AnnaMarie Houlis

Medical Contributor

AnnaMarie Houlis, a medical contributor for NewMouth, is a graduate of Gettysburg College with a B.A. in Journalism & New Media, complemented by minors in Creative Writing and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. With a background as an editor in New York City’s lifestyle scene and a seasoned freelance writer, her global travels across nearly 80 countries have enriched her perspective, particularly in women’s health.

AnnaMarie’s work at NewMouth spans a diverse range of dental topics, from intricate orthodontic procedures to fundamental preventative care. Inspired by her extensive fieldwork and grounded in expert-backed research, her mission is to equip readers globally with the necessary knowledge and resources for healthier living and equitable access to dental care. Her contributions focus not only on educating about dental treatments but also on emphasizing the importance of proactive oral hygiene.


  • Gettysburg College, Bachelor of Arts, Journalism & New Media
  • Minor – Creative Writing and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
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