Updated on April 30, 2024
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Motto Aligners Review (2024)

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Key Takeaways

  • Motto is a doctor-directed aligner treatment that launched in 2021
  • Its clear aligners can give you straight teeth in 6 months or less
  • It costs $1,895 to $2,495 (depends on your treatment plan)
  • Motto is available in 1,040 Aspen Dental Clinics across the US
  • All treatments include free teeth whitening, a retainer, and a guarantee
  • Refinements are free for up 30 days after your treatment

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Are Motto Aligners Right for You?

We recommend it to people who want professional care but don’t want to spend a fortune just to get straighter teeth. Unlike many at-home clear aligners, it includes dental supervision and treats complex misalignment issues at a cost that’s 50% cheaper than Invisalign.

Motto is the only clear aligner offered by Aspen Dental, the largest dental provider in the US. With their extensive network of clinics, finding a nearby clinic is easy.At NewMouth, we understand the need for affordable and convenient teeth straightening, which is why we always explore new options to try out. We’re here to help you find the best clear aligners that are safe, effective, accessible, and worth the cost.

Pros & Cons of Motto Aligners

Motto Clear Aligner Pros

  • It’s cost-effective. Motto is 50% cheaper than Invisalign but it provides the same doctor-directed care you would expect from in-office treatments.
  • Motto has fast treatment times. Most customers finish their smile journey in 5.4 months, which is faster than dental braces.
  • It straightens more teeth alignment issues. Motto clear aligners work on mild, moderate, and complex cases of crooked teeth.
  • It’s a great alternative to traditional braces. Motto aligners are cheaper and more practical because you can remove them anytime.
  • Motto provides professional oversight. A dentist will assess you, create your treatment, and make sure your treatment goes as planned.
  • It offers affordable financing solutions. You can use CareCredit to pay for your treatment in monthly payments starting at $52/mo.
  • Its treatments are highly individualized. You can choose from clear aligner packages with remote and in-person monitoring.
  • It’s very accessible. Motto aligners are available in 1,040 Aspen Dental locations across the United States.
  • MottoAssured guarantees your smile. You can free get refinements for up to 30 days after the treatment until you’re satisfied with the results.
  • It’s made by a reputable company. Motto’s teeth aligners are manufactured by SureSmile, a trusted provider of in-office clear aligners.
  • Motto is a tried and tested clear aligner. It has been on the market since 2021 and has treated over 25,000 patients.

Motto Clear Aligner Cons

  • Not everyone gets remote monitoring. Unless you choose the Motto Complete™ package, you’ll have to see a dentist throughout the treatment.
  • It’s a fairly new product. While it’s made by SureSmile, the treatment process that accompanies it hasn’t been tried and tested.

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What Are Motto Aligners?

Motto aligners are thin, clear plastic trays that are custom-made to fit your mouth. Like dental braces, they’re designed to straighten teeth.

As you wear one tray after the other, Motto aligners apply gradual pressure to your teeth and slowly straighten them out.

Depending on your treatment plan, it may include:

  • A free consultation
  • All your clear aligners
  • In-person visits with a dentist
  • Remote monitoring
  • Free teeth whitening
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Motto aligners are manufactured by SureSmile, a company that provides in-office aligner treatments.

Aspen Dental Management Inc., a network of US-licensed dentists, has been offering Motto exclusively at most of its clinics since 2021.

Who Can Use Motto Clear Aligners?

Adults 18 years and above who want a straighter smile may be eligible for Motto. However, some doctors may grant treatment for younger patients.1

Its clear aligners can correct most cases of teeth misalignments (malocclusions), from simple to complex.2 These include:

  • Diastema ⁠— Small or large gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth ⁠— Overlapping teeth
  • Overbite ⁠— Upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth
  • Underbite ⁠— Lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth

Before you begin treatment, you can take Motto’s Smile Assessment to see if you’re qualified.

How Long Does Motto Take To Straighten Teeth?

Motto’s clear aligners can straighten teeth within 6 to 8 months. Most customers have an average treatment time of 5.4 months.2

Your treatment time may be shorter or longer, depending on these factors:

  • The severity of your teeth misalignment
  • If you wear your teeth aligners as prescribed

Complex teeth misalignments usually take longer to treat.

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How Much Do Motto Aligners Cost?

Motto clear aligners have a starting price of $1,895 to $2,495 depending on your treatment plan. There are 3 treatment plans available:

  • Motto Essential™
  • Motto Plus™
  • Motto Complete™
FeaturesMotto Essential™Motto Plus™Motto Complete™
Treatment costStarts at $1,895Starts at $2,195Starts at $2,495
In-person consultation
Clear aligners
Doctor-directed care (in-person)
Precision-Fit Retainer
Professional Grade Teeth Whitening Kit
MottoRetain™ Post-Treatment Protection
MottoAssured™ Guarantee

Motto Assured provides free refinements for up to 30 days after the treatment, while Motto Retain includes 8 replacement retainers in case yours get damaged or lost. Motto Monitoring offers the convenience of virtual check-ins via an app.3,4

Is Financing Available For Motto Aligners?

Aspen Dental lets you pay for your aligners with CareCredit financing. 

Interest rates may apply. Below are some sample calculations of how much the treatment will cost you with a CareCredit credit card:5

FeaturesMotto Essential™Motto Plus™Motto Complete™
Monthly planStarts at $52/mo for 60 monthsStarts at $60/mo for 60 monthsStarts at $68/mo for 60 months
Total payments (with interest)$3,070$3,556$4,042

Does Insurance Cover Motto Clear Aligners?

Your Aspen Dental provider will determine if your dental insurance covers Motto aligners and how much coverage you’re getting.2

Some insurance providers that cover Motto aligners are:6

  • Aetna US Healthcare
  • Always Care Benefits (Dentemax Network)
  • Anthem — Unicare
  • Argus Dental Plans (Dentemax Network)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) MI Medicare Advantage
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Dominion National (Dentemax Network)
  • Guardian Life Insurance
  • Humana
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio (Dentemax Network)
  • Metlife
  • Mutual of Omaha (Dentemax Network)
  • TruAssure (Dentemax Network)
  • United Concordia
  • United HealthCare

Depending on your plan, your insurance company may cover all costs or just a portion of it. If your insurer offers partial coverage, Aspen Dental will charge you the remaining costs after your insurance is billed.2

You can’t use Medicaid to pay for your Motto aligners.2

Will HSA/FSA Pay For My Motto Aligners?

You can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for your Motto clear aligners.2

How Motto Clear Aligners Work

Motto is a doctor-directed aligner treatment that combines in-person care with remote monitoring. Here’s how the treatment process works:

Step 1: Find out if you’re a candidate

The first thing you should do is take the free online Smile Assessment on Aspen Dental’s website. Answer the questions and fill out the form.

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At the end of the quiz, you’ll learn if you’re a candidate for Motto. People who qualify can book a visit at the nearest Aspen Dental clinic.

Aspen Dental has 1,040 locations across the United States that offer Motto clear aligners and free in-person consultations.

Step 2: Get a free in-person assessment

A smile advisor will assess your teeth during your scheduled visit. They’ll make sure you’re qualified for Motto aligners.

Next, the dentist will take digital scans of your teeth and create your treatment plan. They’ll suggest a package that works best for your condition.

You can review the plan and decide if you’d like to continue or not. If you agree to the full treatment, they’ll help you with a payment option.

Aspen Dental will start making your custom clear aligners after you’ve made payments. The first set (which includes 10 trays) will be ready in 4 weeks.

Step 3: Start wearing your Motto clear aligners

To ensure a perfect and comfortable fit, your Motto provider will schedule a fitting appointment when your first set of clear aligners arrives.

They’ll also provide instructions on how to wear them, such as:2

  • Wearing Motto aligners in the order they’re prescribed
  • Wearing each tray for at least 20 to 22 hours a day
  • Switching to the next tray every week or so

If you have Motto Monitoring: The first set of aligners will be sent home with you. You’ll be asked to check in virtually every week with the app and to see your provider every 10 weeks.

During these visits, they’ll see how your treatment is going, adjust it as needed, and send you home with your next set of Motto aligners so you can switch them on your own. 

If you don’t have Motto Monitoring: Your provider will decide how many aligners you can take home and how often you need to visit for in-person check-ups. Expect to see them more often than someone who has virtual check-ins included with their plan (Motto Complete). 

Step 4: Complete your Motto aligner treatment

During your final check-up, you and your dentist will go over your results. 

If you’re satisfied, you can start wearing a retainer. But if you don’t like how your teeth look, you can ask for refinements. 

Step 5: Keep your new smile with Motto retainers

After you finish treatment, you can switch to a retainer. This will prevent your teeth from shifting back so you can maintain your new smile.

For the first 6 weeks or so, you will wear your retainer full-time (20 to 22 hours) just as you did with the clear aligners.

Then, following your dentist’s recommendation, you only have to wear your retainer at night when you’re sleeping.

Motto Aligners vs. Top Clear Aligner Treatments

Here’s how Motto aligners compare to some of the best clear aligners on the market: 

Clear Aligner BrandOur RatingCostMonthly PaymentsAverage Treatment Time
Motto4⭐ out of 5Starts at $1,895 to $2,495Starts at $52 to $68 per month 6 months or less
Invisalign3.8⭐ out of 5Starts at $3,000Depends on the provider12 to 18 months
Byte4.2⭐ out of 5$1,999 to $2,399$70 to $84 per month3 to 6 months
Candid3.7⭐ out of 5Starts at $3,500Depends on the provider6 to 12 months
NewSmile3.9⭐ out of 5$1,595 to $1,695 $55 to $64 per month4 to 10 months
ALIGNERCO3.7⭐ out of 5$995 to $1,120$77 to $94 per month4 to 8 months
Strayt3.7⭐ out of 5$1,596 to $2,096$77 to $133 per month4 to 8 months

Our Motto Clear Aligners Review

Overall user experience
Treatment process
Pricing and financing
Customer service and aftersales support
Brand reputation

Our Rating: 4 out of 5⭐

How We Rated Motto Clear Aligner Treatment

We ordered Motto aligners from Aspen Dental and had in-house writers test them throughout their prescribed treatment.

While testing the clear aligners, our team assessed and scored them based on five traits. Each trait was assigned a “weight” so we could calculate their individual rating and weighted average scores on a scale of five.

Here is how we rated Motto aligners:

Customer Experience

Using artificial intelligence, we gathered and analyzed feedback from thousands of people who tried Motto aligners. This helped us determine the users’ experiences with a brand, including:

  • Its availability for in-person and/or virtual consultations
  • The accessibility of its clear aligners and ease of ordering
  • Whether it gives clear instructions for taking dental impressions 
  • The fit and comfort of its invisible braces when worn


We examined the average treatment times and effectiveness of Motto aligners at correcting mild and moderate teeth misalignment.

Our team also investigated for any products or services they provided that would help customers during and after their treatment, such as:

  • Access to dental experts who can answer your questions and guide you throughout your treatment
  • A dedicated app that reminds users to switch aligners and allows them to conveniently track their progress and contact support
  • Regular virtual and/or in-person check-ins with a dental professional who can ensure that your treatment is going well
  • Additional dental treatments such as teeth whitening gel

Pricing and Financing

We explored the total treatment cost of Motto aligners, including their upfront prices, flexibility of payment options, eligibility for insurance, and maintenance costs for additional retainers.

Customer Service and After-Sales Support

Our team investigated Aspen Dental’s customer support when answering queries and resolving issues. We assessed them based on:

  • Availability
  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Friendliness

We also checked the company’s offered guarantees for clear aligner adjustments, refinements, replacements, or refunds if you’re not qualified or if the treatment doesn’t work for you.

Brand Reputation

With the help of advanced AI algorithms, we sorted through thousands of customer reviews that would indicate the level of trust in Motto aligners.

What’s Next?

Discover the best fit for your smile.

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Last updated on April 30, 2024
10 Sources Cited
Last updated on April 30, 2024
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