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Arc Teeth Whitening Kit Review (2024)

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Is Arc’s Teeth Whitening Kit Worth The Cost?

Arc’s blue light whitening kit is worth the investment if you value results and convenience over cost. As long as you find the best deals, it won’t be much of a problem—you can reduce its prices to about $2.50 per treatment.

However, if you’re unsure about spending $35 to $50 on the kit, you’ll want to read my review before deciding. I tested the product to find out if Arc lives up to its claims of giving me whiter teeth in just one week.

Like our other writers, I was backed by Newmouth’s team. They helped me:

  • Research the safety and effectiveness of its ingredients
  • Investigate its pros and cons based on hundreds of reviews

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Pros & Cons of Arc Blue Light Whitening Kit

I’ve tried this product, and here’s what I (and others) think about it:

What I Like About Arc Whitening Kit

  • It works. I saw a difference in my smile after using the kit a few times. Many people who tried the kit were also happy with their results.
  • No fuss treatment. I could just slap the strips on for 30 minutes and continue with whatever it is I’m doing. They stick well too.
  • LED mouthpiece is handy. I liked that it was wireless (didn’t get in the way), comfortable to wear and that I only needed to use it for 5 minutes at a time.
  • Results seem to last. My teeth stayed brighter for a couple of weeks, so I didn’t have to repeat the treatment as often.

What I Don’t Like About Arc Whitening Kit

  • Inconsistent whitening. While it worked for a lot of customers, others weren’t so lucky and said it didn’t work or give them dramatic results.
  • Causes sensitivity or irritation. While most people said it was gentle, few users (including me) experienced sensitive teeth and/or irritated gums.
  • Long-term costs can add up. The blue light device has limited use. You would have to repurchase the whole kit once its batteries die out.
  • Not very eco-friendly. While you can return the device to Arc for recycling, its disposable mouthpiece only adds to the waste.

My Experience Using The Arc Whitening Kit

The kit is designed to last for 14 treatments. Since Arc claims to whiten teeth within one week, I committed to a one-week treatment to see what it would do for my smile.

For the next 7 days, I applied the strips and kept them on for 25 minutes. Then I would use the blue light device for 5 minutes.

Before & After Results

I had slightly yellowish teeth before the treatment. It wasn’t bad but definitely needed improvement since I stopped using teeth whiteners for about a year before learning about Arc’s blue light kit.

I started noticing whitening effects on day five when my teeth became lighter. By day seven, my teeth were closer to the shade I wanted. Overall, I was impressed with the results and how fast it brightened my smile.

Sensitivity & Other Side Effects

I didn’t get sensitivity from using Arc’s kit—but I’m not usually sensitive to teeth whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide, so it isn’t new.

However, the strips irritated my gums if I didn’t place them properly over my teeth. Make sure not to place the strips on your gums so you can avoid this.

To prevent sensitivity and irritation: If you want to brush your teeth, only do it after the treatment (not before). Use a soft toothbrush and be gentle. 

If you develop gum discomfort or sensitive teeth, stop using the kit for at least 2 to 3 days before you continue with the treatment.

You can only use Arc’s whitening kit once a day. Don’t wear the strips for more than 30 minutes or use the LED mouthpiece for more than 5 minutes.

Comfort & Ease of Use

I’ve tried other teeth whitening kits before and this was my first time seeing strips being used with an LED device instead of gel or a whitening pen.

This unique system is practical IMHO. Applying the strips is simple and won’t leave a mess (which is usually the case with regular whitening kits).

The mouthpiece fits my mouth comfortably and didn’t have any wire attached to it. This, plus the fact that I only had to use it for 5 minutes with each treatment, made it easier to stick to my routine while whitening my teeth.

Once switched on, the device conveniently turns off after 5 minutes.

Long-Term Costs

There’s one downside to Arc’s whitening system, and it’s the blue light mouthpiece. While most kits offer reusable devices, the brand opted for a disposable model.

According to their FAQs, you can only use it for up to 28 treatments—that is, 1 full kit plus 2 refills of teeth whitening strips. When its light no longer turns on, this means its batteries have run out and you have to replace it.

Unfortunately, Arc doesn’t sell their mouthpiece separately. You’ll have to purchase the kit again. Without a subscription model or discounts for repeat customers or people who return their devices for recycling, it’s a bit pricey.

Here’s a breakdown of the prices and why I think Arc is expensive:

  • Arc’s teeth whitening strips cost $2.84 per treatment
  • With the device, this goes up to $3.21 per treatment

Although cheaper than in-office teeth whitening, there are more affordable at-home solutions that come down to under $2 per treatment.That said, you can buy the kit for $35 and reduce the cost of teeth whitening to $2.50 per treatment if you know where to find the best deals.

ARC Cost & Where to Buy

How Safe Is Arc Teeth Whitening Kit?

Seeing how effective Arc was, my next move was to assess the kit’s safety. Overall, it should be safe to use as long as you follow safety precautions. 

You can read more about them on Smart Label but here are some key facts:

  • You have to be 18 years or older to use Arc’s teeth whitening kit
  • You shouldn’t use the device if it malfunctions or gets damaged
  • You shouldn’t use the kit or discontinue use if you have gum irritation
  • You shouldn’t eat, smoke, sleep, or drink while wearing the strips
  • You should avoid skin contact when applying the strips to prevent irritation
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after applying the strips

The strips included with the kit contain hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent that dentists use to whiten teeth during in-office treatments.1,2,3

Arc doesn’t say which percentage of hydrogen peroxide they’re using. It may be higher than the American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommended 10% limit for at-home use.1,3

Higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are more effective but they can irritate your gums, trigger sensitive teeth, and damage the tooth enamel.2,4

Arc’s teeth whitening strips also contain ingredients that pose a few risks. Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) can cause tooth sensitivity while acrylate copolymer can irritate your eyes and skin if it comes into contact.5

Does this make Arc unsafe? Not necessarily. A lot of people including myself only developed mild sensitivity with the product. The discomfort usually went away after the treatment or correct use of the product, so it was nothing serious.

Just watch out for side effects when using the kit. If you get the zingers or your gums get irritated, take a few days off before resuming your treatment.

What Customers Say About Arc Whitening Kit

Arc’s Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit has more than 1,600+ reviews on Amazon and the company’s website. I got help from our NewMouth team to evaluate these reviews and identify common user experiences.

Positive Feedback on Arc Whitening Kit

The kit delivers noticeable teeth whitening, usually within a few uses: 

“After about 3 to 4 uses, I really started to notice a difference. My teeth got brighter and the spots that were naturally on my teeth evened out.”

“I can’t recommend the ARC Blue Teeth Whitening Kit enough! I have tried all the whitening products out there to match my bottom natural teeth to my upper veneers and nothing has worked quite like this. It was super easy to follow and I noticed results in three days. Literally, three days!”

“I’ve always struggled with yellow teeth due to medications. I was desperate to try something, so I bought this a while back and only used 6 of the strips. I noticed a difference after just 3 uses. It wasn’t anything super noticeable. I had super yellow teeth so I could see them getting whiter and whiter. By the 6th use, I achieved a brighter smile which I was happy with, so I kind of stopped using them.”

Based on reports, most people who used Arc’s teeth whitening kit experienced minimal or no sensitivity:

“I’ve used teeth whitening products in the past and they hurt and made my teeth so sensitive. This was awesome didn’t hurt at all. I love it!”

“I’ve always had teeth sensitivity and been weary of whitening and the pain that can be associated with it. However, ARC strips worked great and caused no sensitivity!”

“I have left it on for longer than recommended and I did get tooth sensitivity. However, if you use it as directed for 30 minutes, you will not get sensitivity.”

Many customers appreciate its simple and convenient treatment process:

“Over the years, I’ve tried various at-home tooth whitening tools—paint-on gels, adhesive strips—with varying degrees of success (whitening) and ease of use (application method). After tying this ARC whitening strip and blue light combo system, I would rank it among the best at-home solutions. The product is not messy or overly complicated and the strips are easy to apply to the teeth.”

“Extremely easy and convenient application. It only takes a few seconds to get the strips in place and begin the whitening process. I really like the fact that I can work on my computer or do something else simultaneously, so it doesn’t feel like I have to dedicate a portion of my day to do the application.”

“The ARC Smile system is so easy to use and fits seamlessly into my existing beauty routine. I’ve used other whitening products, and they either take too long or have too many overwhelming pieces and parts. Plus, 30 minutes really is the sweet spot in terms of timing. I use it while I’m winding down for bed.”

Users are also happy with how well its strips stick to their teeth:

“I have used other teeth whitening strips, and it’s tough to find ones that stick to your teeth really well. ARC’s whitening strips have such a great grip! They stay put for all 30 minutes.”

“The strips are easy to apply. I didn’t experience any problems with slippage. The strips stayed in place well throughout the entire whitening process.”

“What I love most is that the strips are very sticky and adhere well to your teeth. They stay in place really well instead of getting slimy and sliding around.”

Negative Feedback on Arc Whitening Kit

Not everyone who used the kit got dramatic results:

“It did lighten my teeth, maybe about a shade. I was hoping for around 2 shades so I’m not very impressed with my 2 week commitment.”

“Between week 1 and week 4, using this kit once a week, I have not noticed much with whitening my teeth at all. They have lightened slightly. But really, it’s not enough that someone would ever notice, and I only noticed from examining closely before and after photos I took.”

“Different results for different folks and the only way to know is to buy and try. In my case, I did not get the sparkling whites of a movie star, not even “white”, but the coffee and wine stains are gone and I’m satisfied with that. Still, only 3 stars because it’s just OK, but your mileage may vary.”

Few users experienced sensitivity and gum irritation, although it would sometimes disappear within days, with proper use of the product, or by using it less often:

“I used this once and my teeth became super sensitive! For the whole day after using it, my teeth would tingle. The most annoying thing ever!”

“I took 2 days off after the first 2 applications because of sensitivity. After that, I used them all consecutively until I was done and during that time I hardly had any sensitivity issues.”

“From day one, my gums did become really sensitive, both to touch and feel. This is normal for me, I have high hypersensitivity to peroxide. These strips triggered that sensitivity, which is why I’m only able to use them once a week. Usually, after each treatment, drinking cold or hot drinks feels a bit weird, and touching my gums, especially directly in the front of my mouth, was slightly painful. Not badly, but definitely uncomfortable.”

Some customers aren’t happy with the blue light included with the kit:

“The blue light in this kit seems to only work intermittently. It doesn’t stay on for more than about 10 minutes at a time.”

“It started out good, I used about 4 treatment strips before my blue light stopped working. I’m assuming the battery died, but this was my first time using this product. There’s no way to charge or change the batteries in the blue light.”

“Everything works perfectly except once you run the battery out on your light, that’s it. And now you got to pay for a new one.”

Where To Buy Arc’s Teeth Whitening Kit

You can buy the Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit through online retailers:

Other US stores that sell it include Lucky Supermarkets, Star Market, Randalls, JayC Food Stores, Krogers, Kings Food Market, and Rite Aid Pharmacies.

I’d recommend buying from Amazon if you want a well-stocked option with occasional discounts. That’s where I got my kit for $35.

Final Thoughts on Arc Whitening Kit

If you’re looking for a convenient and effective way to brighten your smile, the Arc’s LED teeth whitening kit is a solid option. I experienced noticeable whitening within a week, and the overall process was much simpler than other methods I’ve tried. 

But as with any treatment, Arc isn’t for everyone. Individual results can vary, and some users may experience sensitivity or gum irritation. Furthermore, the disposable blue light device contributes to both the product’s cost.

If you are highly sensitive or seeking more cost-effective solutions to whiten your teeth, here are some alternatives:

  • For long-term results – Opt for in-office teeth whitening. While it causes sensitivity, your treatment will be supervised by a dentist to ensure safety.
  • For reliable whitening Snow’s whitening kit has a reusable mouthpiece you can plug into almost any device to facilitate your treatment. 

For sensitive teeth – Try HiSmile’s PAP+ whitening strips. It contains ingredients that are gentle on teeth and reduce sensitivity.

ARC Teeth Whitening

Arc Teeth Whitening Kit Review 1

Rating by Michael Bayba

Whitening Effectiveness
Safety and Sensitivity
Cost and Value

ARC Teeth Whitening is an effective and relatively easy-to-use option for at-home teeth whitening. While users  can expect the product to deliver whitening, the product may not be the best to handle sensitivity.


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