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Pop On Veneers Review (2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Pop On Veneers has been making custom-made veneers since 2020
  • It costs $479 for a single veneer and $679 for top and bottom veneers
  • It comes in 3 shades: Hollywood White, Natural White, and Mature Tan
  • It can be used with soft foods and hot/cold drinks (not boiling)
  • Pop On Veneers can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years depending on usage

Is Pop On Veneers Worth It?

Pop On Veneers are ideal for occasional wear. They’re not as durable as other temporary veneers we reviewed. But many of its customers are happy to buy multiple spares and replacements.

If you lose or damage your veneers, or if you’re not satisfied with the shade you picked, you can get a new one for $99. You also won’t need to retake impressions, which makes it a convenient process.

When it comes to paying for your veneers, you’ll have more financing options with Pop On Veneers than with any other company. This will allow you to choose a plan that suits your budget.

Unfortunately, the brand is poorly rated online. So we investigated its pros, cons, costs, and features to see if its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

We also read countless user reviews and compared Pop On Veneers with other clip-on veneers to see how they hold up.

Why Trust Our Pop On Veneers Review

We have a dedicated team of medical writers, expert researchers, licensed dental professionals, and medical reviewers who curate and approve content for NewMouth.

Before publishing this review, our team:

  • Spent 50+ hours researching Pop On Veneers’ treatment process
  • Scanned over 400+ Pop On Veneers reviews online
  • Consulted dental professionals and industry experts on veneers
  • Reviewed studies on the potential benefits of removable veneers
  • Had our writers try Pop On Veneers for several months
  • Compared Pop On Veneers with other snap-on veneer brands
  • Asked in-house dentists to fact-check our review for accuracy

How Pop On Veneers Improve Your Smile

Pop On Veneers cover missing teeth and other dental flaws. Like other snap-on veneers, they’re made to fit over your existing teeth. 

You can choose from 3 colors: Hollywood White, Natural White, and Mature Tan.

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When worn, Pop On Veneers can hide imperfections such as:

Wearing veneers doesn’t treat these dental conditions. They simply provide a cosmetic solution to getting a perfect smile.

If you want to get them fixed, you’ll need additional dental procedures like clear aligners (for straighter teeth) or teeth whitening (for whiter teeth).

Pros & Cons of Pop On Veneers

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of Pop On Veneers:

Pop On Veneers Pros

  • It’s a budget-friendly way to improve your smile. You can buy new veneers and replacements at a lower cost than most brands.
  • It offers financing. You can pay upfront or divide the cost across several payments using Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, Partial.ly, and Zip.
  • It’s a great alternative to traditional veneers. They’re cheaper and less invasive than what licensed dentists offer in dental clinics.
  • Pop On Veneers offers a free impression kit. If you fail on your first try, the company will send you a new kit at no additional cost.
  • It has a physical location in NYC. You can get an in-person teeth scan from a trained specialist. That way, you don’t have to risk taking bad impressions.
  • Getting spare arches is easy. You can try a different shade with every purchase. There’s no need to retake impressions unless your teeth change.
  • Full refunds are possible. People who opt for a digital teeth scan and cancel within 30 days of placing their orders may be fully refunded. 
  • It ensures satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied with your custom veneers, the company can remake them up to 2 times at no additional cost. 

Pop On Veneers Cons

  • Pop On Veneers aren’t designed for everyday use. Compared to other temporary veneers, you can only eat soft foods with them.
  • It has hidden charges. Unless you read the fine print, you may not know about extra costs for “no-show” appointments and processing fees.
  • Costs can add up. You may need to pay for additional impression kits if you don’t get approved a second time and need more impressions.
  • There’s a limited warranty period. You only have 30 days to request a remake after receiving your veneers and 120 days to cancel after ordering.
  • The company only gives partial refunds. People who are eligible for a refund get charged for canceling their orders and other fees.

What Customers Say About Pop On Veneers

Pop On Veneers received mixed feedback. Many users seem satisfied with the brand. But there are plenty of negative reviews as well.

It has an average rating of 3.32⭐ on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Below is a summary of the user feedback on Pop On Veneers:

Quality of the Veneers

According to some reviewers, Pop On Veneers are well-made and have good quality. They can last 1 to 2 years. People say you shouldn’t eat with them, as they can get worn out or break more easily.

Others think the veneers are flimsy, made of cheap plastic, and of poor quality. Many users claim their veneers didn’t last long (usually around 2 to 6 months) before they snapped and became unusable.

Fit & Comfort

Most customers say their Pop On Veneers fit perfectly over their gum line and natural teeth. People usually find them comfortable. But eating and talking with them may take time to get used to.

Few people received veneers that weren’t as tight fitting as they had wanted or weren’t fit for purpose. Customers have also complained of veneers that were too big, too small, or became loose over time.

Based on customer experience, the veneers may have sharp edges that cause pain, discomfort, irritation, cuts, and sore gums. Some of these fitting issues may have been caused by inaccurate teeth impressions.

Appearance & Results

Many customers are happy with how their dental veneers look. According to their reviews, they have a natural appearance and feel like real teeth.

Most are also satisfied with the veneer color they picked. Certain shades made it look like they’ve undergone professional teeth whitening.

Still, several users think Pop On Veneers look unrealistic and fake.

Treatment Process

Buying new veneers and replacements is simple. Most people received their orders as expected. Although some didn’t get them on time.

There are also complaints of packages not arriving, going missing, or being sent to the wrong address even though the details are correct.

Taking impressions was a challenge for many users. It usually took them several attempts. Others gave up after failing multiple times.

Those who successfully took impressions said that it helps to:

  • Follow the instructions provided by Pop On Veneers
  • Sign up for the live impression coaching session
  • Contact customer service for support

Customer Service

Pop On Veneers is often praised for providing excellent service throughout the treatment process.

Customers who weren’t satisfied with their orders or needed help with their impressions got support when they reached out for assistance.

However, others claim they have the worst customer service. They can become unresponsive or take time to reply if you encounter problems.

From what we observed, users who were patient and communicative with the team were more likely to have their issues resolved.

Cost & Guarantees

Most people say Pop On Veneers are worth the price, considering how affordable they are compared to traditional porcelain veneers.

Satisfied customers usually reordered a new set if they needed spares or replacements, or if they wanted to try a different color.

Still, several users were unhappy that the company only offers partial refunds.

How Much Do Pop On Veneers Cost?

Pop On Veneers cost $479 for a single veneer (top or bottom) and $679 for a set that includes top and bottom veneers. 

Costs include the impression kit, a mirrored carrying case for your veneers, 6 cleaning tablets, and a 30-day Pop On Warranty with up to 2 remakes.


You can pay for the full cost upfront or divide it across several payments using any of the available financing options:

Financing ProviderAffirmAfterpayKlarnaPartial.lyZip
Cost Per PaymentStarts at $39Starts at $107Starts at $72Starts at $27Starts at $107
Frequency of PaymentsMonthly2 weeks2 weeks or monthlyWeekly2 weeks
Number of PaymentsUp to 12 payments4 paymentsUp to 6 paymentsUp to 16 payments4 payments
Checkout CostFirst paymentFirst paymentFirst payment$99First payment
Initiation FeeNoneNoneNone$50None
Discounts ApplicableYesYesYesNoYes

Get Started on Pop-On Veneers

The company regularly offers discounts. If you opt for financing, these discounts may or may not be applicable depending on your provider.

Pop On Veneers accepts rush processing for $250. This shortens the production time of your veneers to just 1 week (instead of 2 weeks).

You can also request overnight shipping for an added fee. But you’ll have to email team@poponveneers.com to find out how much it costs. 

Pop On Veneers Added Costs

Repeat customers can buy spare veneers for $99 each. Other additional costs for maintaining your veneers include:

  • Blue Pop On Veneers Case w/ Mirror ⁠— $15
  • Pop On Fresh Foam — $29.99
  • Pop On Clean (30 tablets) — $9.99

Pop On Veeers also offers a Loss Protection Plan for $99 (single veneer) and $198 (top and bottom veneers). If you accidentally lose or break your veneers, the company may provide up to 1 replacement.

How Do Pop On Veneers Work?

Here’s an overview of Pop On Veneers’ treatment process:

Step 1: Find out if you’re a candidate

Pop On Veneers snap onto your teeth. To qualify, you’ll need at least 4 good teeth on your upper arch and/or 4 good teeth on your lower arch.

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We recommend taking the short quiz on their website to find out if you’re qualified. You’ll also get a $100 discount offer in your email.

Step 2: Choose your veneers

People who qualify can choose between a single veneer or a complete set with top and bottom veneers. Next, you can pick a shade you like:

  • Hollywood White
  • Natural White
  • Mature Tan

After choosing your veneers, you can decide on a payment option and place your orders.

Step 3: Get impressions or teeth scans

Pop On Veneers lets you take your impressions at home. They’ll send your impression kit within 2 days of placing your order. 

An impression coach can guide you through this process. You can reach them 7 days a week if you need assistance.

Alternatively, you can visit the Pop On Studio in NYC. Trained specialists will be taking digital scans of your teeth at no extra cost.

The company will use your impressions or teeth scans to make your veneers. If you’re taking impressions, use the pre-paid return label to mail them back to Pop On Veneers’ dental laboratory in New York City.

Step 4: Wear your Pop On Veneers

You can begin wearing your custom veneers as soon as they arrive. It usually takes 2 weeks to make the veneers and ship them out.

Make sure they are comfortable. They shouldn’t hurt your gum line or other parts of your mouth. If you’re not satisfied with the fit, you can request up to 2 remakes within 30 days of receiving your original veneers.

Pop On Veneers vs. Best Snap-On Veneers

Pop On Veneers is one of the best removable veneers in the market, but it isn’t your only option. Here’s how it compares to other brands:

Brand of Temporary VeneersCost (Single Veneer)Cost (Full Veneer Set)Available ShadesWhat You Can EatHow Long They Last
Pop-On Veneers$479$6793Foods that aren’t too hard or sticky1 to 5 years
Shiny Smile Veneers$370$5703Soft foods1 to 5 years
TruSmile Veneers$299$4993Soft foods1 to 5 years
Removable Veneers USA$499 to $999$699 to $1,4993Depends on the veneer modelUp to 15 years
Instasmile Veneers$500$7504Most foodsSeveral years
Secret Veneers$380 to $571$507 to $6983Foods that aren’t toughUp to 6 years or longer
Brighter Image Lab Veneers$775 to $1,495$1,290 to $2,4953Most foodsMore than 5 years

Why We Chose Pop On Veneers

popon veneers
Quality of the materials
Fit and comfort
Appearance and results
Treatment process
Customer service
Cost and guarantees

Our Rating: 3.7 out of 5⭐

Pop On Veneers regularly offers discounts. It also has more financing options available compared to other brands of removable veneers.

If you want to get replacements, spares, or a different shade of veneers, ordering is both easy and affordable. You don’t have to pay the full price or retake impressions.

Overall, Pop On Veneers are cheap and non-invasive alternatives. Unlike other types of dental veneers, they don’t require tooth shaving. It’s a good choice if you don’t want the cost and commitment of permanent veneers.

How We Rated Pop On Veneers

We asked our writers to try Pop On Veneers for a few months. Next, we compared their experiences with hundreds of online reviews.

With the help of in-house dentists and our team’s research, we evaluated Pop On Veneers in six categories:

  • Quality — Safety and durability of the materials used
  • Fit and comfort — How it feels inside the mouth when worn
  • Appearance and results — How it improves your smile
  • Treatment process — Ease and convenience of ordering and delivery
  • Customer service — Support provided throughout the process
  • Cost and guarantees — Pricing and warranties offered

We added the individual rating for each category and calculated their average to determine the brand’s overall score.

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