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The Best Tongue Scrapers for Fresher Breath & Improved Health

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Tired of dealing with bad breath and that coated feeling on your tongue? A tongue scraper could be a game-changer.

These tools are backed by science and recommended by dental professionals for addressing the root of bacteria buildup. Plus, regular tongue scraping can improve your taste buds and even boost digestion—benefits you might not expect from such a simple practice.

Everything We Recommend

Best U Shaped — Mastermedi

Best Single Hand — Basic Concepts

Plastic Single Hand — Thinkprice

Best Scraper + Brush Combo — Orabrush

Best Brush for Bad Breath — Tung Tongue Brush & Gel Kit

Best Disposable — Grin Oral Care

What are the Different Types of Tongue Scrapers?

Let’s break down the different types of tongue scrapers and find the perfect fit for you.

Tongues scrapers ordered from left to right (Mastermedi, Grin Tongue Cleaner, Basic Concepts, Orabrush, Tung Tongue Brush)

These are the different types (from left to right in the photo):

  • U-shaped ⁠— I find these cleaners offer a fast cleaning experience with their wider design. However, they can feel a bit less comfortable if I’m trying to precisely clean the back of my tongue.
  • Disposable tongue cleaners ⁠— These are super convenient for travel or if I just need one occasionally. However, I try to avoid frequent use since they generate more waste than reusable options.
  • Single-hand ⁠— These give me a lot more control and precision. They’re perfect for targeting specific areas and reaching the very back of my tongue.
  • Plastic tongue brush with scraper ⁠— I like that these offer me both a brush and a scraper. I feel like I get  a more thorough clean than with just brushing alone.
  • Tongue Brush ⁠— The soft bristles feel really gentle on my tongue. This can be a good option for people with sensitivity, but I find it might be a bit less effective than a scraper at removing buildup.

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How to Choose the Right Tongue Scraper

Choosing the right tongue scraper depends on your personal needs and comfort. The first thing to consider is your material preference.

The most common material options for tongue scrapers include:

  • Stainless steel ⁠— The most common choice, known for durability, effectiveness, and ease of cleaning. A great all-around option for most people.
  • Plastic ⁠— A more affordable option. While effective, plastic scrapers may not last as long as metal ones and don’t offer the same strength when scraping.
  • Silicone ⁠— A newer option gaining popularity. Silicone scrapers are softer on the tongue, making them ideal for people with a sensitive gag reflex. They also tend to be very easy to clean.

Other things to consider are your gag reflex and the ease of cleaning. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, you can opt for a silicone scraper or a tongue brush, and stainless steel and silicone scrapers are generally easier to clean than those with bristles.

6 Best Tongue Scrapers in 2024


Best U Shaped
Mastermedi tongue scraper

I was pleasantly surprised by the MasterMedi Tongue Scraper. It’s made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel, which feels much more hygienic than the plastic options I’ve tried.

The U-shape was surprisingly gentle, and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my breath freshness since I started using it.

Here are some things to consider about the MasterMedi Tongue Scraper:

  • Technique ⁠—The U-shape might take some practice to master, especially if you’re new to tongue scraping.
  • Sensitivity ⁠— Those with extreme gag reflexes might find a smaller scraper more comfortable.

Overall Verdict: The MasterMedi Tongue Scraper is a great choice for a durable and effective upgrade to your oral hygiene routine.

Basic Concepts

Best Single Hand
basic concepts tongue scraper

The BASIC CONCEPTS Tongue Scraper is definitely one of my favorites. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel, so it’s built to last and easy to keep clean.

I find the curved design more intuitive to use than some U-shaped scrapers, and it’s made a huge difference in my breath freshness.

Basic Concepts
  • Durable stainless steel ⁠— Resists rust and easy to sanitize
  • Comfortable design ⁠— The curved shape effectively cleans the tongue without discomfort.

One thing to consider about the BASIC CONCEPTS Tongue Scraper is that the edges can be a bit sharp. I recommend starting with gentle pressure and adjusting as needed. You’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Overall Verdict: The BASIC CONCEPTS Tongue Scraper is a great option for a long-lasting and effective way to freshen your breath and improve your oral health. With a little awareness of the sharpness, I think most people will find this scraper very easy to use.


Plastic Single Hand
Thinkprice tongue scraper

The THINKPRICE Tongue Scraper Cleaner effectively removes the residue and bacteria that can cause bad breath. I was hesitant about using plastic scrapers, but these are well-made and feel surprisingly sturdy.

The pack of four is an excellent value, and I love that it includes a travel case so I can keep up with my oral hygiene even when I’m on the road.

Something to consider about this product is the design. Plastic can be less rigid than stainless steel, but these scrapers offer a good balance of flexibility and control.

Overall Verdict: The THINKPRICE Tongue Scraper Cleaner is a simple and effective tool that offers excellent value. It’s a fantastic option for those seeking a safe and reliable tongue scraper solution convenient for home and travel use.


Best Scraper + Brush Combo

I used to think tongue scrapers with a brush were a bit gimmicky, but the Orabrush changed my mind. I like that it goes beyond just scraping⁠—the soft bristles really work to loosen the gunk on my tongue before I use the scraper for the final clean sweep.


However, it’s important to keep in mind that, like a toothbrush, you have to swap out your Orabrush every few months to keep it working its best.

Overall Verdict: If you’re looking for a tongue cleaner that actually delivers noticeable results, Orabrush is worth a try. 

Tung Tongue Brush & Gel Kit

Best Brush for Bad Breath
NewMouth 1

The Tung Tongue Brush & Gel Kit is extremely effective at cleaning the tongue. The short, firm bristles are designed to remove bacteria from the tongue’s surface, while the accompanying Tung Gel neutralizes odor-causing compounds.

I really liked the gel. It felt like my tongue’s own toothpaste and seemed to provide the most noticeable and long-lasting effect for bad breath.

Tung Tongue Brush Gel Kit 1

One thing to consider about this product is that I did note some initial sensitivity because the firm bristles can be a bit harsh at first. Start gently and gradually increase pressure as your tongue gets used to the brush.

Overall Verdict: The Tung Tongue Brush & Gel Kit is a reliable and effective system for fighting bad breath and improving oral hygiene. 

Grin Tongue Cleaner

Best Disposable
NewMouth 2

I love the Grin Tongue Cleaner for its eco-friendly and convenient approach to fresh breath. Made from recycled plastic, it’s a simple disposable solution that does its job well. The built-in fold-back toothpick is a clever touch, helping me dislodge those extra stubborn food particles.

GRIN Tongue Cleaner 2

One thing I will say is this product is less durable than the reusable options on the list.

Overall Verdict: If you want a hassle-free, travel-friendly way to freshen your breath, the Grin Tongue Cleaner is a winner.  We appreciate its focus on convenience and sustainability, making it our top choice among disposable options.

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How to Use a Tongue Scraper

Using a tongue scraper is easy and makes a big difference in oral health. Here’s how to get the most out of this simple practice:

  1. Find one that feels comfortable. They come in various materials like stainless steel, copper, and plastic.
  2. Stand in front of a well-lit mirror to see your tongue clearly.
  3. Open your mouth comfortably wide and extend your tongue as far as possible without strain.
  4. Place the scraper as far back on your tongue as you can without gagging. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, start in the middle and gradually work your way back.
  5. Apply gentle yet firm pressure and pull the scraper forward in one smooth motion. Rinse the scraper and your mouth after each scrape.
  6. Scrape 4 to 8 times to cover your whole tongue, rinsing the scraper between each pass.
  7. Wash your scraper with soap and warm water, then store it in a clean, dry place.

When it comes to frequency, scrape your tongue daily⁠—ideally in the morning. For severe bad breath, you may want to scrape after meals, too.

Tongue scraping is a great addition to your oral care routine but doesn’t replace brushing and flossing. Avoid pressing so hard that you irritate your tongue.

How Long Do Tongue Scrapers Last? 

The lifespan of your tongue scraper depends on what it’s made of:

  • Stainless Steel ⁠— These are your most durable option, lasting years if properly cleaned. You can sterilize them in the dishwasher or with boiling water.
  • Plastic ⁠— These are less durable and should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, like a toothbrush.

No matter what your scraper is made from, regular cleaning is essential for safe and effective use.

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful way to upgrade your oral hygiene, a tongue scraper is an excellent investment. By removing the buildup that causes bad breath and other oral health issues, tongue scraping offers benefits beyond fresher breath. It can even enhance your sense of taste.

With so many options, there’s a perfect tongue scraper for everyone. Consider your preferences for material, design, and special features like included travel cases.  By incorporating tongue scraping into your daily routine, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, healthier mouth⁠—and a more confident you.

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Last updated on April 26, 2024
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