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Updated on November 4, 2022
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Linea Aligners Review

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About Linea Aligners

Linea is a clear aligner brand launched in 2022. Based in Melbourne, they also have partner offices in Perth and are actively working on expanding. Unlike direct-to-consumer aligners, Linea offers in-office care by working with licensed partner dentists.

This allows a hybrid treatment model between the office-based approach of Invisalign and the fully at-home systems of brands like Byte and EZ Smile.

Due to its professional oversight, Linea may be able to treat more complex cases than fully at-home aligners. At the same time, it offers a more affordable alternative to competitors like Invisalign.

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How Linea Aligners Works 

How to Get Started

Linea’s website features a Smile Survey, which will assess whether you’re a good candidate for treatment. Once you’re considered a good fit, the team will pair you with a Linea partner dentist.

You’ll visit your dentist for a consultation, where they’ll evaluate your teeth and gums and diagnose your alignment issues.

You may need a cleaning or other work done before beginning with Linea. Once that’s complete, your dentist will photograph and digitally scan your mouth. Together you’ll discuss your treatment goals.

Linea will create a unique plan to address your orthodontic needs using that information. You’ll be able to view the treatment plan by email, including a visualization of how your teeth will look at the end.

Treatment Process

After you and your dentist approve your treatment plan, Linea will create your custom aligners. After 2 to 4 weeks, your dentist will have your aligners ready, and you’ll come in for a fitting appointment. They will finish any minor changes or attachments during this visit.

Once you’ve received your aligners, you’ll need to wear them for 20 to 22 hours daily. Not consistently wearing them could lead to treatment taking longer.

During your time with the aligners, you’ll have access to the Linea app for remote monitoring. Depending on your plan, you’ll replace your aligners with a new set every 1 to 2 weeks.

Your dentist may have added attachments to your aligners during fitting. These are small plastic buttons that create a firmer grip on certain teeth. Not everyone will need them, but they can help with complex tooth movement.

How Long Does Treatment Take? 

Clear aligner treatment with Linea takes 6 to 12 months on average, but you may notice a difference in your bite sooner.

Linea also provides retainers to wear after treatment. These don't shift your teeth but keep them in their new positions. Your Linea partner dentist will give you instructions but expect to wear a retainer for at least as long as you wore your Linea aligners.

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Linea Aligner Costs and Payment Plans

Paying for Linea comes in two parts. Your in-person appointments will cost a total of $300, which you’ll pay for at the initial consultation. The Linea aligners, treatment plan, and remote monitoring cost a base price of $3,500.

For the larger cost, you have two payment options:

  • One full payment of $3,500 (SinglePay)
  • Fortnightly payments of $175 through Openpay


Openpay is a third-party company that offers buy now, pay later plans so that you can break up the cost of large purchases. They may require a credit check for approval, but you won’t pay any interest.

This will only cover the $3,500 for Linea treatment, separate from the initial $300.

Will Insurance Cover Linea?

Medicare is unlikely to provide coverage for Linea, but private health insurance may cover all or part of the initial $300 appointment fee.

Linea clear aligner treatment is considered cosmetic, so you’ll likely have to pay out of pocket for the remaining $3,500.

If you have orthodontic coverage through a private policy, you may be able to claim a rebate. But so far, Linea’s website doesn’t indicate that insurance will pay for anything beyond the initial $300.

Pros and Cons of Linea Aligners

Linea clear aligner treatment comes with some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Can effectively realign teeth with minor to moderate misalignment
  • Includes both dentist-directed care and remote monitoring
  • Less expensive than Invisalign or braces
  • BPA-free clear aligners produced in Australia


  • Aligners themselves are cut across the top, which allows them to apply more force but can also make them less comfortable and more noticeable
  • Unable to handle complex malocclusions
  • Classified as cosmetic, so won’t be covered under Medicare, and coverage from private insurance is likely limited

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Linea vs. Other Aligners

Here’s a look at how Linea compares with other aligner brands in Australia:

Linea vs. Invisalign

Linea’s hybrid treatment model makes it a notable competitor to Invisalign. Invisalign involves more in-office care, similar to braces, and will likely cost more.

Invisalign can cost as little as $1,800, but it’s more likely to cost between $3,500 and $9,000. This could make Linea a good competitor at only $3,500 plus the initial consultation fee of $300.

However, Linea may not be able to treat more complex cases like Invisalign can.

Linea vs. Byte

Byte is a direct-to-consumer aligner brand. While it won’t involve the office visits of Linea or Invisalign, an Australian dentist will review your treatment plan. You’ll be refunded for your impression kit if you aren’t a good treatment candidate.

With an initial price of $2,749, Byte’s All-Day Aligner System is less expensive than Linea's. But the difference will be made up if you choose to add the Byte Protection Plan.

With or without the Byte Protection Plan, your Byte kit will come with the HyperByte vibration device, which can help speed up treatment.

Linea vs. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub is another at-home aligner company. With their lowest price at $2,965, SmileDirectClub is less expensive than Linea but still on the higher end for at-home aligners.

Because treatment is fully remote, SmileDirectClub may not be as effective for certain cases as Linea’s hybrid approach is. But if you’re a good candidate, it may be a more affordable option.

Linea vs. Wondersmile

Wondersmile is a popular clear aligner brand in the Australian market and several other countries.

Currently, Wondersmile’s original company has been liquidated, and another company claims to have purchased the brand. It’s unclear whether it will continue to be a reliable option.

Linea and Byte both feature comparable options to what Wondersmile offers.

Linea vs. EZ Smile

EZ Smile stands out as having more financing options than other at-home aligners, including two that are interest-free. And at $2,499, EZ Smile is on the lower end of clear aligner costs and $1,000 less than Linea.

Unlike Linea and similar to other at-home aligners, EZ Smile doesn’t offer any face-to-face dental visits. This can be more convenient but may not be optimal if your issues require more professional monitoring.

Linea vs. SmartSmileCo

SmartSmileCo is a newer at-home aligner brand based in Australia. It offers one of the lowest prices, starting at $1,999.

If your alignment needs are mild, and you want to save as much on cost as possible, SmartSmileCo may be a great choice.

Is Linea Right for You?

Linea’s hybrid model makes it an attractive choice for those who want the dentist's involvement of Invisalign without the high price tag. And because of its partnership with dentists, Linea may be able to handle somewhat more complex cases than other at-home aligners can.

However, if you only have mild alignment issues, you’re probably a good candidate for at-home aligners. If this is the case, you may get good results from an even less expensive brand, like Byte or SmileDirectClub.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying more and have more severe tooth and jaw alignment problems, Invisalign or even braces might be a better fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets Linea apart from other clear aligners?

Linea offers hybrid treatment, combining aspects of both in-office and direct-to-consumer aligners. This makes it:
A more affordable alternative to Invisalign
Possibly more effective than fully at-home aligners for somewhat more complex alignment needs
With Linea, you get a combination of dentist-directed treatment with the price and convenience of at-home remote monitoring.

Does clear aligner treatment with Linea hurt?

You may experience soreness for the first few days after treatment. As your mouth grows accustomed to the pressure from the aligners, this should go away.

How long will it take to see noticeable changes?

You’re likely to have visible changes to your teeth by the end of the first three months of Linea treatment. Remember that different teeth may be targeted for shifting at different points during treatment.

What should I do with old sets of aligners?

Keep them until the end of treatment, just in case. You can put them back in their bags in your Linea box.

How do I clean my Linea aligners?

A quick rinse under warm water and gentle brushing with a soft toothbrush will help keep your aligners clean. Ensure the water is warm but not hot, as excessive heat could warp your aligners.
For a deeper clean, try a 3-minute soak in warm water with a denture-cleaning tablet. Rinse afterward, and then you can put them back in.

What’s Next?

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Last updated on November 4, 2022
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