Updated on April 26, 2024
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Byte Coupon and Discount Codes

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If you want to save money while creating a beautiful smile, here are some Byte discount codes. 

Byte is an oral health brand specializing in invisible aligners and teeth whitening kits. They work with a nationwide network of licensed dentists to prescribe at-home teeth correction. That means you get professional results and doctor-directed care from the comfort of your home.

In addition to your Byte discount code, your aligner purchase comes with money-saving perks, including:

  • HyperBite high-frequency vibration tool for fast, comfortable treatment
  • Free retainer
  • Free teeth whitening kit
  • Lifetime guarantee

Byte Discount Codes

BYTE Impression Kit

Byte Coupon Code: SMILEBRYTE

Get Your Impression Kit for $17.95
+$100 off Aligners
+ BrightByte Pro begins treatment in two ways.

BYTE Impression Kit

Byte Coupon Code: BYTEME21

Get Your Impression Kit for $29.95
+$100 off Aligners

SaleImpression Kit for only $17.95

How to Use a Byte Discount Code

To use a Byte promo code, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the Byte products you want to purchase 
  2. Copy the Byte coupon code from this site and paste it into the promo code field
  3. Click “Apply” to activate your coupon code
  4. Click the “Add to Cart” button 
  5. Complete your purchase on the checkout page

What Byte Products Can I Use a Discount Code For?

Byte sells a variety of oral care products. The Byte discount codes in this article only apply to an aligner purchase.

Byte offers two types of invisible aligners:

  • Day aligners system — Byte’s all-day aligners are designed to be worn for 22 hours a day while you’re awake.
  • Night aligners system — Byte’s at-night aligners system is worn for 10 hours a night and straightens your teeth while you sleep.

Byte Aligner Treatment Pros & Cons

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of Byte teeth aligners. You can read our full Byte review here.

Pros of Byte Aligners

  • No in-office visits
  • Remote treatment
  • Impression kit refunds to ineligible candidates
  • Support is available seven days a week
  • Free online assessment
  • Payment plans available
  • Aligner-safe whitening gel (BrightByte) included 
  • Free retainer included
  • Lifetime guarantee

Cons of Byte Aligners

  • Quick treatment and night aligner option (*NewMouth is concerned about the risks of night aligners and moving teeth too fast — learn why here)
  • Can only treat minor to moderate cases of teeth misalignment
  • Less predictable treatment results without in-office visits
  • Less tooth contact accuracy than braces
  • Easier to misplace 
  • A lisp can develop when the aligners are in your mouth

Alternatives to Byte Aligner Treatment

If Byte isn’t right for you, here are other invisible aligner brands to check out:


Invisalign is a well-established and popular brand of clear aligners. You can expect to pay about $5,000 more for Invisalign treatment than for Byte. Additionally, the Invisalign treatment plan takes longer and requires supervision from a licensed dentist.

However, having your teeth correction monitored by a dental professional will likely produce better results. Invisalign is better than Byte for people with mild to moderate teeth misalignment.


SmileDirectClub is also more expensive than Byte. While both companies will send you an at-home impression kit, only SmileDirectClub offers in-person consultations.

Byte treatment is faster than SmileDirectClub due to Byte’s HyperBite device technology.

What’s Next?

Discover the best fit for your smile.

Explore top at-home clear aligner brands.

Last updated on April 26, 2024
Last updated on April 26, 2024
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