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Updated on October 3, 2022

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

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Overview: Dental Insurance & How it Works

Dental insurance is an insurance policy that covers most of the costs associated with dental care.

Many dental insurance plans cover some portion of the cost for dental procedures like oral surgery, preventive care services, crowns, fillings, and root canals. 

The dental costs to be covered typically vary depending on the dental insurance plan. For example, some dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures such as whitening and crowns.

Dental plan benefits differ depending on age. For adults in the U.S.: 

  • about 59% have private dental benefits 
  • about 7.4% have dental insurance coverage through Medicaid 
  • 33.6% do not have dental plans at all1

Dental insurance coverage enables people to properly make budgets for the costs of maintaining a healthy smile.

Most dental insurance plans are straightforward. Some form part of medical insurance plans, while others work as a stand-alone policy.

Here is a breakdown of how dental insurance works:

  • First, you have the liberty to select a dental insurance plan based on the dentists you can afford or want to work with.
  • You can choose one of the less expensive dental plans if you already have a dentist you want to work with that is part of the insurance company network.
  • If you don’t have any dentist in mind, you can choose any dentist in the insurance company network. You also have the option of opting for a less expensive plan.
  • If you are seeing a dentist who is not in the dental insurance company's network, you can still get insurance coverage with dental benefits. However, you might have to pay significantly more to see the dentist than one registered with the dental insurance network.

What is a Dental Insurance Waiting Period?

When you sign up for a health plan, such as a dental plan, you may find out that it requires a waiting period.

A dental insurance waiting period is a duration of time you have to wait before getting the full coverage for certain dental procedures. 

Dental insurance waiting periods vary depending on an individual’s plan.

They can range from months to over a year. These periods simply mean that some dental procedures (like major services) may not be covered immediately.

Dental insurance waiting periods are particularly for major dental work and basic services. Almost all dental plans cover preventive services right away. 

Why Do Some Dental Insurance Plans Have Waiting Periods?

There are some dental insurance plans that have no waiting periods. However, waiting periods might benefit you because they help minimize the costs of dental insurance.3

Some insurance plans are designed to have about a 6-month waiting period to prevent patients from receiving costly dental services, making them drop the dental coverage shortly after, which also results in higher premiums for both parties.

Typically, waiting periods are for major dental work and basic services. You and your family can still receive dental services like examinations and x-rays as dental plans for these preventive procedures typically do not require waiting periods. 

How to Find Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

If you want dental insurance that offers dental benefits right away, seek those with no waiting periods, such as DHMO plans or dental insurance for veterans.6

Below are some of the options for people seeking dental insurance with no waiting period:

DHMO plans

While Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) plans usually involve waiting periods, most Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plans don’t involve that. DHMO is a type of plan where a dentist agrees to render services to a patient as an in-network provider at a reduced cost. This type of plan usually has no maximum and no deductible.

Dental Insurance for veterans

The Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program (VADIP) makes it possible for providers to offer veterans special dental insurance plans with no waiting periods.

Employer-provided dental insurance plan with no waiting period

About two-thirds of American citizens obtained private dental coverage, while about 90 percent obtained their benefits through an employer or other group programs like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).5

Dental insurance plans offered by some employers do not have waiting periods. Contact your workplace HR department and find out if your employer’s group plan enables you to enjoy your coverage right away.

Other places to search for dental insurance with no waiting period include insurance companies like:

  • Humana Dental insurance company
  • Spirit Dental insurance company
  • United Healthcare insurance company
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance company

It would help to research these insurance providers and other companies. Compare the companies to find out which ones offer dental plans with no waiting periods for preventive dental care, basic care, or major dental work.

Who is Eligible for Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period?

Eligibility for dental insurance with no waiting period will depend on the dental insurance plan and company.  

Some insurance companies might waive waiting periods for certain services if you have an existing dental insurance plan for 12 or more consecutive months. 

Dental plans with no waiting periods are ideal for patients who need to undergo major dental work or those putting off dental health care due to costs.

Alternative Insurance Options: Discount Dental Plans

There are alternatives to dental insurance.

For example, you can opt for dental savings plans. These plans work like membership subscriptions where you pay for one-year access to dental services at significantly reduced rates.

Benefits of dental savings plans include affordability to meet your needs and budgets, no paperwork, and no caps or limits.

You can also opt for discount dental plans such as Delta Dental Patient Direct, which has no paperwork to file and no waiting period. This plan only requires that an enrollee pays the discounted fee to the dentist at the time of treatment.2

Other alternatives to dental insurance include:

Preventive care

Prevention is always better than fixing an existing condition. Taking care of your teeth and gums is one way to cut dental costs.

Charitable dental clinics

Like charitable organizations, charitable dental clinics will enable you to get dental care at a low cost. The clinic can be one provided by your community or one staffed by dentist volunteers.

Cutting back to one dental examination annually

Research has found that visiting the dentist more than once a year for a dental exam has little or no benefits compared to one visitation per year.

Thus, you might want to cut costs by getting one cleaning or examination annually, provided you do not have serious dental issues.

In-office dental plans

Some dental practices offer patients an in-office plan that takes a percentage off of services. They also give you a set amount of treatments that are included each year (like two cleanings and two exams). 

Federal health centers

You will find different health centers offering dental services in different parts of the country.

Visiting health centers that receive funding from the federal government might help you cut costs as they usually charge affordable rates.4

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Last updated on October 3, 2022
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