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What Happened to Smilelove?

Smilelove used to offer comprehensive clear aligner treatment. However, in 2020 they ceased operations. Their website is still up, but you cannot order an impression kit or aligner treatment. Currently, they only offer:

  • “Whitening Kit with LED light” (on backorder)
  • “Refinement” (though it's unclear what this product is)
  • “Tray Spray” to clean aligners
  • “Retainers”

However, due to their track record of unfulfilled orders and customer complaints, no one is sure if they are currently fulfilling orders or not.

NewMouth does not recommend using Smilelove. 

Smilelove still appears to be out of business, with no clear plan of resuming business. They still have not refunded many of their customers’ unfulfilled orders. However, there are plenty of high-quality clear aligner companies on the market. We recommend using one of the top 5 best clear aligners of 2021.

Why Did Smilelove Go Out of Business?

Smilelove was founded in 2017. For the first couple of years, they experienced rapid growth and received generally positive reviews. They made a name for themselves by offering:

  • A Fast-Track Bundle which was an accelerated payment program that saved you $79 and cost a total of $1,895
  • An Impression Guarantee that gave you a full refund if you were not happy with the preview or the doctors decided you’re not a good fit for Smilelove aligners
  • Free Products, including a free teeth whitening kit and retainers after Smilelove treatment
  • US-Based Customer Service that took phone calls and helped reduce call-wait times
  • 100% Approval Financing so that anyone could get treatment (even if they had bad credit). They offered a one-time payment option or a 24-month payment plan (monthly payments were $66, plus a one-time deposit of $250)

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However, in the beginning of 2020, Smilelove fell on some hard times. They were forced to let go of the majority of their staff. This halted their ability to take phone calls or provide customer support. Then the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for them to fulfill existing orders. According to a blog post from May 2020:

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Smilelove began receiving negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau,, and other online platforms at the beginning of 2020. Then, in March, their customer service became non-existent. 

Is Smilelove Back in Business?

At the beginning of May 2020, Smilelove company posted a list of changes they were making to their business plan:

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However, none of these changes have been put in effect. Their website is still active, however, their clear aligner treatment plan is not available for purchase. Plus, the website has not been maintained; there are several broken links. The Better Business Bureaus status of Smilelove is: “BBB unable to locate business.”

Again, we do not recommend purchasing anything from Smilelove. It appears they are not taking new customers, and there is a strong possibility that any order you make will not be fulfilled. If you’re interested in clear aligners, read our review of the top clear aligner brands.

How Are They Handling Existing Customers?

It appears that it is still impossible to contact Smilelove. Many orders are still unfulfilled, and customers are still waiting for refunds. There have been no statements or communications from Smilelove regarding the progress on their “new business model.” This customer email from May 2020 shows that anyone waiting for a refund is unlikely to receive one:

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Smileloves Customer Reviews

There has been a slew of negative reviews and complaints filed about Smilelove over the past year and a half. Smilelove has not attempted to respond or resolve any of them. Here are some of the most recent Smilelove reviews:



On April 5, I purchased a retainer through the website. I went through orthodontic treatment with this company multiple years ago and needed a replacement. My order went through, my credit card was charged $99... and nothing. I have contacted them multiple times without reply, and I never even got an order confirmation. Now, I am in bad standing with my FSA for not even having a receipt for this transaction that I never received an item for in the first place. I need a refund.


I paid for everything upfront and got to the point of sending my impressions in. Then I never heard from them again. They took $1,800 from me and I would like this back. I have all the supporting documents of payment and confirmation from Smile Love. I would like my money back asap. It has been well over a year.



Finished the monthly payment plan in summer 2019. Sent impressions back two different times. Emailed company many times with no response. So I paid for aligners that I never received. I hope it isn't true that they are still accepting new patients while they ignore patients who paid in full. Would give zero stars if I could.


I placed an order with SmileLove on 12/3/2019 with monthly payments continuing until 8/2/2020 at which point I contacted the third party that SmileLove uses for payment installations and had them cancel the payments. Smilelove never completed their service to me and would not return any of my e-mails for several months. The payments are as follows - $429.50 - 12/3/2019 $54.81 - 1/3/20 $54.81 - 2/3/20 $54.81 - 3/5/20 $54.81 - 4/3/20 $54.81 - 5/3/20 $54.81 - 6/2/20 $54.81 - 7/2/20 $54.81 - 8/2/20 This totals $867.98. SmileLove has yet to reach out to tell me if the service I requested and paid for will be completed. I would like a full reimbursement and a cancellation of any and all services. No identification numbers were ever provided in regards to my account. My account has been terminated on their website for reasons never shared with me so I can not access billing documents.

As you can see, Smilelove has not responded to any current customer complaints, and they continue to pile up. It is best to steer clear of this company and choose an alternative home aligner company for your treatment. 

Best Smilelove Alternatives


Byte® has over 200 licensed doctors, dentists, and orthodontists throughout the United States in its dental network. These specialists oversee your entire treatment plan from start to finish.

Byte is specific about who undergoes their treatment. They only accept patients who are good candidates for clear aligners and teledentistry.

The HyperByte device has been shown to accelerate treatment. They also include free whitening treatment while using your aligners.

NewMouth recommends byte® because they work with an extensive network of board-certified dentists and orthodontists. Read our full review of byte aligners here.

Candid Co

Candid aligners are stain-resistant, durable, and BPA- and phthalate-free. They also come with a gentle teeth whitening formula that you can wear throughout the treatment process.

Candid Co. works with highly qualified orthodontists with 20+ years of experience in the teeth straightening industry. Additionally, the same doctor who designs your treatment plan will track your entire teeth straightening progress. This ensures your teeth are moving correctly and safely. 

NewMouth recommends at-home clear aligners if you have mild teeth misalignment. Find out if you're a candidate for clear aligners.

NewMouth recommends Candid because they only work with highly qualified, experienced orthodontists. Read our full review of Candid aligners here.


ALIGNERCO offers the cheapest invisible aligners on the market.

Treatment costs $1,145 to $1,345 (or $86 to $105 for 12 months with the payment plan). Other clear aligner competitors are more expensive ($1,800 to $2,400).

While more affordable, they are also a newer company with fewer reviews than byte and Candid. They also do not work directly with orthodontists and dentists, which can affect the quality of care.

To begin the teeth straightening process, the first step is to order an impression kit online. These kits are just $39.99.

ALIGNERCO is making a name by providing a reliable at-home aligner experience at a budget-friendly price. Read our full review of ALIGNERCO here.


  • NewMouth DOES NOT RECOMMEND purchasing any products from Smilelove
  • Smilelove does not appear to be in business, according to the BBB, the business cannot be located
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any existing customers are going to be refunded for unfulfilled orders

If you’re interested in clear aligner treatment, choose another home aligner company, or see an orthodontist for in-office treatment

What’s Next?

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Learn about the different brands and what they offer.


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