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EZ Smile Australia Review

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  • EZ Smile is an at-home clear aligner brand that corrects minor tooth misalignment. We like it for its affordability, convenience, and fast treatment time.
  • You can start the EZ Smile process by getting your teeth scanned by a professional or making an impression at home.
  • After that, their lab will manufacture your aligners and send them to your door.
  • EZ Smile can be paid in a one-time installment or with an interest-free payment plan.
  • Their clear aligners, as well as Invisalign and traditional braces, are cheaper than many other competitors. However, you should always consult a dentist to see if it’s right for you.

What is EZ Smile?

EZ Smile is an Australian-based, at-home clear aligner company that offers remote teeth straightening at an affordable price. 

Since its start in 2017, EZ Smile has treated over 200,000 cases of teeth misalignment and established a reputation for having convenient treatment. 

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We like EZ Smile for several reasons, including:

  • It’s affordable — At $2,449, it’s the third-lowest treatment cost of any Australian at-home aligner brand. It offers a variety of payment plans and is nearly 70% more affordable than Invisalign or traditional braces.
  • It’s fast — The average treatment time is 4 to 8 months. Treatment time will last closer to 4 months with daytime aligner treatment.
  • It’s effective for minor corrections — Not everyone needs traditional braces. EZ Smile may be a good option if you have mildly crowded or gapped teeth.

Unfortunately, EZ Smile doesn’t offer comprehensive remote monitoring. You’ll more or less be on your own throughout your treatment. Talk to your dentist about whether it would be appropriate for you or if you need a more involved solution.

How Does EZ Smile Work?

You can initiate the EZ Smile process in one of two ways:

We recommend visiting a physical location to kick off your EZ Smile experience. If you do, a trained dentist or orthodontist will take a 3D scan of your bite. Professional assistance minimizes the chance of errors.

Otherwise, you can request an impression kit sent to your door. You’ll follow the instructions to take impressions of your bite with the putty and trays provided. 

Note: The impression kit is a separate charge from the cost of treatment. If you’re not approved for treatment, you’ll receive a refund. In-person 3D scans are also risk-free.

The EZ Smile Treatment Process

If you decide to complete the process at home, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Ordering your kit — You’ll start by ordering your impression kit online.
  2. Taking the impressions — EZ Smile will ship the kit directly to your home. Follow the instructions to take impressions of your teeth and mail them back.
  3. Determining your candidacy — An EZ Smile dental professional will review your impressions and decide whether you’re a suitable candidate for treatment. 
  4. Manufacturing the aligners — Once approved, EZ Smile will create a series of aligners for each stage of your treatment plan. 
  5. Submitting payment — Next, you’ll submit payment for treatment. 
  6. Receiving your aligners — They’ll ship them to your door within a few weeks. You’ll receive each set of aligners every two months.
  7. Wearing your aligners — Throughout your treatment, you’ll wear your aligners for 22 hours per day. You can remove them to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth, or play an instrument or sport.

Since remote monitoring doesn’t come with the EZ Smile treatment, we recommend routinely consulting your dentist to assess your progress. 

How Much Does EZ Smile Cost?

EZ Smile treatment costs $2,449 with a one-time payment in full. This price includes:

  • SmileScan or impression kit (if you complete them, $30 if you don’t)
  • Your first set of aligners
  • Customer service throughout your treatment

If you need a replacement or new aligner, they’ll cost an additional $149 a set.

Can I Get a Refund on EZ Smile?

You can get a refund on EZ Smile within the first 90 days. 

If you’re unhappy with your treatment during the first 90 days, EZ Smile will refund you the entire cost. This policy is more generous than other aligner companies, which typically only offer 30-day refund policies.

Does Insurance Cover EZ Smile?

Because it’s primarily a cosmetic treatment, EZ Smile is not covered up-front by most private insurance plans. It’s also ineligible for cost reimbursement.

Financing Options

EZ Smile offers multiple financing options if you don’t want to make a one-time payment of $2,449.

You can choose from two no-deposit, interest-free payment plans:

  • Humm — You’ll pay $2,449 over 12 or 24 months. You’ll also pay a $50 set-up fee and an additional monthly fee of $8.
  • Zip — You’ll pay $2,449 over 12 months. You’ll also pay a $25 set-up fee and an additional monthly fee of $7.95.

Both these plans require a credit check. If you’re worried about your credit status, you can use EZ Smile’s in-house payment plan, EZ Installments. 

EZ Installments requires a $499 deposit, followed by $45 per week for a year. Because of interest, this option will make treatment cost more, for $2,839.

EZ Smile Costs vs. Other At-Home Aligner Brands

Here’s how the cost of EZ Smile treatment stacks up against its Australian competitors:

BrandCostPayment PlansTreatment Length
EZ Smile$2,449Interest-free options with no deposit4 to 8 months
Byte$2,749Incurs interest3 to 6 months
Dr. Wondersmile$1,950Requires 20% deposit6 to 9 months
SmileDirectClub$2,965Requires deposit and incurs interest4 to 6 months
SmilePath$1,624Interest-free and no-deposit options4 to 6 months

EZ Smile vs. Invisalign: What Are the Differences?

Invisalign is a major clear aligner brand. We’ve identified several critical differences between EZ Smile and Invisalign:

At-Home vs. In-Office Treatment

EZ Smile is an at-home aligner company. Though you can get your initial scan done in person, you’re not required to visit the dentist during your treatment.

Invisalign treatment involves a mandatory consultation and in-person check-ups every six weeks. Treatment monitoring is more in-depth but less convenient than with EZ Smile. 


At $2,449, EZ Smile is far more affordable than Invisalign, which can average between $4,000 to $9,000.

In addition, EZ Smile also offers a wide variety of payment plans, two of which are interest-free. Invisalign plans generally involve interest on payments, which makes them less affordable. 

Treatment Times

Treatment with EZ Smile ranges between 4 to 8 months. It’s typically closer to four months if you wear your daytime aligners as directed.

Invisalign treatment can be as fast as six months but generally ranges between 12 to 18 months. Depending on the severity of your issues treated and how dedicated you are to wearing them, it can take up to 24 months.

What They Can Treat

EZ Smile treats a more limited set of issues than Invisalign. Per its website, it’s best for mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. 

On the other hand, Invisalign is better for moderate to severe alignment issues.

We recommend EZ Smile if you have mild issues you want to fix with aligners. Consult your dentist about braces or Invisalign if you have more severe crowding or alignment issues.

Pros and Cons of EZ Smile

EZ Smile has its advantages and disadvantages for customers. We’ve made a quick list of the pros and cons of the brand:

Pros of EZ Smile

Here’s what we like about EZ Smile:

  • Affordable — As the third cheapest Australian at-home aligner company, EZ Smile’s treatment is 70% more affordable than traditional braces or Invisalign.
  • Option to begin treatment in person — EZ Smile lets you get your scan done by a professional, which results in less room for errors.
  • Suitable for minor issues — It’s a good option for mild dental crowding or spacing. You can even get a single arch if your issues are only in your upper or lower teeth.
  • Financing options — We love that they offer multiple payment plans with no interest. You can find a financing option that works for you.
  • Refund policy — The 90-day money-back guarantee is highly competitive.
  • Fast treatment time — EZ Smile has a quicker and more convenient treatment than Invisalign or braces. Treatment typically takes 4 to 8 months.
  • Customer service — The EZ Smile customer service team is generally well-regarded. You can reach out to them at any point during your treatment.

Cons of EZ Smile

EZ Smile does have a few drawbacks, such as:

  • Limited treatable conditions — EZ Smile aligners can only fix a limited range of teeth alignment issues. It’s not suitable for everyone.
  • No supervision — EZ Smile doesn’t offer comprehensive remote monitoring. You won’t get any dentist supervision throughout your treatment unless you consult with one independently.
  • Can’t be covered by insurance — Insurance won’t cover EZ Smile or reimburse you for your treatment.
  • Opaque manufacturing practices — EZ Smile doesn’t disclose the laboratory that makes their aligners.

What are Customers Saying About EZ Smile?

If you’re on the fence about investing in EZ Smile, seeing what other customers have to say can help. We’ve perused many customer reviews and selected some highlights for you to consider.

Positive Reviews of EZ Smile

EZ Smile has many happy customers. Plenty of people who’ve used their aligners report good results from the treatment. 

Others cite their quick customer service and refund policy as positive qualities.

Negative Reviews of EZ Smile

Some bad reviews about EZ Smile raise potential concerns about the product. 

Some significant issues customers have claimed to experience are:

  • Wrong product — Customers report receiving the wrong aligners in the wrong packaging. Wearing incorrectly molded aligners can damage your mouth and cause pain.
  • Poor quality — Some customers cite poor quality in their negative reviews. They say their aligners didn’t last as long as promised, with some even cracking.
  • Adverse side effects — We’ve seen reviews where customers said their teeth were in worse condition after they used EZ Smile. Some side effects they’ve referenced include severe gum recession, chewing issues, and discoloration.

These potential concerns indicate that you should consult a dentist before and during your EZ Smile treatment.

How Does EZ Smile Address Customer Concerns?

We’ve seen many customers report that EZ Smile has excellent customer service. Some reviews mention that they received a refund quickly when requested.

Other reviews say the company’s customer service was impolite and didn’t return their money. However, there are fewer negative reviews than positive ones.

Other Products by EZ Smile

EZ Smile makes a few other products besides clear aligners, including an aligner cleaner and teeth-whitening pens. You don’t have to own EZ Smile aligners to buy their other products.

EZ Smile Shine Foam

You can purchase EZ Smile’s Shine Foam for $29.95 to keep your aligners clean and fresh. It’s an easy-to-use and efficient way to clean your aligners.

All you have to do is pump a small amount of foam into your aligners. Spread the foam evenly before putting your aligners back in your mouth.

EZ Smile Teeth Whitening Pens

If you want to whiten and straighten your teeth, EZ Smile has a solution. You can buy a set of three teeth-whitening pens for $39.95.

These pens work in tandem with clear aligners. They dispense a whitening gel you apply to your teeth. Leave the gel on your teeth for 20 minutes before rinsing. Repeat every day for nine days.

EZ Smile Australia

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