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DenSureFit Silicone Denture Reline: Review

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Key Takeaways

  • DenSureFit Silicone Denture Reline Kits stand out as one of the few silicone reline kits available over the counter.
  • It offers a convenient solution to poor-fitting and loose dentures that doesn’t require a dentist visit or hours carved out of your schedule.
  • DenSureFit is easy to apply, and most applications last up to three months. However, you can only use DenSureFit on acrylic dentures.
  • You can apply as many layers to your dentures as needed. When it’s time to replace the product, you can easily peel back the liner.
  • When choosing a denture reline kit, consider your needs. Speak to your dentist about possible denture reline kits and direct any questions to them.

What is DenSureFit?

DenSureFit’s temporary denture reline kits offer people a more secure fit to their dentures. If you’re struggling with loose-fitting dentures, DenSureFit can provide customized treatment to improve the comfort of your dentures. 

This easy-to-use product reduces and may even eliminate the need for denture adhesive. DenSureFit’s reline kits can help dentures stay in place and reduce symptoms of poor-fitting or loose dentures.1

These symptoms include:

  • Inflammation 
  • Oral sores
  • Bone loss  

DenSureFit’s denture reline materials are odorless and tasteless. You can purchase DenSureFit online or at local drug stores and reline your dentures from the comfort of your home.

How Does DenSureFit Work?

Each DenSureFit Upper and Lower Denture Reline Kit comes with:2

  • 5 silicone applicators total (3 for the upper denture and 2 for the lower)
  • 4 cotton swabs
  • 2 bottles of primer 
  • Bonus Snug-Up Tip 

Most upper dentures require two to three DenSureFit layers, while lower dentures only require one or two. DenSureFit is tasteless, odorless, and doesn’t cause a burning sensation. 

Understanding the Application Process

Here are the basic steps in applying DenSureFit:3 

1. Cleaning and Drying

Clean and dry your dentures thoroughly. Remove any old denture adhesive from the surface with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

If your dentures are smooth, you may need to roughen the surface before applying DenSureFit. Doing so ensures a secure hold.

2. Priming

Apply the included primer to the surface of your dentures. Use each cotton swab only once.

If you leave the cotton swab in the primer bottle, it will soak up the remaining primer. You have 15 seconds to work with the DenSureFit silicone before it begins to cure.

3. Apply to Your Dentures

To prime the syringe, twist the applicator as directed until you hear a click. You can then depress the plunger to apply the silicone.

Beginning with your upper dentures, place one syringe full of silicone in the trough. Use the second silicone syringe to create three evenly spaced lines across the denture palate. Place the third syringe’s contents in the trough.

4. Apply Dentures to Your Mouth

Place the denture in your mouth.  Press your thumbs upwards with gentle pressure to create a firm seal. Keep the denture in place for 4 minutes.4

The DenSureFit silicone may flow over your dentures and create a “flash,” where the silicone flows up the side walls and around the top ridges. These extensions aren’t necessary for a snug fit but can help create better suction.

5. Let the Silicone Cure

After 4 minutes, remove the denture and place it in a glass of water or denture cleaner for 2 hours. Once the DenSureFit silicone has time to cure, you can trim any excess silicone.

Be careful in trimming too closely to the edge of the denture. Without proper extensions, you may lose suction. 

Snug-Up Tip and Snug-Up Application Procedure

Sometimes, it takes several DenSureFit applications to obtain a secure fit. You can apply as many layers of DenSureFit silicone as necessary to achieve a comfortable fit.

Here are the basic steps in the Snug-Up application procedure:3 

  1. Clean and dry your dentures thoroughly
  2. Prime any bare spots where your denture shows through
  3. Allow the primer to sit for 2 minutes
  4. Apply the DenSureFit silicone midway up the denture wall above the trough
  5. Seat your dentures for 4 minutes
  6. Ensure you place your upper dentures in your mouth if you’re working on your lower dentures
  7. Allow the DenSureFit to cure for 2 hours before you wear your dentures

Use half an applicator if you need only minor adjustments or a full applicator if your denture is moderately loose. You can place your dentures in water or cleaner while waiting for them to cure.

DenSureFit also offers a Snug-Up Tip.5 The Snug-Up tip replaces applicator tips with cured silicone plugs, allowing you to use any remaining silicone that hasn’t already cured.

Material and Comfort

DenSureFit offers professional-grade silicone-based reline kits for acrylic dentures only.3 Each DenSureFit application lasts up to three months.6

Removing DenSureFit from your dentures is easy. Simply peel the silicone back and away from your denture. You can also heat the silicone material with a hair dryer for easier removal.

Pros and Cons of DenSureFit

Many customers found DenSureFit convenient and easy to use. The product isn’t messy and requires little skill to apply and improve denture fit. The ability to layer DenSureFit also helps ensure a custom fit without the expense.

However, some customers did find it expensive to try DenSureFit at first. If you twist the syringe cap incorrectly, the silicone bursts out of the tube, rendering it useless.

The price of DenSureFit applications can add up. However, it’s often more affordable than experimenting with other denture adhesive products that may or may not work or hold up as long.

Some denture wearers, particularly those with flexible dentures, cannot use DenSureFit. This limits the customer base compared to other denture adhesive products. 

Benefits of DenSureFit

The advantages of DenSureFit include: 

  • No messy mixing required
  • Long-lasting results
  • Easy to use 
  • Custom-fit without a trip to the dentist
  • Convenient
  • Relatively affordable 
  • Helps reduce the symptoms related to poor-fitting dentures 

Drawbacks of DenSureFit

DenSureFit may not be right for you for the following reasons: 

  • Limited to acrylic dentures only 
  • May cause discomfort when used incorrectly
  • Technique sensitive (requires a particular urgency in applying silicone and fitting to your palate)
  • Syringes are one-time use, whether you get it right or not 
  • Expenses of reapplying DenSureFit can add up
  • Reduced life expectancy when used with powerful denture cleaners 
  • Require a learning curve to apply   

What Customers Are Saying

DenSureFit has videos of users explaining their experience with this denture reline kit.7 Here’s what customers had to say about DenSureFit denture reline kits:8 

  • “Amazing suction”
  • “Fit like a new scuba mask”
  • “Feels like I have soothing gel in my mouth”
  • “DenSureFit had allowed the inflammation in my gums to go down”
  • “No sores, no glue”
  • “Feels soft and comfortable against my gums”
  • “This peels off in one effortless second when you want to change it out”
  • “They fit with a seal and suction that gives great confidence” 
  • “Relief for denture wearers”
  • “So snug and comfortable” 

Many DenSureFit customers appreciated the comfort and suction they experienced using this product. Several also noted that they didn’t need denture adhesives and used DenSureFit as their go-to product over messier products that didn’t perform as well.

DenSureFit vs. Other Denture Reline Kits

DenSureFit Silicone Denture Reline Kits compete with several other brands. DenSureFit is one of the only companies to offer a silicone reline kit versus an epoxy-like reline material.

The table below compares DenSureFit with other brands:

DenSureFit Silicone Reline KitPerma Soft Denture Reline KitDentemp Reline-It Denture Reline Kit 
Cost $892$199$9.9911
Material Silicone Ethyl acetate and ethyl alcohol10Zinc-free 
Ease of use Self-mixing syringeMix powder and liquid to form Mix powder and liquid to form 
Product lifespan Up to 3 months Up to 2 years Up to 1 week 
Denture type compatibility Acrylic dentures only Not for use on flexible dentures Not for use on flexible dentures 

Most denture reline kits are not compatible with flexible dentures. While Perma Soft Denture Reline Kits last longer than DenSureFit Silicone Reline Kits, mixing the reline materials can be messy, and users may experience a chemical taste or odor during the reline process.

Is DenSureFit Worth the Cost? 

If you’re struggling with loose or ill-fitting dentures, DenSureFit can be worth the cost to create a custom fit. You can easily use DenSureFit at home to obtain a custom fit within a few hours without visiting the dentist or lab. 

DenSureFit offers an Investment Guarantee to pair you with a DenSureFit Care Coach if you can’t achieve the ideal fit.12 The DenSureFit Care Coach walks you through the product application. The company understands that we all make mistakes and will even send you a free syringe of DenSureFit to try the application process again.

DenSureFit Returns and Refunds

You have 30 days from receiving your DenSureFit Silicone Reline Kit to contact customer service to initiate a return, replacement, or refund.12 You must submit proof of purchase and include any unused portion in the original packaging.

DenSureFit inspects returns upon receipt and issues refunds to the original payment method. However, you must pay to ship the item back to DenSureFit, as they do not reimburse the shipping cost.

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Last updated on April 24, 2024
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