Elena Borrelli M.S.PAC, BCPA

Author and Medical Reviewer

Elena Borrelli is a seasoned certified physician assistant (PA) with two decades of experience in healthcare. Her professional journey spans a multitude of clinical settings, including surgery, trauma, emergency medicine, primary care, and women’s health. As the owner of Online Urgent Care PLLC, Borrelli offers virtual video consultations, extending her expertise to patients of all ages. Her career is distinguished by various leadership roles and contributions to medical education as a consultant for USMLE and PANCE/PANRE board certification prep-courses.

Completing a Doctorate of Medical Science with a focus on education, Borrelli is deeply involved in lecturing and authoring courses on critical healthcare issues, ranging from the opioid crisis to cardiology and pain management. She has also penned the children’s health book series “Piccolo Medico,” published in multiple languages. As a subject matter expert, Borrelli has provided consultation for diverse medical projects. Her recent focus on patient advocacy and quality healthcare improvement led her to co-found Pathway Patient Advocates LLC, while also practicing as a Board Certified Patient Advocate, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to enhancing patient care and education.


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