Nighttime Clear Aligners


What are Nighttime Clear Aligners? 

Nighttime clear aligners, also called night aligners, are clear aligner trays that you only wear while you are asleep. These aligners are created specifically for customers who have mild teeth crowding or minor gaps between their teeth. However, night aligners move your teeth slower than regular invisible aligners. 

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There are a few direct-to-consumer clear aligner brands that sell night aligners, including: 

Other brands, including Invisalign, Candid Co, and ClearCorrect, only sell traditional clear aligners. These aligners are worn for most of the day and while you are sleeping.  

Clear Aligners vs. Nighttime Aligners

The main difference between traditional aligners and nighttime aligners is how long they are worn each day and the length of treatment. 

Traditional aligners are worn for 22+ hours a day and are only removed for eating and cleaning. Night aligners are worn for 10+ hours a day, and treatment is typically longer. On average, traditional aligners take between 4 and 6 months to straighten your teeth. Night aligners take 8 to 12 months. 

If you have mild to moderate spacing issues and are seeking faster treatment, traditional clear aligners are the ideal option. If you have minor spacing issues and prefer to wear the aligners while you sleep, you may be a night aligner candidate. 

Nighttime aligners are great for people looking for a super discreet way to correct some minor orthodontic issues. You are able to easily eat and drink without removing trays and there will be no day-time adjustment. You can also incorporate your nighttime aligners into your daily evening routine as opposed to worrying about wearing them all day. 

It is essential to speak with a clear aligner specialist and orthodontist to determine the best choice. 

How Do Nighttime Clear Aligners Work?

To determine candidacy for night aligners, you can take a quiz online and order an impression kit. If you are approved for treatment, you have the option to order the aligners or skip treatment altogether. You can take the quiz for free on  

If you decide to order the aligners, you will receive them in the mail within 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the brand). Each set of aligners slowly moves your teeth. If you wear the aligners every day and for the right amount of time (10+ continuous hours), you will have a new smile in as little as four months. 

Throughout the treatment process, you’ll also set up virtual check-ups with a qualified dentist or orthodontist to ensure your teeth are moving correctly. One of these specialists oversees your treatment plan from start to finish. They will also show you virtual models of your teeth reset in small increments before moving onto the next set of aligners. 

Just like traditional teeth aligners, night aligners are made of thin, BPA-free plastic. The aligners are comfortable for nighttime wear. 

What Brands Offer Night Clear Aligners?


Byte® is a direct-to-consumer clear aligner brand, which means treatment is monitored remotely. The company works with over 200 licensed dentists, orthodontists, and doctors throughout the United States.

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Byte is one of the few brands that offer “At-Night Aligners.” They also sell “All-Day Aligners.” The night aligners cost $2295, and the traditional aligners cost $1895. 

Byte only accepts qualified patients with minor cases of teeth misalignment. They also provide every patient with a HyperByte® device, which can accelerate dental movement up to 2x faster than competitors. Free teeth whitening gel is also included with every purchase.


Find out if you're a candidate for free in 30 seconds. No commitment.

NewMouth recommends byte® because they work with an extensive network of board-certified dentists and orthodontists. Read our full review of byte aligners.


SmileDirectClub is the most well-established remote clear aligner brand. You can either get impressions made in-person or visit a SmileShop for a 3D image scan. SmileDirect offers Nighttime Clear Aligners® and traditional clear aligners. They both cost $1950. 

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Find out if you're a candidate for free in 30 seconds. No commitment.

SmileDirect doesn’t work exclusively with orthodontists. This may affect the quality of treatment you receive. Read our article comparing Candid Co. and SmileDirect.


ALIGNERCO offers the cheapest invisible aligners on the market.

Treatment costs $1,145 (or $99 for 11 months with the payment plan). Other clear aligner competitors are more expensive ($1,800 to $2,400).


While more affordable, they are also a newer company with fewer reviews than byte and Candid. They also do not work directly with orthodontists and dentists, which can affect the quality of care.


Find out if you're a candidate for free in 30 seconds. No commitment.

Are Nighttime Clear Aligners Safe & Effective?

When monitored correctly, remote clear aligner treatment is safe and effective. Throughout treatment, you are overseen by a licensed and experienced dentist or orthodontist.

However, since treatment is monitored remotely rather than in-person (like Invisalign), there is a slightly higher risk of complications. 

Direct-to-consumer aligners can only treat minor teeth spacing issues. Some examples of this include some crooked teeth or small gaps between the teeth. You may not be eligible for treatment if you have moderate to severe teeth misalignment, such as an overbite, underbite, or jaw issues. 

Pros and Cons of Night Aligners


  • Flexible and discreet 
  • Only have to be worn at night, rather than during the day
  • 10+ hours of continuous wear (vs. 22+ hours for traditional aligners)
  • Affordable and convenient


  • Treatment takes longer than traditional aligners
  • Only minor cases of teeth misalignment are eligible
  • May cause more discomfort because your teeth are constantly being shifted
  • Accountability without the supervision of a direct dentist

Night Aligner FAQ's

How much do night aligners cost?

Depending on the brand, night aligners cost anywhere between $1950 and $2295 (one-time payment). Monthly payment plans are also available. 

Does Candid Co offer night aligners?

Candid Co. is another brand of direct-to-consumer aligners. They only sell traditional aligners. However, Candid works exclusively with licensed orthodontists who have at least 20 years of experience in the teeth straightening industry. This ensures you receive high-quality care throughout the treatment process.

If you are interested in Candid aligners, you can take a free candidacy quiz

What happens if you wear Invisalign only at night? 

Invisalign aligners are meant for daywear and nightwear (22+ hours a day). Wearing them only at night will interfere with tooth movement, resulting in delayed treatment time and likely require additional aligners to shift your teeth into the proper position.

Why You Should Trust Us 

All clear aligner products on this site are heavily researched, vetted, and reviewed before recommending them to readers. These are our standards for determining a reputable clear aligner brand:

  1. We figure out if the brand works with dentists or orthodontists. If they don’t work with licensed professionals in the industry, we do not recommend their products. This ensures customers receive the highest quality care and their treatment is overlooked by a licensed professional from start to finish. 
  2. We talk with company leaders to ensure the product is safe and effective. This may include asking for safety documentation and asking leaders about their manufacturing process. 
  3. We compare reviews from multiple sites. Our writers are instructed to read reviews and compare pros and cons. We clearly list the advantages and disadvantages of each clear aligner product to keep the content transparent. 
  4. We look into pricing and features. This ensures customers are getting the best quality products at reasonable prices.
  5. We check to make sure the customer service is high quality. We only recommend aligner brands that have clear instructions on how to contact them. Brands that offer “lifetime guarantees” are also well-respected. 

All clear aligner product pages are medically reviewed by a licensed dentist or orthodontist. Our dentists are specifically instructed to flag any recommendations they don’t agree with. Any products that don’t meet their high standards are removed.


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