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Smileactives Review: Pro Whitening Gel

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Does Smileactives Teeth Whitening Gel Work?

Smileactives Pro Whitening Gel can remove stains and lighten your teeth, though it might take a while before you see results. Adding it to my routine was pretty easy compared to other teeth whitening products I’ve tried.

If you’re willing to put in the time, Smileactives may be a worthwhile option. But it’s not something I would recommend if you have sensitive teeth or want instantly whiter teeth. 

Before you decide, I want you to have a better understanding of the product. So in this review, I’ll talk about my personal experience with  Smileactives’ whitening gel after using it for two weeks straight.

I also teamed up with NewMouth’s team of researchers and dental professionals to investigate its ingredients and analyze thousands of Amazon reviews from people who have tried it.

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Pros & Cons of Smileactives Whitening Gel

Here is a summary of the product’s advantages and disadvantages based on my use and what other people say about it:

What I Like About Smileactives

  • Whitens teeth over time. My teeth started to lighten on week two of my treatment, which isn’t too bad considering its convenience.
  • Won’t break the bank. Compared to going to the dentist or those fancy teeth whitening kits, it’s a steal for maintaining a bright smile.
  • So easy to use. I barely had to change my routine with Smileactives. Anyone can work it into their daily regimen by simply adding it to their toothpaste.
  • Tastes good. It didn’t change the flavor of my regular toothpaste or leave any unusual aftertaste.

What I Don’t Like About Smileactives

  • Results may vary. Some people saw visible results in a matter of days but others didn’t notice any effects despite using the product for weeks.
  • Its formula can be rough. I developed sensitivity in my teeth in the second week, though it was temporary and I was able to recover quickly.
  • The pump is challenging to use. Every time I used the product, I had to pump it several times to get the gel out of the bottle.

My Experience Using Smileactives Whitening Gel

Smileactives doesn’t have a clear timeline on how long the treatment should last. But it claims to whiten teeth by up to 8 shades in 14 days.1

I decided to try their whitening gel for two whole weeks to see how much it would brighten my teeth within that time frame. During this period, I would mix one part of gel with one part of regular non-whitening toothpaste.

As instructed, I used the mixture to brush twice a day. I brushed my front and back teeth and rinsed them with water immediately after.

Before & After Results

I haven’t used any teeth whitening product for three months before testing Smileactives gel. I also went on with the habit of drinking coffee every day.

Needless to say, I started with slightly yellowish teeth. They became lighter by one shade after two weeks of using Smileactives.

Since the gel is mixed with toothpaste, it’s also worth mentioning that it produced a foam that made my teeth feel so much cleaner with every use.

Sensitivity & Other Side Effects

My teeth became slightly sensitive at the beginning of the second week. Drinking hot or cold beverages would randomly give me the ‘zingers’. 

This feeling went away within days of stopping treatment. Thankfully, I didn’t have other negative reactions from using the product.

Taste & Ease of Use

Smileactives Pro Whitening Gel was flavorless. It did change the texture of my toothpaste and made it smoother and foamier than usual.

Using it was super simple and I didn’t have to adjust my schedule. Unlike teeth whitening strips, pens, and LED kits, it goes with your daily brushing.

The only thing I didn’t like about the product was its pump. It would take me several pumps to get the gel out of the bottle.

Are Smileactives Ingredients Safe & Effective?

Smileactives Pro Whitening Gel uses ingredients that are proven to work. However, some of them may cause allergies or a few side effects.

First, it contains hydrogen peroxide, the same ingredient used by dentists for in-office treatments. But it has a higher concentration than what the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends for at-home use.1,2,3

Using 12% hydrogen peroxide without dental supervision can increase your risk for tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and enamel damage.2,4

Other ingredients found in Smileactives Whitening Gel enhance its effects. But they also carry risks that you should know about:

  • Hydroxyethyl acrylate and sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate help the gel stick to your teeth. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to them.5,6
  • Etidronic acid and potassium stannate keep the hydrogen peroxide stable so it stays effective. Both are safe in small amounts. However, etidronic acid may cause mild irritation, which can be resolved by rinsing with water.7,8
  • Ammonium hydroxide may cause sensitive teeth, irritate gums, or trigger allergies when used in dental products like teeth whiteners.9,10

How to lower your risk for side effects: Follow the instructions on the correct use of the product. Combine the gel with equal parts of toothpaste.

Use it to brush your teeth for no more than 2 minutes, and rinse with water. You can use the Smileactives Gel every day for up to twice daily.

What Customers Say About Smileactives

Smileactives Pro Whitening Gel has over 7,600+ reviews on Amazon. I wanted to know if I had similar experiences with some of them, so I asked the rest of NewMouth’s team for some help.

Together, we analyzed thousands of feedback from customers who used the product. We then identified recurring themes, which I’ll share below:

Positive Reviews on Smileactives Whitening Gel

Many reviewers said the product worked, although results varied:

“I noticed results after one use. My dentist charges $375 for whitening, so I decided to give this product a go. So far I am happy with the results and will continue to use Smileactives.”

“It made a difference after using it just two times, and I love that I can use it daily for maintenance. I regularly get compliments on my smile. Since you use it with your toothpaste, I haven’t noticed any particular flavor for the gel itself.”

“This product whitens teeth in a subtle way. I’m a coffee drinker so I really needed something that would help with the daily caffeine stains.”

Smileactives Whitening Gel also didn’t cause sensitivity in a lot of people:

“I’ve tried lots of at-home teeth whiteners, and this one is definitely a favorite. It’s competitively priced and so easy to use—you just use it when you brush! And it didn’t cause any sensitivity for my gums or teeth.”

“It’s flavorless, doesn’t leave any aftertaste, and hasn’t made my sensitive teeth hurt at all.”

“It does a great job keeping the coffee and tea stains away! Most importantly, it does not make your teeth sensitive.”

Most customers enjoyed its ease of use:

“I have never had my teeth professionally whitened, but I have used products like WhiteStrips which also work. I hated having to leave anything on my teeth for even a few minutes. SmileActives eliminates the inconvenience.”

“It’s great for whitening quickly without the hassle of white strips, or those messy gross whitening trays, which I am not a fan of. The whitening gel is super easy to use and combined at the same time as your usual toothpaste. The pump easily dispenses. I haven’t had any issues with it leaking or causing a mess. This is definitely the simplest way to get those pearly whites really glistening.”

“Easy to use as you just pump a little onto your toothpaste when brushing.”

Negative Reviews on Smileactives Whitening Gel

Amidst positive feedback, many dissatisfied users said it didn’t work:

“Did not change the color of my crowns. It did slightly whiten yellow stains near the gum line on my front teeth. Not enough, though, to consider buying it again.”

“I have faithfully used this twice a day for a month and nothing has changed in the whiteness of my teeth.”

“Didn’t work for me. Been using it for over two weeks and don’t really notice much difference in the whiteness of my teeth.”

It also caused tooth sensitivity and gum irritation in some people:

“Seemed to whiten temporarily with continued use. But suddenly, my teeth started to hurt. So I stopped using it.”

“This stuff destroyed my gums. I used it once a day for 2 weeks and had to stop because my gums were red, swollen, and extremely painful.”

“It severely irritated my gums mouth after three days of use. My lips were raw. Yes, I followed directions and only used a very small amount along with my regular toothpaste.”

A few customers complained about the bottle’s pump:

“When pumping the gel, sometimes it won’t come out. You have to hit it for a bit to start the flow.”

“I have tried pumping and pumping and nothing comes out, finally it did. However, it happens almost every time I use it. It’s full of empty spaces. Takes forever to get anything.”

“About 95% of the time when I’m trying to pump some out, nothing comes out for about 10 to 15 pumps. Then when the product does come out, it will spit out and wind up on the counter instead of the bristles of the toothbrush.”

Where To Buy Smileactives Teeth Whitening Gel

You can buy the Smileactives Pro Whitening Gel online at these prices:

How to get the best deals: Check out Smileactives’ website for the latest promos or subscribe to get 16% off and free shipping on your orders.

Final Thoughts on Smileactives Whitening Gel

Smileactives Pro Teeth Whitening Gel may not give you a Hollywood smile overnight but it offers noticeable results with continued use. Since you can use it with any toothpaste, it’s easy to add to your daily routine.

That said, it doesn’t always remove teeth stains. Smileactives also contains ingredients that can irritate your gums or cause sensitivity.

If you have naturally sensitive teeth or want visibly whiter teeth in a shorter time, you should explore other options. Here’s what I would recommend:

  • For dramatic results – You can’t go wrong with in-office whitening. Don’t worry about the sensitivity they sometimes cause. They’re only temporary.
  • For instantly whiter teeth HiSmile V34 Colour Corrector is my go-to for events. You can use it like toothpaste and brush it on your teeth.
  • For sensitive teeth Zimba’s Teeth Whitening Strips are some of my favorites. They’re gentle and have plenty of flavor options available.

Last updated on April 24, 2024
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Last updated on April 24, 2024
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