. You may get the same responses as other Candid patients.

Candid treatments take longer than at-home clear aligners and may last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Treatments may also be inconsistent, ineffective, or last longer than planned.

For people who prefer buying an impression kit, Candid doesn’t give you this option.

3. Pricing and financing (3⭐)

Pros: For people with severe teeth misalignment, it may be a cheaper alternative to Invisalign and other in-office treatments, costing you $9,500 or more in hard-to-treat cases.

In-person consultations with CandidProviders are free. You can also use your HSA, FSA, and dental insurance to reduce treatment costs.

Treatments include a free whitening foam that can whiten teeth and clean your aligners.

Cons: If you only have mild to moderate misalignments that can be treated with more affordable clear aligners, Candid (which averages at $3,500 to $7,000) may not be worth the price.

Candid doctors have different financing options, and some may not be as flexible as others. You’ll have to discuss these with your provider and ask your health insurer about coverage.

You may need to pay for extra aligners (refinement trays) if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

4. Customer service and aftersales support (3.5⭐)

Pros: Many reviews point out that Candid has good customer service. Its support team is helpful and responsive if you have any questions about the treatment.

Cons: Its customer service can be inconsistent. You may get little to no support once your treatment has started. Some users were also left confused after receiving incorrect instructions. 

5. Brand reputation (4⭐)

Pros: Candid Co is trusted by many users. It has an average customer rating of 4.8⭐ on Best Company and 4.3⭐ on Consumer Affairs.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recognizes Candid as an accredited brand with an A+ rating, which is the highest possible score.1,2 It has an average score of 4.71⭐ based on reviews.

Cons: Candid received an average rating of 2.5⭐ on Trust Pilot from customer reviews. Several people are unhappy with its customer support and ineffective treatments.

How Much Do Candid Aligners Cost?

Candid aligners cost $3,300 on average but may cost anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000. The total price depends on your CandidPro provider and their location.

The number of aligners needed to achieve a straighter smile may also affect the cost of your Candid treatment. The more difficult the case, the more expensive your treatment.

Other treatment costs you should consider are:

  • Philips Zoom Whitening Kit ⁠— $349
  • Candid retainers ⁠— $99

Your CandidPro provider may also charge you for other services. Prices depend on their clinic.

If you can’t afford to pay for treatment right away, your Candid provider may offer a payment plan. You can also ask them if they accept HSA, FSA, and dental insurance.

Who Can Use Candid Aligners?

Candid is for adults and teenagers aged 13 to 17 who want to get straighter teeth. It can correct most cases of minor, moderate, and severe teeth misalignment, including:

  • Diastema ⁠— small or large gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth ⁠— overlapping teeth
  • Overbite ⁠— upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth
  • Underbite ⁠— lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth

You have to take Candid’s online quiz and visit a CandidPro provider to determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

People Who Can’t Use CandidPro Aligners

Not everyone with crooked teeth can use Candid’s clear aligners. You may not be qualified if:

  • You don’t have your full set of adult teeth
  • You have poor oral health, such as cavities or gum disease
  • You have jaw misalignment and skeletal issues
  • You have upcoming dental work
  • You have dental implants or other dental restorations
  • You have a permanent retainer

What Candid Treatments Are Available?

Candid mainly offers daytime aligners called CandidPro. Day aligners are worn for up to 22 hours each day. They’re safer and more reliable than nighttime aligners for straightening teeth.

If you opt for Candid’s aligner treatment, you will receive the following:

  • 8 to 24 invisible aligners
  • Whitening foam
  • Chewies
  • Scanbox Pro
  • Candid app

The whitening foam is used to whiten your teeth and clean your aligners. Meanwhile, chewies will help you ensure that your Candid aligners have a snug fit around teeth.

The Scanbox Pro is a device that helps you take scans of your teeth using a smartphone. Candid’s app will remind you to check in and change your aligners.

In addition to its aligners, Candid also offers retainers for people who complete their treatment, as well as the Philips Zoom Whitening Kit if you want to brighten your smile.

Candid Customer Reviews 

Several customers aren’t happy with the quality of Candid’s products and services after receiving incorrect aligners or trays that didn’t fit properly or were rough around the edges.

There’s a lack of support once you start treatment. You may find it difficult to get help. Candid Co is also more expensive than other at-home invisible braces like Byte and SmileDirectClub.

Some people say Candid is ineffective. It worsened their teeth alignment issues and bite problems, producing results that didn’t match their treatment plan.

Despite these negative reviews, many people like Candid because it effectively straightens teeth and has a convenient treatment process that doesn’t require dental visits.

Candid vs. Other Clear Aligners

Here’s how Candid compares to some of the best clear aligners on the market:

Clear Aligner BrandOur RatingCostMonthly PaymentsAverage Treatment Time
Candid3.7⭐ out of 5Starts at $3,500Depends on the provider6 to 12 months
Byte4.2⭐ out of 5$1,999 to $2,399$70 to $84 per month3 to 6 months
SmileDirectClub3.7⭐ out of 5$2,250 $89 per month4 to 10 months
NewSmile3.9⭐ out of 5$1,595 to $1,695 $55 to $64 per month4 to 10 months
ALIGNERCO3.7⭐ out of 5$995 to $1,120$77 to $94 per month4 to 8 months
Strayt3.7⭐ out of 5$1,596 to $2,096$77 to $133 per month4 to 8 months
Invisalign3.8⭐ out of 5Starts at $3,000Depends on the provider12 to 18 months

Candid vs. Invisalign

Candid costs less than Invisalign treatments, which may cost you up to $9,500. Financing options vary across providers, so you have to ask if they accept insurance and payment plans.

Both brands have similar treatment times and can straighten your teeth within 12 months. However, Invisalign aligners can treat more severe cases than Candid.

Read our full review of Candid vs. Invisalign

Candid vs. Byte

Byte is more affordable than Candid’s aligner treatment and costs $1,999 to $2,399. But it can only treat mild to moderate teeth alignment issues.

It offers nighttime aligners (for those who prefer it) and faster treatment times. Byte can straighten teeth in as little as 3 to 4 months with its daytime aligners.

Your treatment will include the HyperByte device, which speeds up teeth movement, as well as a lifetime guarantee that covers any additional aligners you may need for a straighter smile.

Read our full review of Candid vs. Byte

Candid vs. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub (SDC) has SmileShops that you can visit for free in-person consultations. However, it has fewer locations (only 100+ SmileShops) than over 300+ CandidPro providers.

Unlike Candid, which is partnered with dentists and orthodontists, SmileDirectClub only has trained specialists at their shops. But they do offer doctor-directed treatment plans.

Overall, SmileDirectClub costs less ($2,250), but it can only treat mild to moderate cases.

Read our full review of Candid vs. SmileDirectClub

How Candid Works

Here’s how Candid works so you know what to expect from your treatment:

Step 1: Find out if you’re a candidate for CandidPro

First, you need to visit a CandidPro provider who can qualify you for the treatment.

People who don’t qualify may need some dental work, such as fillings for dental cavities. Your dentist or orthodontist may provide these services for an additional fee.

Hand of a dentist points at computer monitor showing scans of patients teeth with a 3d scanner

If you qualify, they’ll create your customized treatment plan. They will also take x-rays, intraoral teeth scans, photos, and impressions of your teeth so they can have your aligners made.

Step 2: Follow Your CandidPro Treatment Plan

Next, you need to follow your treatment schedule when your clear aligners arrive. They’ll be sent to your home, so you don’t have to pick them up at your provider’s office. 

You will receive anywhere from 8 to 24 Candid teeth aligners, depending on your case. Trays are labeled in the order you should wear them to guide you through your treatment.

Each aligner is typically worn for 2 to 3 weeks. You must wear them for most of the day except when eating, brushing, flossing, or cleaning your trays.

candid aligners
NewMouth / Alyssa Hill

Expect the first few aligners to cause some pain or discomfort. But once you get used to wearing them, it feels second nature.

During this process, you have to send progress photos to your provider via the Candid app. You can use your smartphone, and the Scanbox included with your kit to take at-home teeth scans.

The app will notify you when it’s time to check in with your provider. Based on your teeth scans, the dentist or orthodontist will confirm if it’s time to change aligners.

Step 3: Maintain your smile with Candid retainers

After you finish treatment, you’ll be switching to Candid retainers. Retainers will maintain your new smile and prevent teeth from shifting back into place.

candid aligners 2
NewMouth / Alyssa Hill 

Your CandidPro doctor will inform you if your treatment is complete after sending the final teeth scan. The last set of aligners will serve as your first retainer. 

Candid recommends wearing your retainers as follows:

  • Two weeks after completing treatment ⁠— 22 hours a day
  • Three to four weeks after treatment ⁠— 18 hours a day
  • Five to six weeks after treatment ⁠— 12 to 14 hours a day

After the sixth week, you need to continue wearing your Candid retainer indefinitely for 8 continuous hours every night.

Why Choose Candid’s Aligners?

Candid is a great option if you want discreet teeth straightening. Unlike traditional braces, it’s removable, more comfortable to wear, and barely visible when worn.

We recommend Candid if you don’t want to spend on Invisalign treatments but have severe teeth misalignment or bite issues that at-home clear aligners can’t treat.

Candid aligners are relatively affordable compared to Invisalign and traditional braces. While they cost more than at-home aligners like Byte and SDC, Candid provides comprehensive care.

You’ll be working with an assigned orthodontist or dentist throughout the whole process. After the initial in-person consultation, you get to continue your treatment at home.

You can find out if you’re a candidate by taking Candid’s online quiz or visiting the nearest CandidPro provider for an in-person evaluation.

Candid Reviews

Candid Kit

Our research shows Candid is an excellent choice for safe, effective, affordable, and expert-led at-home aligner treatment.

Rating by Alyssa Hill

Overall user experience
Treatment process
Pricing and financing
Customer service and aftersales support
Brand reputation

To begin treatment, you’ll visit a qualified CandidPro provider (dentist or orthodontist) for an initial consultation. The provider then has a licensed orthodontist from Candid's team personally design your treatment plan.

Your treatment progress is monitored remotely through CandidMonitoring™, the company’s telehealth platform. The same Candid orthodontist who creates your treatment plan will oversee your treatment.


How We Rated Candid

We ordered candid aligners and had in-house writers test them out throughout their prescribed treatment.

While testing the clear aligners, our team assessed and scored them based on five traits. Each trait was assigned a “weight” so we could calculate their individual rating and weighted average scores on a scale of five.

Here is how we rated Candid:

Customer Experience
Pricing and Financing
Customer Service and After-Sales Support
Brand Reputation

Customer Experience

Using artificial intelligence, we gathered and analyzed feedback from thousands of people who tried Candid. This helped us determine the users’ experiences with a brand, including:

  • Its availability for in-person and/or virtual consultations
  • The accessibility of its clear aligners and ease of ordering
  • Whether it gives clear instructions for taking dental impressions 
  • The fit and comfort of its invisible braces when worn


We examined Candid’s average treatment times and effectiveness for correcting mild and moderate teeth misalignment.

Our team also investigated for any products or services they provided that would help customers during and after their treatment, such as:

  • Access to dental experts who can answer your questions and guide you throughout your treatment
  • A dedicated app that reminds users to switch aligners and allows them to conveniently track their progress and contact support
  • Regular virtual and/or in-person check-ins with a dental professional who can ensure that your treatment is going well
  • Additional dental treatments such as teeth whitening

Pricing and Financing

We explored the total treatment cost of Candid, including their upfront prices, flexibility of payment options, eligibility for insurance, and maintenance costs for additional retainers.

Customer Service and After-Sales Support

Our team investigated Candid’s customer support in-depth when answering queries and resolving issues. We assessed them based on:

  • Availability
  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Friendliness

We also checked Candid’s offered guarantees for clear aligner adjustments, refinements, replacements, or refunds if you’re not qualified or if the treatment doesn’t work for you.

Brand Reputation

With the help of advanced AI algorithms, we sorted through thousands of customer reviews that would indicate the level of trust in Candid.

Why Trust Our Candid Reviews?

We have a dedicated team of medical writers, expert researchers, licensed dental professionals, and medical reviewers who curate and approve content for NewMouth.

Before publishing this article, our team:

  • Spent 100+ hours researching Candid’s treatment process
  • Scanned over 3,700+ customer reviews on Candid
  • Consulted dental professionals and industry experts, including Candid’s CEO
  • Reviewed 20+ studies on the safety and effectiveness of invisible aligners
  • Had our writers try Candid Co aligners from start to finish
  • Compared Candid to other at-home and in-office treatments we tried
  • Asked in-house dentists to fact-check our Candid Co review for accuracy

Candid Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Candid aligners, visit their website for more detailed information. 

Do Candid Aligners Work?

Many customers say that Candid effectively straightens teeth. It works on mild to severe teeth alignment issues and some bite problems, similar to Invisalign.

Among the issues it can treat are gapped teeth, crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, overbite, and underbite. A CandidPro can help you determine if it’s the right treatment for you.

Are Candid Aligners Safe to Wear?

Yes. Candid alignes are safe to wear. Candid uses a high-quality medical-grade plastic (Zendura FLX) for its clear aligners. It’s the same material used by Invisalign. 

To ensure your safety, Candid aligners are:


Can I Eat While Wearing Candid Aligners?

Yes, you can eat food and drink beverages with Candid aligners. However, you should stay away from hot liquids because they can damage your aligner trays.

Remember to rinse your trays after eating to prevent bacteria buildup and discoloration. You can use the whitening foam included with your kit to clean your clear aligners.

Can You Buy A Candid Starter Kit or Visit A Candid Studio?

No. Candid changed its business model and no longer offers at-home impression kits and visits to Candid Studio locations.

Instead, you can begin treatment by visiting CandidPro providers. These are licensed dentists and orthodontists who have partnered with the brand.

How Long Does Candid Treatment Take?

Candid treatments usually take 6 months. However, each case is unique. Your treatment may last longer (about 12 to 24 months) if you have severe teeth misalignment.

Do Candid Providers Accept HSA/FSA and Financing? 

Most CandidPro providers accept health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA). They may also offer payment plans to help you pay for your treatment.

Keep in mind that providers often have different policies. It’s best that you talk to your dentist or orthodontist about financing options that are available to you.

Is Candid Covered By Insurance?

The cost of Candid can be reduced by up to 50%, depending on your insurance plan. 

If you qualify for coverage, your CandidPro provider (dental office) will work directly with your insurance company to reimburse you.

Can Candid Guarantee Reimbursement?

There’s no guarantee that your insurance provider will reimburse your Candid treatment.

Candid and other clear aligners fall under insurance code D8090, which covers comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults. Your plan may or may not cover clear aligner treatments.

You can check your dental insurance coverage by logging into your account. You can also call the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

What Insurance Plans Have Orthodontic Coverage?

Here are some insurance carriers with plans that cover orthodontic treatment in adults:
Delta Dental
Guardian Direct

Orthodontic coverage usually includes braces and clear aligners like Invisalign. How much they reimburse will depend on your provider and insurance plan. 
A provider may cover a certain percentage or dollar amount of your clear aligner treatment. Keep in mind that there may be a lifetime limit on your coverage.

Why Did My Insurance Coverage for Candid Get Denied?

Coverage for your Candid treatment may be denied if your CandidPro provider submitted incorrect information or if your plan does not cover aligner treatment.

What Can I Do if I’m Denied Coverage for Candid?

If your claim is denied due to a submission issue by your CandidPro provider, they will work quickly to fix the problem.

If the denial was due to a lack of orthodontic coverage under your plan, you'll need to reach out to your insurance provider for clarification.

You have the right to appeal denied claims under the Affordable Care Act. Your insurer must review the denial if you appeal. If they still deny it, you can appeal through a third party.

Can I Get A Refund on My Candid Treatment?

Your CandidPro provider will determine your eligibility to receive a full refund.

Any returns, changes to your treatment plan, payments, and whether or not you can receive refunds or additional refinements are at the discretion of your provider.

What’s Next?

The most popular at-home clear aligner kits can be found right here:

Learn about the different brands and what they offer.

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