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Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips Review (2024)

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Do Zimba Whitening Strips Work As Promised?

Zimba promises to give you the “brightest smile in just 14 days” with its teeth whitening strips. After testing them and reviewing thousands of customer feedback, I found that they work for most people, including me.

Then again, I’ve also seen users who didn’t get the results they wanted or expected. And there’s no telling if the strips will work on you or not. You simply have to try them out and see if they’ll lighten your teeth.

I took the risk and bought Zimba’s strips because I liked their variety of flavors—more than any other teeth whitening product I’ve tried. But if you’re still unsure, this article can help you decide whether it’s the right choice.

zimba whitening strips

I’ll discuss the product’s pros and cons based on my personal experience and where to buy it. NewMouth’s team of researchers and dental professionals also helped me investigate the safety of its ingredients and what people say about it (good and bad).

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Pros & Cons of Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips

Here’s my honest assessment of the strips:

What I Like About Zimba Strips

  • My teeth look whiter. I was happy to see results after just a few days. If you’re conscious about your smile, it can boost your confidence.
  • Great value for money. I didn’t expect much for the cost, but these strips delivered and didn’t give me tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.
  • Simple and practical treatment. The strips stick on pretty well and won’t move around. I can go about my day while they whiten my teeth.
  • Tons of flavor options. I went with the mint, and it tasted good. It didn’t have a weird aftertaste, so I’m excited to try other flavors.
  • Huge plus for those who want cruelty-free and vegan products. You can whiten your teeth and feel good about your choice.

What I Don’t Like About Zimba Strips

  • Mixed results. Some users reported uneven whitening, temporary effects, and underwhelming results that didn’t meet their expectations.
  • Some people say it made their teeth or gums hurt. Most users seemed fine with the product, but I did see reviews of folks who had these issues.
  • Strips stick too well. They can be tough to remove and leave a gel residue on your teeth. It’s not a huge deal, but the treatment experience could be smoother.
  • Flavor inconsistencies. While many users enjoyed the variety of flavors, others found certain options (like coconut and strawberry) unpleasant.

My Experience Using Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips

I bought a box with 28 strips (enough to last me 14 days) but didn’t need the full treatment. So instead of using it for two weeks, I decided to try it for a few days and see how far that would take me.

Before & After Results

Whenever I’m about to test a new product, I stop using teeth whiteners for a few months and wait for my “pearly whites” to turn slightly yellowish. That way, I can see if there are any benefits to using it.

I had light yellow teeth when I started using Zimba’s whitening strips. I tested them for 5 days and would keep them on for 30 minutes at a time.

The results: My teeth were instantly brighter after the first treatment but it went away the day after. It wasn’t until the third day that my teeth started settling in and the results became more permanent. 

On the fifth day, my teeth were a shade lighter than when I started. The change wasn’t dramatic, but this was expected since I didn’t have dark teeth stains or severe yellowing to begin with.

Sensitivity & Other Side Effects

I never had any side effects throughout my treatment. You can prevent them by following the instructions that come with your strips.

Avoid using the strips more frequently and for longer than 30 minutes with each treatment. When applying them, make sure they don’t touch your gum line.

If you experience tooth sensitivity, Zimba recommends pausing your treatment and contacting them for instructions on what to do next.1

Taste & Ease of Use

The strips were easy to apply. However, your hands and teeth need to be dry when applying them. I dried them separately using two hand towels.

I got mint-flavored strips, which had a mild and natural taste (not overpowering). But you can choose from other flavors as well, namely:

  • Coconut
  • Mint
  • Peach
  • Peppermint
  • Strawberry
  • Spearmint
  • Watermelon

I liked that the strips remained on my teeth throughout my 30-minute treatments, but maybe Zimba did too well in this department. 

Removing the strips was much harder than applying them. I had to swish warm water around my mouth to loosen them before peeling them off.

How Safe Are Zimba’s Whitening Ingredients?

Zimba’s whitening strips are labeled “enamel-safe” and gentle on the gums. Adverse effects like gum irritation or enamel damage are unlikely to happen.

I got help from NewMouth’s in-house dentists to assess the safety of its ingredients. Here are our key findings:

  • The strips contain hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient dentists use for in-office teeth whitening. Zimba doesn’t say how much there is but at-home kits usually contain safe levels and only cause temporary sensitivity.1,2,3
  • Zimba uses polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP-K30), so the strips stick to your teeth. The adhesive lengthens your teeth’s exposure to the active ingredient and its whitening effects, leading to better results. PVP is safe to use on oral care products, but it can irritate your skin or eyes with contact.4,5,6

What Customers Say About Zimba’s Teeth Strips

Zimba’s teeth whitening strips garnered 4.3 out of 5⭐ from over 15,400+ customer reviews on Amazon. I partnered with NewMouth’s research team to analyze these reviews and uncover key user experiences.

Positive Reviews on Zimba Whitening Strips

Reviewers often rave about the product’s fast and effective results. As a result, many of them keep buying more to maintain their smile:

“I’m an avid coffee drinker and so my teeth get a little bit yellow. I’m pretty shocked at how well these worked. I only used one for 30 minutes. I got them today, put them in, took a shower (so I’m not waiting around wanting to eat and drink) and they lightened my teeth in one use.”

“This is my third time buying them. I usually do a full pack of them every couple of months for a whitening boost. By the third or fourth day, I can tell a difference with my teeth.”

“I’ve been using these whitening strips for approximately two months and I am so pleased with the results! My teeth are super white now and I get compliments on them all the time!”

The whitening strips seem to cause little to no sensitivity for most people:

“I have very sensitive teeth, so I was very worried about that. These definitely seem to be whitening my teeth and without sensitivity.”

“Even after two weeks of using these, and often leaving them on longer than 30 minutes, I haven’t had a single issue eating even very hot or very cold foods.”

“I have always hesitated to use whitening strips as they always gave me some tooth sensitivity that I didn’t normally experience. I am experiencing some tooth sensitivity with Zimba the day after I use them, but it is not nearly as bad as some other brands. I typically take a couple of days in between using the strips to help with this issue and I’m still getting some great results.”

Many users think it tastes great in different flavors and that it doesn’t leave an unusual aftertaste:

“The flavor is pretty tasty. I got coconut and the flavor is better than I expected.”

“The mint flavor is very mild and there’s no heavy aftertaste in my mouth.” 

“I was surprised to find that the peach is in fact a really pleasant peachy taste. Not in an overwhelming fake candy flavor way either, but more like the essence of peach—the La Croix of white strips if you will.”

When applied correctly, Zimba’s whitening strips stick to your teeth—something that a lot of customers appreciate:

“They definitely stick well to the teeth. I had to swish my mouth with warm water to loosen the strips. Love these!”

“They’re great in that they don’t slide around on your teeth. Once you stick them on, they’re not going anywhere.”

Negative Reviews on Zimba Whitening Strips

Not everyone is happy with the strips. Few people complain of ineffective or temporary results, uneven whitening, and blotching on their teeth:

“After the first use, I realized that my teeth were not evenly whitened. I could definitely tell a difference, but the whiteness stopped at my hard-to-reach areas and gave my teeth a dry and uneven look.”

“I’m on day 6 and haven’t noticed a difference. The only time I see anything really noticeable is right after whitening when I have a couple of bright white spots on my teeth that fade back to normal after an hour or two.”

“Unfortunately these did not work for me. I used them every day for 14 days and kept them on for about 45 minutes each day. They were easy to use but just didn’t actually whiten my teeth, which was super disappointing.”

Several customers, including those who don’t normally have sensitive teeth, developed sensitivity, gum irritation, and sores while using the strips.

“My teeth are not sensitive, but these strips have made them sensitive.”

“I used this product for about a week and a half. I couldn’t complete the rest of the second week because it started to make my teeth sensitive.”

“I noticed a slight difference after day 4 but didn’t get to use the strips for the full two weeks due to gum irritation and tiny canker sores after a couple of days. I thought the gum irritation was from brushing, but they are definitely from the whitening strips.”

People seem to have mixed opinions of its taste. While others like them, some don’t enjoy certain flavors or their aftertaste:

“The taste was really bad and was not comfortable to leave in my mouth.”

“Whatever you do, don’t get the strawberry. It tastes so bad. Not like a fruit at all. I was just trying to save a dollar or two and bought it. Big mistake.”

“I could not get through the box as the flavor made me nauseous even though I love coconut! I was spitting out the taste the whole time I wore it and realized I need to try the other flavor.”

Where To Buy Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips

You can purchase Zimba’s teeth whitening strips online for these prices:

The strips are also sold in other US stores including Sprouts Farmers Market, H.E.B. (if you live in Texas), and Erewhon.

Zimba offers the best prices on its site: Subscribers get 20% off the strips. Buying bundles of 2 or 3 boxes will also save you anywhere from $2.40 to $7 in total and reduce the cost to $1.37 to $1.54 per treatment.

Final Thoughts on Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips

Based on my experience and extensive customer feedback, Zimba’s teeth whitening strips offer satisfactory results. They provide visible whitening with little to no tooth sensitivity and have gotten positive reviews for their taste, ease of use, and ability to stick to your teeth.

However, not everyone who used these strips got what they wanted. If you have stubborn teeth stains or sensitivity issues, you should talk to your dentist and discuss your other options. Below are some of them:

  • For professional treatments ⁠— Ask your dentist about in-office teeth whitening. They’re more expensive but highly effective.
  • For sensitivity issues ⁠— HiSmile’s PAP+ Whitening Strips are great if you’re sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, as they don’t have any of this ingredient.
  • For strips and LED light combo ⁠— Give ARC’s teeth whitening kit a try. Its unique system is convenient and lightens teeth in a short time.

Last updated on April 30, 2024
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Last updated on April 30, 2024
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