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2Usmiles Clear Aligners

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  • 2Usmiles offers invisible aligners that can help straighten your smile without in-office visits
  • People with mild to moderate misalignment can expect quick results from the treatment
  • 2Usmiles has both positive and negative reviews from clients
  • While 2Usmiles is promising, we still recommend more established brands to achieve their desired results

Clear aligners (invisible aligners) are an orthodontic treatment that’s more comfortable and convenient than metal braces. The trays fit over your teeth, gradually moving them into the correct alignment.

2Usmiles is a newer brand of at-home aligners, which means treatment is completed 100% remotely. The aligners are made of thin BPA and latex-free plastic. The material is also FDA-approved.

2Usmiles Clear Aligners

The aligners apply gentle pressure to specific points on your teeth. This pressure transfers to your tooth roots and jaw, gradually shifting the teeth into the correct position. These movements are applied in small increments.

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Do We Recommend 2Usmiles?

2Usmiles is new to the remote clear aligner industry. Customer reviews and feedback are currently limited.

For these reasons, we recommend more established brands like Byte or Invisalign. These companies have a strong track record for safe and reliable aligner treatment.

We’ll update the information on this page as 2Usmiles grows and becomes a more established brand.

How 2Usmiles Works

2Usmiles is an at-home aligner brand with a treatment time of 4 to 12 months, depending on the severity of your case. These are different from in-office aligners like Invisalign.

Similar to clear aligner brands like Byte, 2Usmiles treatment begins with ordering an impressions kit online.

At-home aligners are a cheaper, more convenient alternative to Invisalign and other in-office treatments. Everything is monitored remotely with direction from dental professionals.

Getting started with 2Usmiles is a straightforward process:

  1. Order an impression kit online ($9.95)
  2. Take the impressions yourself following the instructions (takes about 20 to 30 minutes)
  3. Mail them back using the prepaid label
  4. An orthodontist reviews your case
  5. If you’re not a candidate, you’ll receive a full refund for the impression kit
  6. If you’re a candidate, a digital treatment plan will be created
  7. Choose your aligner type (regular vs. night) and how you’ll pay (in full or payment plan)
  8. An orthodontist designs your treatment plan using a 3D model (showing each step)
  9. All of the aligners, instructions, and tools are mailed to your house at once
  10. Your treatment is monitored remotely via progress photos
  11. The orthodontist keeps track of your aligner journey from start to finish
  12. After treatment, a custom retainer is worn every night to keep your teeth straight

2USmiles Aligner Design Process

Once you’ve mailed your impressions back, 2Usmiles creates a computer model of your teeth. They use laser scanner technology to capture 3D data. This data is then used by the 2Usmiles team to craft custom sets of aligners for your treatment.

2USmiles Aligner Material

2Usmiles clear aligners are made from specially engineered plastic designed to produce extra tension for a more efficient treatment result. The aligners are BPA and latex-free and designed to bring durability and comfort while worn.

2Usmiles aligners have a wave-shaped texture caused by the thermoplastic process during their creation. This texture will decrease the transparency of your aligners and reduce the risk of bacteria buildup.

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2Usmiles Cost and Payment Plans

2Usmiles is one of the more affordable aligners available. They also offer a payment plan.


The All-Day Quick Effective Aligners cost $1,495. The Night Comfort Aligners cost $1,645. These treatments include three free whitening pens, which can use along with your aligners.

Once you complete your aligner treatment, you must wear retainers nightly. 2Usmiles retainers cost $95 for the upper and lower teeth.

Payment Plan

With the All-Day Quick Effective Aligners, you can opt to pay an initial downpayment of $399. You will then pay $104/month for 11 months.

The Night Comfort Aligners can be paid with an initial downpayment of $399. You will then pay $118 for 11 months.

Many oral health experts are concerned about the safety of night aligners. Learn why we don’t recommend them.

2Usmiles Guarantee

2Usmiles offers guarantees before, during, and after treatment. If you don’t qualify for their treatment after purchasing an impressions kit, you will get 100% of your money back.

During treatment, if your orthodontist believes you need additional aligners to achieve the promised results, 2Usmiles will provide them free of charge.

2Usmiles also offers a Lifetime Guarantee. If your teeth move out of alignment any time after treatment, they will offer to realign your teeth at no additional cost

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Who Is a Good Candidate for 2Usmiles?

2Usmiles can be a good option for you if you’re looking for the following:

Mild Teeth Misalignment Treatment

Clear aligners are suitable for people looking for mild teeth misalignment treatment. The aligners will apply gentle pressure to your teeth to slowly straighten them.

However, those with more severe conditions may need other treatments like braces or surgery.

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment

At-home aligners like 2Usmiles are a relatively affordable treatment. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve straighter teeth. Plus, various payment options help you fit the treatment into your budget.

Remote Treatment

Unlike other treatments like Invisalign or braces, you don’t have to visit an orthodontist in their office. Instead, you take your own impressions and mail them.

What’s great about 2Usmiles is that you’ll receive professional orthodontist oversight throughout the treatment. This ensures that you still achieve your desired results.

Aesthetic Improvement

If you want to improve your smile quickly, 2Usmiles is a good option. The treatment aims to deliver quick results, which means clients can expect to see changes within weeks.

Pros and Cons of 2Usmiles

After reviewing 2Usmiles aligners, here’s what we like and don’t like about the treatment:

What We Like

  • Convenient treatment (completely remote)
  • Affordable (however, it’s not always best to go with the cheaper option)
  • Easy-to-follow impression instructions 
  • Reasonable treatment time 
  • 100% refund on the impression kit if you aren’t a candidate
  • Will treat only the upper or lower arch if requested

What We Don’t Like

  • One of the newest aligner companies
  • Very little background about the brand online
  • Limited customer reviews and feedback (difficult to judge safety and efficacy)
  • Reviews on the site don’t include customer names (could be untrustworthy)
  • Night aligner option (we don’t recommend these — learn why). 

What Customers Are Saying

As part of our review process, we also reviewed what customers say about the brand. Here are 2Usmiles reviews from customers:

  • The aligners offer excellent outcomes for the clients, and they achieve their desired results
  • 2USmiles has a supportive and experienced orthodontics team that’s ready to answer your questions
  • Some customers feel like the aligners are too tight, making the treatment uncomfortable
  • Others have difficulty using the impression kits, which leads to a time-consuming process

2Usmiles Vs. Other Brands

Here’s how 2Usmiles compares to other brands of at-home aligners

BrandCostAligner OptionsTreatment Time
2Usmiles$1,495 to $1,645 All-Day & Night4 to 12 months
Byte$1,999 to $2,399All-Day & Night4 to 6 months
SmileDirectClub$2,050Standard4 to 6 months
NewSmile$1,495 – $1,595Fast Track & Night4 to 12 months
ALIGNERCO$945+Standard & Night4 to 6 months
Candid$3,300 (average)Standard4 to 12 months

Our Rating

2Usmiles are an affordable option for clear aligners. This is our overall rating after reviewing the aligners and comparing it with other similar products.


2Usmiles Clear Aligners

Rating by Alyssa Hill

Ease of Use
Cost and Value

2USmiles can be an effective treatment for mild to moderate misalignment. Since it’s a new product, there may be better clear aligner options for you.


Why Trust Us

As a trusted website for dental information and products, NewMouth’s team ensures that it provides honest and biased reviews. For this article, we did the following:

  • Spent hours researching the treatment process of various at-home clear aligner brands
  • Talked to various industry experts to know more about clear aligners
  • Compared 2Usmiles to other clear aligner companies on the market
  • Read various customer reviews and feedback to know their experience with 2Usmiles

What’s Next?

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