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SmartSmileCo Aligners Review

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Are SmartSmileCo Aligners Right for You?

SmartSmileCo may not be an option if you have complex dental alignment issues. You can still order an impression kit to find out if you’re a candidate.

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You’ll also need to consider if wearing clear aligners for 22 hours a day is realistic for you. And while at-home monitoring is more affordable than regular orthodontist visits, it’s not for everyone. 

You’ll need to be comfortable tracking progress and submitting regular updates. If you’d prefer in-person orthodontist support, an in-office aligner like Invisalign may be a better choice.

If you want to avoid dental visits, only need minor corrections, and need affordable treatment, SmartSmileCo is an excellent choice.

How SmartSmileCo Works 

Clear aligners, like SmartSmileCo’s, use small forces to gently and gradually move teeth into the correct position. Based on the impressions, the SmartSmileCo team creates a digital treatment plan. It includes custom aligners that you’ll wear for 2 weeks before progressing to your next set.

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Treatment is straightforward, but you’ll need to submit regular photos to ensure it’s on track.

How to Get Started

The first step is to complete a free online assessment. This allows the orthodontic team to evaluate your smile to see if you’re a good candidate for SmartSmileCo clear aligners.

You’ll need to answer questions about your dental issues, if you have any dental implants or baby teeth, and if you have active gum disease. Then, you’ll upload a picture of your teeth and complete your contact details.

SmartSmileCo then provides an initial assessment. Some issues won’t interfere with treatment. You’ll need an oral examination to determine if SmartSmileCo treatment is feasible in your situation. If everything looks good, you can visit a partner clinic for impressions or order an at-home impression kit.

Treatment Process

Treatment consists of the following steps:3

  1. Complete the free online assessment. Answer questions about your dental health, upload a photo of your teeth, and provide your contact information.
  2. Order an at-home impression kit or visit a partner clinic for a comprehensive oral exam to confirm you’re a suitable candidate. The in-clinic assessment includes digital scans and dental X-rays. You’ll also have a dental health check.
  3. If you’re a candidate for SmartSmileCo aligners, the orthodontist will create an at-home aligner treatment plan for you to approve.
  4. You’ll receive a 3D preview of your plan and new, straight smile.
  5. SmartSmileCo custom makes your aligners using your dental impressions.
  6. Within 10 days, your clear aligners will arrive in the mail.
  7. Wear your aligners for 22+ hours daily for optimal results. You’ll switch to the next set of aligners in the series around every 2 weeks. 
  8. The SmartSmileCo team contacts you regularly throughout treatment to monitor your progress. They’ll provide support and answer questions.

How Long Does Treatment Take? 

Treatment time depends on the person and how complex their case is. The SmartSmileCo team designs custom treatment plans.

SmartSmileCo aligners can correct minor issues like small gaps or very mild crowding in 3 to 6 months.1 More complex cases such as severe overjet (protruding front teeth) can take additional months of treatment.

About SmartSmileCo Aligners

SmartSmileCo is a company offering at-home clear aligners and teeth whitening kits throughout Australia. It’s launching soon in the UK.

At-home clear aligners are a popular teeth-straightening solution because they’re convenient and often far cheaper than braces. You can also remove them while eating or cleaning your teeth, which many people prefer.

SmartSmileCo’s at-home clear aligners work in the same way as standard braces by applying gentle pressure to move teeth into a better position. However, they’re made of clear plastic (instead of metal) and are almost invisible while in use. This creates a more cosmetic teeth-straightening experience. 

The SmartSmileCo Difference

Unlike in-office options, treatment with SmartSmileCo is monitored remotely. You can choose to visit a partner orthodontist for an initial consultation if you prefer, or you can use the home impression kit. 

You’ll regularly upload progress photos of your teeth to the online platform. A dental professional tracks how your teeth straightening is progressing remotely. There’s no need to attend in-person check-ups.

Each set of SmartSmileCo clear aligners is worn for around 2 weeks. You’ll then receive a series of new aligners as your teeth gradually shift into place. Treatment length depends on your case, but it could be as little as 3 to 6 months.1

SmartSmileCo clear aligners can help with crooked or crowded teeth, gaps, and misaligned teeth (malocclusion). However, if you have more complex issues and need severe corrections, you may need to visit an orthodontist for traditional metal braces.2

If you want straighter teeth without the unsightly appearance or discomfort of traditional braces, SmartSmileCo clear aligners could be a good option.

SmartSmileCo Treatment Options

SmartSmileCo offers a standard clear aligner made of a lightweight clear plastic that’s smooth, comfortable, and free of toxins like BPA and phthalates. The aligners are designed to hug and shape to your gum line to avoid irritation and are barely visible.

Treatment costs start at $1,999 AUD for a simple treatment plan.4

SmartSmileCo Costs and Financing Options

The cost of your SmartSmileCo clear aligners reflects the complexity of your treatment:4

  • Simple treatment of around 4 months costs $1,999 AUD
  • Moderate treatment of 4 to 12 months costs $2,395 AUD
  • Complex, long-term treatment costs $4,950 AUD

Payment Plan

SmartSmileCo offers payment plans. Here’s what you’ll pay every 2 weeks over 30 months:

  • Simple treatment is $31 AUD, totaling $2,279 AUD
  • Moderate treatment is $37 AUD, totaling $2,675 AUD
  • Complex treatment is $76 AUD, totaling $5,230 AUD

Payments include a $40 AUD establishment fee and an $8 AUD monthly account keeping fee.


Insurance coverage depends on your policy. Many insurance plans do not cover orthodontic care. But, if your policy covers your treatment, you can request reimbursement directly from your insurance provider.

Check with your insurance company for more information.

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee?

SmartSmileCo offers a “Smile for Life” guarantee. If your teeth move out of alignment following treatment, the company will straighten them again at no additional cost.

However, you must comply with post-treatment care to be eligible for the guarantee.6

Pros and Cons of SmartSmileCo 


  • Uses virtually invisible clear aligners made of BPA- and phthalate-free plastic
  • Features scalloped edges to prevent gum irritation and discomfort
  • Treats most minor to moderate teeth alignment issues
  • Includes a customized treatment plan overseen by a dentist
  • Costs less than other options, like Invisalign
  • Provides affordable financing options


  • Must wear aligners for 22 hours daily
  • Can cause discomfort, particularly when using a new tray
  • Requires regular remote monitoring
  • Treatment may be less predictable without in-office visits
  • Not suitable for severe dental problems

SmartSmileCo vs. Invisalign 

SmartSmileCo and Invisalign are both clear aligners that treat teeth alignment issues. However, Invisalign is a long-established in-office aligner, while SmartSmileCo is a newer company that provides at-home aligners.

In-office brands like Invisalign use dentists as intermediaries to plan and oversee treatment. They require regular in-person appointments. They begin with a comprehensive dental consultation to create a treatment plan, and they continue with regular follow-ups.

Both brands use similar technology to shift teeth into position, but the aligner materials differ. Invisalign uses a patented thermoplastic material called SmartTrack, while SmartSmileCo uses a BPA- and phthalate-free, lightweight, clear plastic.

Cost is another distinguishing factor between the two brands. Invisalign costs between $3,000 and $8,000 AUD, whereas SmartSmileCo costs between $1,999 to $4,950 AUD.

SmartSmileCo vs. Other Aligners

The following comparisons can help you decide which clear aligners are best for you:

SmartSmileCo vs. Byte

Byte offers at-home clear aligners with remote treatment monitoring. As with SmartSmileCo, you’ll order a home impression kit and submit regular online progress updates.

Like SmartSmileCo, Byte can help with minor tooth alignment issues. However, NewMouth doesn’t recommend at-home aligners for anyone with complex teeth misalignment.

The two companies offer similar pricing. Byte starts at $2,749 AUD.

Byte stands out with their HyperByte tooth movement acceleration device that you use with your aligners for 5 minutes daily. It may move teeth faster than a clear aligner by itself.

SmartSmileCo vs. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub is a brand of at-home clear aligners.

The company announced its bankruptcy liquidation on September 2023, ceasing aligner treatments and ending its lifetime guarantee. 

Its global operations closed on December 2023 after failing to secure the funds needed to buy itself out of bankruptcy.

How this affects you will depend on which stage of the treatment process you’re in. You can read our customer guide for SmileDirectClub Australia.

SmartSmileCo vs. EZ Smile 

EZ Smile is an established at-home teeth-straightening company in Australia and New Zealand. Like SmartSmileCo, it offers clear aligners at affordable rates. It also has multiple financing options and a Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Treatment with both companies can begin with either an impression kit or consultation and a 3D scan with a partner dentist. 

With EZ Smile, you can choose from standard or nighttime aligners, although we don’t recommend the latter. Pricing begins at $2,499 AUD, so it may be slightly more costly than SmartSmileCo.

SmartSmileCo vs. SmilePath 

SmilePath is a highly affordable remote clear aligner service. With SmilePath, prices start at $1,899 AUD for treatment, making it a similar price point to SmartSmileCo. 

SmilePath can treat a range of minor teeth alignment problems such as overbite, underbite, and spacing issues. Treatment begins with an at-home impression kit, and unlike with SmartSmileCo, there’s no option for an in-person 3D scan. You can, however, opt for standard or nighttime aligners. 

SmartSmileCo vs. Wondersmile

Wondersmile is an at-home teeth-straightening company that offers clear aligners starting at $2,390 AUD. The pricing is more expensive than SmartSmileCo, but there are options for paying monthly interest-free installments. 

Both Wondersmile and SmartSmileCo offer at-home impression kits or in-person 3D scans. However, one considerable difference between the two companies is that Wondersmile only treats the “Social 6,” which are the first six teeth in the top and bottom arches. 

Compared to SmartSmileCo, WonderSmile is more of a cosmetic dentistry option that can’t treat as many issues.

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Last updated on April 26, 2024
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