Teeth Whitening Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals [2021]

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At-home teeth whitening products are a great option to give your smile a makeover at an affordable price.

And Black Friday or Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get a whitening kit for yourself or someone you care about.

At-home teeth whitening is safe and effective when you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

NewMouth only recommends at-home whitening products that contain safe levels of peroxide. Products containing either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide are safe and effective teeth whitening agents.

At-home teeth bleaching products typically contain 5 to 10 percent hydrogen peroxide or 35 percent carbamide peroxide. They are applied for 10 to 30 minutes for multiple days in a row.

Using at-home whitening products that contain higher levels of peroxide can lead to increased sensitivity and gum irritation.

Snow Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Snow® Teeth Whitening offers a straightforward and less painful whitening experience. The kits include a specially formulated whitening serum and an LED mouthpiece.

Snow also sells an all-in-one whitening kit, a whitening toothpaste, a desensitizing serum, and lip care products. 

snow all in one teeth whitening kit

Snow Teeth Whitening

Best Overall & Best for Sensitive Teeth

This dentist-approved teeth whitening kit was designed for sensitive teeth and is safe for gums and enamel.

Each whitening application only takes 9 minutes per day. According to Snow’s website, 97 percent of customers see results after just one use (consumer study). 

Snow Teeth Whitening Pros & Cons

  • Lasting whitening outcomes
  • Dentist recommended
  • Enamel-safe professional formula
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
  • Products cause less sensitivity 
  • Safe to use on crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, and braces
  • LED kits and on-the-go products available
  • The mouthpiece may be uncomfortable for some people
  • The cheapest kit is not cordless; you have to plug it into your phone 
  • The mouthpiece is not a one-size-fits-all and can cause an improper fit
  • The charger is slightly bulky

Read our review of Snow Teeth Whitening.

GLO Brilliant Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

GLO Science™ is an award-winning, patented, and FDA-approved LED teeth whitening brand. They are the only at-home teeth whitening system that combines heat and blue LED light to give you faster results without sensitivity.

They offer two different at-home whitening kits, including GLO Brilliant™ and GLO Lit™. They also sell oral health products and professional teeth whitening kits for dentists.

GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth Whitening

GLO Science Teeth Whitening

This teeth whitening kit was designed by a top NYC aesthetic dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine DMD, PC. It features ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, latex-free, and, cruelty-free.

Applications only take 8 minutes. They suggest completing four back-to-back applications each day for five straight days, or until you’re pleased with the results.

Pros & Cons of GLO Science

  • FDA-approved 
  • Won two awards for effectiveness and innovation
  • Easy to use kit with clear directions
  • Comfortable LED mouthpiece
  • Warming technology to speed up the whitening process
  • Wireless whitening
  • 8-minute timer to keep track of whitening
  • Lip treatment provided
  • Minimal to no sensitivity 
  • More expensive than other brands
  • GLO whitening serum can be messy 
  • The LED light can also dry out your lips slightly

Read our review of GLO Science Whitening.

HiSmile Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

HiSmile is a brand of whitening products founded in Australia in 2014. They sell a variety of teeth whitening products. The PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit is their most popular device.

Their formulation contains nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp), an ingredient clinically proven to strengthen enamel which works to prevent sensitivity. This means that the whitening formula is peroxide-free.

HiSmile is a promising, peroxide-free option that has seen success. The company has made their research available to back their claims that PAP+ is an effective whitening option.

GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth Whitening

HiSmile Teeth Whitening

The PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit comes with six applications. These "whitening pods" are used with an LED mouthguard. You use it for 10 minutes at a time. They guarantee whitening results, as well as no pain or sensitivity throughout the treatment.

Read more about HiSmile's whitening formula.

AuraGlow Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

AuraGlow is a brand of at-home teeth whitening. They sell LED whitening kits, on-the-go whitening pens, and whitening gels. 

Most AuraGlow customers see results after the first treatment. However, they tend to see more noticeable improvements after three to five treatments.

AuraGlow products themselves are not FDA-approved (but all of the ingredients are). The products are also made in FDA-approved facilities.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit, LED Light

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

AuraGlow uses cool LED whitening technology with 5 built-in bulbs and comes with a built-in timer to keep track of whitening.

AuraGlow’s organic teeth whitening gel is made with gluten-free and vegan-friendly ingredients and features 35% carbamide peroxide as a bleaching agent for professional-grade results.

This teeth whitening kit allows you to whiten your teeth hands-free with a comfort-fit tray, which makes it easy to whiten your teeth for 30 minutes per day.

Pros & Cons of AuraGlow

  • Cheaper than most LED teeth whitening kits available today
  • High quality at-home whitening experience
  • Less toxic ingredients (vegan, gluten-free, kosher, organic, etc.)
  • Cruelty-free products
  • 100% enamel-safe ingredients
  • Comfortable LED mouthpiece
  • Less sensitivity than leading brands
  • The LED mouthpiece is prone to breakage (based on reviews)
  • Batteries die quickly and must be replaced often (based on reviews)

Read our review of AuraGlow Whitening.

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