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Updated on October 11, 2022
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Removable Veneers USA Review

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About Removable Veneers USA 

Removable Veneers USA is a clip-on veneer brand based in Concord, NC. They use impressions of your teeth that you make at home to create your veneers. 

Clip-on veneers are an easy, convenient way to change the esthetics of your smile. They are a non-permanent alternative to dental veneers that you can remove anytime. They do not involve visits to the dentist or any procedures. 

Removable Veneers USA are made in the United States by dental professionals and are advertised as an affordable, quick option with a 10- to 14-day turnaround time.

How Does Removable Veneers USA Work?

Removable Veneers USA make your customized veneer model based on your preferences and an at-home impression model they mail to you.

It’s easy to get started ordering your veneers from Removable Veneers USA. The website guides you through the process and offers you choices along the way.

Step 1: Choose Your Veneers

Removable Veneers USA offers two types of veneers: Premium and Premium PLUS.

Premium Veneers are designed for occasional use. Premium PLUS Veneers are intended for daily wear. You’ll need to select which type makes sense for how you plan to use them.

Step 2: Select Your Veneer Shade

Next, you’ll need to choose what shade you want for your veneers. There are three options, with the first being the whitest:

  • Celebrity White
  • Natural White
  • Champagne White

Pricing does not differ by shade. Celebrity White and Natural White are their most popular shades.

Step 3: Order Your Veneers

Once you’ve decided on your type and shade, order your veneers. Removable Veneers USA will ship your impression kit within 24 hours. 

Step 4: Take Pictures

Removable Veneers USA works best when you provide pictures of your natural teeth and impressions. A personal design consultant will walk you through the process. You’ll email the images to them so they can ensure the best veneers for your teeth.

Step 5: Make Impressions

Follow the step-by-step guide that comes with your kit. The process is simple:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Place the impression trays inside your mouth, ensuring they fit
  • Mix the impression materials
  • Roll and shape the material and load it into the impression tray
  • Insert the tray and use your fingers to press it into your teeth for 3.5 minutes
  • Make sure your teeth don’t contact the impression tray 
  • Repeat the process with the bottom tray
  • Email pictures to Removable Veneers USA and wait for approval
  • Once approved, put your impressions in a sealable bag and mail them back as instructed

Removable Veneers USA may ask you to make another impression. They will include materials to do a second round if necessary.

Step 6: Send Back Impression Kit

Your impression kit includes instructions on storing, packaging, and mailing your impressions back to Removable Veneers USA. They will pay for postage.

Step 7: Receive Your Veneers

You should receive your new veneers within 14 to 20 business days. They are ready to wear upon arrival.

Costs and Financing Options

Removable Veneers USA has different costs depending on which model you buy.

The Premium Veneers, designed for occasional use, start at $699 for both top and bottom sets of teeth.1 You can buy either a top or bottom for $499.

The Premium PLUS Veneers, designed for daily use, start at $899 for both top and bottom sets. You can buy either a top or bottom for $699.

Financing options are available. Removable Veneers USA accepts the following financing systems:

  • Klarna
  • Affirm
  • Shop Pay
  • In-house payment option

Their in-house payment option does not require approval. Removable Veneers USA accepts a 50% down payment upfront and requires the other 50% within 30 days or before your veneers ship.2

Pros and Cons of Removable Veneers USA

Removable Veneers USA are an affordable and accessible option for people who want to improve the esthetics of their teeth. Like any other product, they have their pros and cons.

The pros of Removable Veneers USA include:

  • Affordable at less than $1,000
  • Financing options available
  • No dentist visits or procedures required
  • Customized to your preference and fit
  • You can eat and drink while wearing them
  • Easy to insert and remove

The cons of Removable Veneers USA include:

  • No dentist oversight
  • No available refunds
  • Some reviews state poor customer service
  • They may mask underlying problems (such as cavities and gum disease) rather than treat them 

Removable Veneers vs. Permanent Veneers

Removable Veneers USA makes a snap-on veneer you can insert and remove as needed. They are an alternative to permanent dental veneers installed by a dentist and can’t be easily taken out.

The Life Span of Permanent vs. Removable Veneers

Permanent veneers are long-lasting restorations, usually made of porcelain. Research shows that 91% of permanent veneers survive for twenty years.3

Removable Veneers does not state the life expectancy of their product. Their website says the length of time they last depends on your use. They offer a warranty for up to two years.4

Health Implications of Permanent vs. Removable Veneers

There are some risks involved with placing permanent veneers. These include:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth damage
  • The possibility you may need to replace them in an expensive procedure later on

Removable veneers may come with fewer risks. They are easier to remove if you notice sensitivity developing. They are also much easier to clean, which can help the soft tissues in your mouth stay healthy.5

Cost of Permanent vs. Removable Veneers

All of Removable Veneers USA’s models cost less than $1,000. 

Permanent veneers, however, can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500 per tooth. The price is much higher than removable veneers, but they last significantly longer.

Is Removable Veneers USA Right for You? 

Removable Veneers USA might be a good option if you want a low-cost, speedy way to correct cosmetic dental issues. They are ideal if you want a whiter smile and straight teeth.

Removable veneers are unsuitable for people with severe dental issues such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, or severe malocclusion.6 Always consult a dental professional to discuss whether removable veneers are right for you or if you need other treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Removable Veneers USA:

What are Removable Veneers USA made of?

Removable Veneers USA are made from an FDA-Approved Patented Special Dental Resin, created exclusively for their company.

What is Removable Veneers USA’s refund policy?

Removable Veneers USA offers no returns and no refunds. Customers agree to these terms when they make the initial purchase.

How much does Removable Veneers USA cost?

Removable Veneers USA’s Premium model for occasional use starts at $499. The Premium PLUS model for daily use starts at $699.

Why are Removable Veneers USA more expensive than competitors?

Removable Veneers USA purports that its competitors make non-FDA-approved, cheaper products that stain or break. That’s why they price slightly higher than similar products.

How long do Removable Veneers USA last?

Removable Veneers USA does not give a specific answer on longevity. The general lifespan of removable veneers is a few years.

Last updated on October 11, 2022
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Last updated on October 11, 2022
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