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Byte Review

Updated on June 20, 2022
Erica Anand
Written by Alyssa Hill
Medically Reviewed by Erica Anand

Byte Review Summary

Braces can take up to 24 months to straighten your teeth. Byte aligners are a convenient solution for minor misalignment. Byte's average initial treatment plans only take 4 to 6 months (excluding adjustments).

  • Byte's All-Day Aligners are worn for 22 hours a day. They cost $1,895.
  • Byte's At-Night Aligners are worn for 10 hours a night. They cost $2,295.
  • Byte is known for its quick treatment time (4-6 months).
  • A HyperByte® device is included in every purchase. This is a dental movement acceleration device that reduces treatment time.
  • Byte can treat minor to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. We recommend them for minor cases.
  • The only way to start treatment is by ordering an impression kit online. There is no in-person option.
  • After reviewing your teeth impressions, a customized treatment will be created using Byte's SmileScience system. Each treatment plan is approved by a licensed dentist.
  • We recommend Byte All-Day Aligners over the At-Night Aligners. Learn why.

Byte Aligners For Less Than Invisalign 

Byte® is a brand of at-home clear aligners, also called invisible braces. Aligners are a removable, convenient, and transparent alternative to traditional metal braces.

At-home aligners like Byte are monitored remotely. This means you never have to visit an orthodontist's office for progress scans throughout the treatment process.

Unlike metal braces with brackets and wires, Byte aligners are barely visible when in your mouth. They can also be removed at any time, making it easier to eat and brush your teeth.

Byte stands out in the at-home aligner industry because of its quick treatment time. This is made possible with the HyperByte — Byte’s very own HFV device that’s included in every treatment plan.

Byte Aligners Individual 2F
NewMouth / Alyssa Hill

HFV stands for high-frequency vibrations. It uses soft micro pulses that transmit through the roots of teeth to the surrounding bone. The gentle vibration has been shown to reduce discomfort and help set the aligners. This results in quicker tooth movement and faster treatment times. 

Read our article comparing the positives and negatives of the HyperByte and similar vibration-based aligner therapies. We also talk about the risks of moving teeth too fast.  

Pros & Cons of Byte Aligners

Are byte aligners right for you? Compare the pros and cons:


  • No in-office visits
  • Remote treatment
  • Impression kit refunds to eligible candidates
  • Support available seven days a week
  • Free online assessment
  • Payment plans available
  • Aligner-safe whitening foam (BrightByte) included 
  • Free retainer included
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Quick treatment and night aligner option (NewMouth is concerned about the risks of night aligners and moving teeth fast — learn why)
  • Can only treat minor to moderate cases of teeth misalignment
  • Less predictable treatment results without in-office visits
  • Less tooth contact accuracy than braces
  • Easier to misplace 
  • A lisp can develop when the aligners are in your mouth
Byte Aligners Individual 1F
NewMouth / Alyssa Hill

How Byte Works (& Steps to Get Started)

You can get started with Byte in a few simple steps: 

1. Byte Impression Kit

The first step is to order an impression kit on Byte's website. Unlike Invisalign, Byte treatment is completed 100% remotely.

The kit should arrive within a week. Once you receive it, take the teeth impressions using the impression tray, smile stretcher, and putty.

The impressions should be sent back to Byte within 3 days of receiving the kit (using the return shipping box provided). Shipping is free. 

If you are not a candidate for Byte aligners, you will get a full refund for the impression kit. If you are a candidate, there is no obligation to purchase the aligners.

How to Take Impressions of Your Teeth

Byte's starter kit includes a detailed pamphlet with step-by-step instructions. Follow the directions carefully.

The process is relatively simple and takes about 20 minutes. It consists of the following steps:

After you take the first impression, repeat these steps four times. There are two top and two bottom impressions total.

Then, place all of the impressions back into the impression tray box. Seal the box in the pre-paid envelope and mail it back.

Side note: refrain from touching the impression putty when removing and afterward. This can alter the impressions. Also, you may experience some palate discomfort while using the impression trays.

If you don't have time to mail back your impressions, schedule an at-home USPS pick-up.

2. Aligners & Remote Monitoring

After reviewing your teeth impressions, a customized treatment plan is created using Byte's SmileScience system.

Social 6 Clear Aligner Treatment Plan
sample 3d treatment of bottom teeth
top 3d scan of byte
sample 3d treatment of top teeth

The SmileScience system was created by Dr. Jon Marashi, a cosmetic dentist in Hollywood. It incorporates aesthetic precision using five points of analysis, which helps determine the best tooth placement for your unique facial structure. The result is a digital 3D model that shows what your smile might look like from start to finish.

After you and a licensed dentist approve the 3D treatment plan, Byte will deliver all of the aligners (with step-by-step instructions) straight to your door. These aligners will move your teeth a little at a time. After one set of aligners is worn for a week or two, you’ll move on to the next set. This cycle continues until your new smile is achieved. 

As a Byte customer, you’ll also receive the HyperByte®, an FDA-cleared dental movement acceleration device. This device may help move teeth faster when used with your aligners for 5 minutes per day.

Read our article comparing the positives and negatives of the HyperByte and similar vibration-based aligner therapies.

3. BrightByte Whitening Treatment

If you're going to be wearing aligners for 22+ hours a day, why not whiten your teeth as well?

Byte includes a BrightByte system with every treatment plan. It is a 3-in-1 foam cleanser, whitener, and breath freshener.


To use the BrightByte whitening treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Brush your teeth to make sure they are clean
  2. Apply a pump of BrightByte foam into your aligner or retainer trays
  3. Spread the foam evenly to cover the inside of the aligners
  4. Put the aligners over your teeth and go about your day

4. Retainers & Aftercare

After treatment, you will receive a custom-made retainer that ensures your teeth stay in place.

Your first set of retainers is included in the total treatment cost. The retainers are made for comfortable overnight wear. They also include a teeth whitening foam (BrightByte) and carrying case.

How Long Does Byte Treatment Take?

Braces can take up to 24 months to straighten your teeth, while Invisalign takes between 12 and 18 months. Byte treatment typically takes 4 to 6 months.

Byte recommends that you send in photo updates at least once per month. How long you wear each set of aligners depends on your unique treatment plan.

The treatment length will vary depending on the type of Byte aligner you choose:

  • All-Day Aligners — these aligners are worn for 22 hours a day. The average initial treatment plan for Byte's All-Day Aligners is 4 months, excluding any adjustments. They cost $1,895.
  • At-Night Aligners — these aligners straighten your teeth while you sleep, and are worn for 10+ hours a day. The average initial treatment plan for Byte’s At-Night Aligners is 5 to 6 months, excluding any adjustments. They cost $2,295.

If your new smile moves out of alignment during treatment, Byte will help get it back for free.

Byte Aligners Individual 3F
NewMouth / Alyssa Hill

Byte All-Day Aligners vs. At-Night Aligners

Although night aligners may be convenient, NewMouth does not recommend them over traditional aligners. Many oral health experts are concerned about their safety and effectiveness.

In fact, there is no scientific proof that night aligners are safe. They may actually do more harm to your teeth than good.9 From a clinical perspective, there are also concerns about what could go wrong if aligners are only worn for a few hours each day (less than 20 to 22 hours).9, 10

Every additional hour that you are not wearing the aligners increases the likelihood of your teeth shifting in an undesired direction.9, 10

In addition, without a longer and more consistent wear schedule, your teeth can be left in a limbo state of inflammation. This means it would take your teeth and gums much longer to heal, if at all.9

Other side effects and risks of night aligners include:

  • More discomfort. When you start a new aligner set, you may experience some discomfort for a few days. This is completely normal. If you leave your aligners out for more than a few hours, the discomfort will last longer. This is because your teeth can revert back to their original position.
  • Longer treatment duration. Night aligner treatment is less predictable. Failing to comply with the 20- to 22-hour rule can result in revised treatment timelines.

Are Byte Aligners Safe?

Clear aligners have been around for more than 20 years. With advancements in 3D modeling, video conferencing technology, and digital cameras, creating an at-home clear aligner treatment plan is safer and more effective than ever. 

However, it is important to remember that not everyone is eligible for clear aligners. For example, if you have:

  • Jaw issues or severely misaligned teeth
  • Gum disease, cavities, or other oral health conditions that need to be treated first
  • A permanent retainer from previous orthodontic treatment
  • Dental restorations, such as dentures, dental implants, or a dental bridge

What Research Says About At-Home Aligners

While at-home aligner treatment comes with risks, current research shows that they are generally low for mild and moderate malocclusions.

More specifically, at-home aligner treatment is generally considered safe and effective if you follow instructions very carefully throughout treatment.

Byte Aligners Individual 4F
NewMouth / Alyssa Hill

According to one study, 87.5% of respondents were satisfied with their at-home aligner treatment, while 6.6% had to visit their dentist after treatment due to adverse effects.8

Since at-home aligner treatment is still relatively new, more research is still being done on the risks and benefits of treatment. But most patients are satisfied with the results and prefer these aligners over traditional treatment due to cost and convenience.8

Keep in mind that direct-to-consumer clear aligners are monitored remotely. There is a slightly higher risk for complications to occur. Orthodontic treatment is less predictable without in-person office visits.

Byte vs. Other Aligners

If you're not sure which at-home aligner brand is best for you, read the comparisons below:

Byte vs. Invisalign

Invisalign is the most established in-office aligner brand. These FDA-approved aligners stand out in the industry because they are made of a patented thermoplastic material (called SmartTrack®). Invisalign claims this material is more comfortable, accurate, and discreet. 

Invisalign treatment is monitored in person. Your dental office acts as the ‘middleman,’ which means you’ll receive a higher standard of care. However, this also means the aligners will be more expensive than at-home options. 

With Byte, your progress is tracked via virtual scans. These appointments are completely remote and flexible. You will never visit a specialist in person. 

In-office aligners like Invisalign are recommended for patients who have complex cases of teeth misalignment. We only recommend Byte for minor cases.

Invisalign typically costs anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000. This does not include the cost of the retainers that keep your teeth straight after treatment. Byte costs significantly less (under $2,300).

Byte vs. Candid

Candid costs more than Byte ($1,895 for daytime aligners). 

The reason for this is Candid treatment is more in-depth. There are mandatory in-office visits at the beginning and end of treatment. This helps reduce the chance for errors. 

Candid aligners also treat all the teeth in either the top or bottom arches, which is known as full arch treatment

Byte is known for having strong customer service and fast treatment times (4 to 6 months), but its onboarding process isn’t as detailed. It also doesn’t move all of your teeth — just the first six teeth visible when you smile (the Social 6). 

Candid treatment takes between 4 and 12 months, and they don’t offer a night aligner option for safety reasons.

Byte vs. SmileDirectClub

Byte's “All-Day Aligners” ($1,895) cost less than SmileDirectClub aligners ($1,950). Byte's "At-Night Aligners" cost $2,245, which is more than SDC's night aligners.

The average treatment time for SmileDirect is 4 to 6 months, while Byte typically takes between 4 and 5 months. Excluding adjustments (results vary).


ALIGNERCO is the most affordable at-home aligner on the market ($1,145 vs. $1,895 to $2,245 for Byte).

Although cost-effective, ALIGNERCO treatment takes longer than Byte. The average treatment time is between 8 and 12 months. Byte’s average initial treatment plans are between 4 and 5 months (excluding any adjustments).

How Much Are Byte Aligners?

Byte aligners cost between $1,895 and $2,295. The impression kit costs an additional $95. This covers all of the clear aligners, one set of retainers, and remote monitoring.

You can also pay for treatment with affirm or a bytepay™ monthly payment plan.

All-Day Aligners

Total cost: $1,895

$82/mo for 32 months
$249 down payment
100% approval with no credit impact

At-Night Aligners

Total cost: $2,295

$99/mo for 32 months
$299 down payment
100% approval with no credit impact

Disclaimer: NewMouth is concerned about the risks of night aligners — learn why here.

Does Byte Accept Insurance?

Byte aligners may be covered by insurance if your plan provides orthodontic benefits. You will be reimbursed directly from your insurance company. 

Byte can provide you with the forms you need to file the claim with your insurance company. However, they will not accept direct payments from your provider. Visit to see if you qualify. 

You can also use your HSA or FSA to pay for the impression kit, aligner system, HyperByte, and retainers.

What Are Customers Saying?

The NewMouth team compiled reviews about Byte from three websites. We found over 6,000 customer reviews in total. Most of the reviews are positive, while a small percentage of them are negative or somewhere in the middle.

Most of the positive reviews about byte revolve around ease of use, quick treatment time, and overall value for the money.

I love Byte! Any questions I have are a quick text or email away. I don’t have to check in with a doctor every week, just online or in a message. There’s an assistant if you need it anytime. Retainers are really easy to switch out as long as you are wearing them 24/7.

ConsumerAffairs reviewer

It works. 11 weeks in and exceeding my expectations. I would recommend to anyone wanting to address teeth and smile without the inconvenience of braces.

byte reviewer

Most of the negative reviews about byte pertain to the refund policy, insurance coverage, and problems with shipping.

Order not shipped by the promised date. No updates on processing. 

BBB complaint

Byte guarantee not being honored because my box was missing some informational paperwork that said to save my aligners.

BBB complaint

Byte Aligners

At-home aligners like Byte are monitored remotely. This means you never have to visit an orthodontist for progress scans throughout the treatment process.

Alyssa Hill

byte logo
Overall Value
Treatment Time
Customer Service


Byte stands out in the at-home aligner industry because of its quick treatment time. This is made possible with the HyperByte — Byte’s very own HFV device that’s included in every treatment plan.

HFV stands for high-frequency vibrations. It uses soft micro pulses that transmit through the roots of teeth to the surrounding bone. The gentle vibration has been shown to reduce discomfort and help set the aligners. This results in quicker tooth movement and faster treatment times. 

  • Doctor-prescribed
  • 100% remote treatment
  • Easy-to-use and affordable starter kit
  • Premium whitening treatment
  • Retainer included for FREE
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 100% approval for financing
  • Support available 7 days a week
  • Insurance and HSA/FSA accepted
  • Not orthodontist-directed (a dentist can also oversee treatment — they are not all tooth straightening experts)
  • Higher risk for complications than braces and in-office aligners

Limited Time Sale: 70% off Impression Kit, $100 off Aligners + Free BrightByte Whitening Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

Invisalign is the most well-known clear aligner brand. Treatment is monitored in person by a dentist or orthodontist, which means it is safer than at-home clear aligner treatment. Byte treatment is monitored remotely.

How often do you change Byte aligners?

With daily HyperByte use, you'll change your Byte aligners every week (with direction from your orthodontist). Remote checkups will occur every two weeks.

Can you use HyperByte more than once a day?

You should only use your HyperByte for 5 minutes a day.

Does Byte offer night-only aligners?

Yes, Byte offers a premium aligner system that allows you to straighten your teeth while you sleep. You'll wear the aligners for a minimum of 10 hours a day (paired with 5 minutes of the HyperByte).

  • NewMouth is concerned about the risks of night aligners. Learn why here.
  • Are Byte aligners right for me?

    If you have mild to moderate teeth misalignment (like crowding, spacing, or tooth rotation), Byte may be an excellent option for you.

    How long does treatment take?

    Byte’s average initial treatment plans for daytime aligners are just 4 months and only 5 months for the night aligners (excluding any adjustments).

    What is the minimum age requirement for Byte?

    Byte's aligners treat patients who are 12 and older. If you are under 18, you'll need a legal guardian's consent.

    Can I straighten my teeth with Byte if I have a dental implant?

    It may be possible. A licensed dentist at Byte will take a look at your impressions to know for sure. If you’re not a candidate, you'll get a refund for the impression kit.

    Should I wear aligners if I'm pregnant?

    Byte recommends waiting until you're not pregnant to begin treatment. Aligner treatment can be uncomfortable.

    What’s Next?

    The most popular at-home clear aligner kits can be found right here:

    Learn about the different brands and what they offer.

    Last updated on June 20, 2022
    10 Sources Cited
    Last updated on June 20, 2022
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