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AnnaMarie Houlis

Medical Contributor

AnnaMarie Houlis is a medical contributor for New Mouth. She earned her B.A. in Journalism & New Media with a double minor in Creative Writing and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from Gettysburg College. She spent several years as an editor at the helm of New York City's lifestyle scene before transitioning into full-time freelance writing from all corners of the globe.

A full-time traveler, AnnaMarie has explored nearly 80 countries across six continents, primarily covering women's health for internationally acclaimed online outlets and print publications. Her writing is inspired by her fieldwork in communities around the world and grounded in extensive, expert-backed research. Her mission is to empower readers everywhere with the knowledge and resources they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives with equal access to care.

AnnaMarie’s work as a staff writer for NewMouth spans dental and orthodontic procedures to preventative care. She covers everything from tooth extraction surgeries and tooth-repair processes to oral hygiene best practices. She strives to shed light on the importance of proper oral hygiene, sharing resources for patients to prevent procedures but also helping them to understand treatments should they require them.


  • Gettysburg College, Bachelor of Arts, Journalism & New Media
  • Minor - Creative Writing and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
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