Same Day Dentures

Same day dentures are also known as immediate dentures, temporary dentures, one-day dentures, and dentures in a day. They are temporary false teeth that allow you to get a tooth extraction and dentures on the same day.

It is common for patients to need tooth extractions before getting dentures. Conventional dentures take several days to make. Additionally, you cannot wear them until your mouth heals fully. 

Same day dentures are a temporary treatment that allows you to have a full-toothed smile while you recover. They also act as a bandage and aid in the healing process after your teeth are removed1.What Are Same Day Dentures?

What Are Same Day Dentures?

If a patient needs to have teeth removed before they get dentures, their dentist may recommend immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are very similar to conventional dentures.

The main difference is that immediate dentures are created from a mold before your natural teeth are extracted.

Immediate top denture

The dentist will take a mold at the beginning of your appointment. They will then remove your teeth while a denturist makes your new immediate dentures on-site. Once your natural teeth have been removed, and your false teeth are ready, the dentist will place your new dentures.

Same day dentures allow you to enjoy a full toothed smile immediately after tooth extractions. They also help you adjust to wearing dentures while your mouth heals. 

Does Getting Same Day Dentures After Tooth Extraction Affect Recovery Time?

Immediate dentures actually help the healing process after getting teeth extracted.1, 2, 3 Medical benefits of same day dentures include:

  • The immediate denture acts as a bandage and helps control bleeding, trauma, and pain at the extraction sites
  • The denture helps keep your jaw and muscles in place and keep their shape
  • Patients can speak, chew, and swallow after their teeth are removed
  • Patients retain a normal appearance while their gums and bones heal, which can help prevent embarrassment and isolation

Can I Have a Full Mouth Extraction and Receive Immediate Dentures?

Yes. Your dentist may recommend immediate dentures after a full mouth teeth extraction because of the health benefits of immediate dentures.

“When removal of all teeth becomes necessary, an immediate denture is an important treatment modality. There are many advantages of immediate dentures as it acts as a matrix which controls hemorrhage, prevents contamination, and provides a protective covering over the wounds.”

Immediate Denture that Act as a Bandage: A Case Report

Immediate Dentures vs Regular Dentures

Immediate dentures and conventional dentures share certain similarities in that they replace missing teeth and restore function. However, there are some notable differences. Immediate dentures are typically not made from high quality materials like conventional dentures. They do not fit as well and are not as cosmetic. 

For conventional dentures, your dentist will wait until your gums are fully healed after extractions. This usually takes two to six weeks. Once your mouth is healed, your doctor will take a mold for your dentures. These dentures will have a better fit because the mold is more accurate.

After tooth extractions, your mouth may change shapes slightly as it heals. This is why immediate dentures often need more adjustments than regular dentures. In many cases, same day dentures act as a temporary solution after extractions. Then they are replaced with conventional dentures for a long-term solution.

Same Day Dentures Procedure

The process for same day dentures will vary slightly from dentist to dentist. However, the procedure generally looks like this:

1. Take An Impression — At the beginning of your appointment, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth. A denturist will take this mold and start making your denture.

2. Tooth Extractions — Next, your doctor will begin the extraction process. They may administer anesthesia if necessary and start teeth removal. Then they will place gauze over your affected areas.

3. Denture Fitting —  Your dentist will place them in your mouth and make any necessary adjustments.

4. Aftercare — Your dentist will give you instructions to care for your gums and dentures. This will include resting for 24 to 48 hours, taking any prescribed medications, watching your diet, and not smoking. Once your extraction sites form clots and the holes start to close, you will need to follow standard denture care procedures.

You cannot remove immediate dentures temporarily following insertion because your gums will swell and may prevent re-insertion. Speak with your dentist about the appropriate time to take them out after surgery and insertion. 

Same Day Dentures Cost

Immediate dentures often cost slightly more than conventional dentures. The cost of same day dentures will depend on many factors, including the quality and material of the denture, your oral health condition, your location, and the dentist’s individual practice and prices.

You should expect to pay approximately $600 to $1,000 for one standard/basic immediate denture arch ($1,200 to $2,000 for a complete set).

Expect to pay $1,700 to $4,500 for a premium denture arch ($3,400 to $9,000 for a full set).

These costs do not include tooth extractions. Simple tooth extractions generally cost $75 to $300 per tooth.

Insurance cover varies depending on your provider and plan. Many dental insurances cover some or all of any medically necessary tooth extractions. Some will also cover up to 50 percent of your dentures. For more accurate information, speak with your insurance provider.

Pros & Cons of Same Day Dentures

  • Immediate dentures provide medical benefits and protect your gums while they are healing
  • They protect any remaining natural teeth by reducing pressure while chewing
  • You can leave your appointment with a full smile
  • Immediate dentures allow you to practice eating and speaking with fake teeth
  • They prevent bleeding, inflammation, and swelling
  • The main drawback of immediate dentures is their cost
  • They are usually just a temporary solution 
  • Your dentures may be uncomfortable at first and need to be replaced once your gums are healed
  • Immediate dentures require additional appointments for adjustments while your mouth is healing

Am I a Candidate for Same Day Dentures?

Immediate dentures are always an optional treatment. However, your dentist may recommend them if you have a complete extraction or several teeth removed.

You might NOT be an ideal candidate for immediate dentures if: 2

  • You have a debilitating disease
  • You have a systemic condition such as cardiac problems, endocrine disorders, blood disorders
  • You have a slow healing potential
  • Your mental capacities may interfere with remembering post-operative instructions
  • You have gum disease
  • You have bone loss in your mouth

It is up to the patient and dentist to decide whether you are an ideal candidate for same day dentures.

Where Can I Find a One Day Denture Clinic?

There are two easy ways to find a clinic that offers same day extraction and denture services. You can ask your local dentist. They may provide these services or be able to recommend a trusted colleague.

You can also use Affordable Dentures & Implants practice locator. Click here to read about their denture services and find a practice in your area.


  • Same day dentures are an optional treatment for people who need tooth extractions and dentures
  • They help with the healing process, especially after full extractions
  • You will be able to speak, eat, and smile more naturally with immediate dentures
  • Immediate dentures are usually a temporary solution, and will be replaced by traditional dentures once your gums are healed
  • Same day dentures are usually less comfortable than conventional dentures because the mold is made before your extractions
  • Same day dentures may require more frequent follow-up appointments for readjustments
  • Same day dentures will significantly increase the cost of your extraction and denture procedures
  • Speak with your dentist to find out if same day dentures are a good choice for you


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