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Laughland Teeth Whitening Review (2024)

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Is Laughland Worth The Cost?

It’s a bargain for $76 considering the flexibility it offers. Most brands will just give you standardized kits and concentrations of whitening agents. With Laughland, you’ll get one of three specialized formulas for your needs:

  • Formula 8-17 – Extra-strong whitening for people without tooth sensitivity
  • Formula 8-16 – Fast and pain-free whitening for people with mild sensitivity
  • Formula 9-12 – Gentle teeth whitening for people with sensitive teeth

The gels they included with my kit worked well for me and didn’t trigger my sensitivity. I encountered a few hiccups during my treatment. But they were manageable and I wouldn’t consider them to be dealbreakers.

Laughland Whitening Kit package front with logo 1

You’re probably wondering if Laughland would also be good for you. So I put together this detailed review to help you make an informed decision. I’ll share my honest experience and insights on its ingredients. 

With the help of our team at NewMouth, I analyzed hundreds of online reviews to bring you its most common pros and cons. I also compared it with other teeth whitening kits we’ve tried.

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Pros & Cons of Laughland Whitening Kit

After trying Laughland myself and reading hundreds of feedback from people who have used it, here’s a summary of its pros and cons:

What I Like About Laughland

  • It’s cheap and works fast. My teeth looked whiter after a few days. It’s pretty close to what you’d get at the dentist but for a much lower cost.
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth. I’ve always had sensitivity problems with whitening treatments, but this didn’t bother me at all.
  • Easy to use and customizable. Laughland’s treatment is simple and lets you decide how long each treatment lasts, which can be as little as 10 minutes.
  • Personalized treatments. After taking a quick online quiz, Laughland suggested the formula that would work best for my sensitive teeth.
  • Love the subscription option. Subscribers can save on refills, making it affordable to maintain your white teeth.

What I Don’t Like About Laughland

  • Doesn’t work the same for everyone. Some people don’t get visible results, and you may need a stronger formula than what Laughland gives you.
  • My results didn’t last. My teeth started losing its brightness after a month. I had to repeat the treatment every month to maintain the shade I liked.
  • The mouthpiece takes getting used to. It’s not super comfortable at first and it’s hard to keep saliva from building up.
  • It doesn’t have the best taste. The gel can taste a bit off after a few minutes, though I was able to get rid of it by rinsing my mouth with water.

Inside My Personalized Kit & Ingredients

Laughland’s Teeth Whitening Kit includes an LED mouthpiece and three syringes of whitening gel good for 12 treatments.

Laughland whitening syringes 3 with logo 1

The gel’s ingredients work together to whiten teeth and prevent tooth sensitivity. Here’s what I learned about them after some research:

  • Hydrogen peroxide – a bleaching agent that effectively whitens teeth and is used by dentists in professional teeth whitening treatments.1
  • Sodium bicarbonate – a mild abrasive that can remove intrinsic tooth stains as well as surface stains on your teeth.2,3
  • Glycerin – a thickener that ensures the gel sticks to your teeth so they’re exposed to active ingredients for longer periods.4
  • Cellulose gum – a thickener that prolongs your teeth’s exposure to whitening ingredients and creates a protective layer on the enamel, reducing tooth sensitivity.5,6

Laughland’s whitening gel is available in three formulas. If you take the quiz on their website, they’ll tell you which one works best for you.7


They suggested Formula 8-16 for my sometimes sensitive teeth. Here’s my formula along with others they might recommend:

  • F8-17 – 11% hydrogen peroxide, 30% glycerin, and 3% cellulose gum.8
  • F8-16 – 8% hydrogen peroxide, 30% glycerin, and 8% cellulose gum.9
  • F9-12 – 23% sodium bicarbonate, 30% glycerin, and 3% cellulose gum.10

My Experience Using Laughland’s Teeth Whitening

I used Laughland’s kit for 6 days straight just as the brand recommended. Here’s a rundown of my experience:

Before & After Results

The kit didn’t include a shade guide so I used the online quiz as a reference on how much it would lighten my teeth.


I started with a 4 (middle shade) and had 2 shades lighter teeth after the first treatment. You’ll probably get more visible whitening with the F8-17. But if you have the F19-2 gel, the results may take longer.

Each treatment cycle lasts for 6 days and you’re supposed to repeat it once every month until you achieve the shade you like.

Sensitivity & Other Side Effects

Laughland contains hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate which can increase your chances of developing tooth sensitivity.

But it also has cellulose gum to counteract this side effect, plus other ingredients that can reduce gum irritation and sensitive teeth:

  • Sodium hydroxide – neutralizes the acidity of hydrogen peroxide, the formula’s main active ingredient, so it’s less harsh on your teeth.10,11
  • Aloe leaf juice – an anti-inflammatory that can soothe irritated gums. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals and promotes remineralization, which strengthens teeth and decreases the risk of sensitivity.12,13

Despite using the kit for 6 consecutive days, I didn’t develop sensitive teeth during the initial application, and when I re-applied it a month later.

However, I did experience drooling each time I wore the mouthpiece.

Comfort & Ease of Use

The treatment process was super simple. I brushed my teeth and dried off any excess saliva using a clean towel. Next, I applied whitening gel inside the mouthpiece, plugged it into my phone, and placed it in my mouth.

Laughland LED Mouth Tray 8 with logo 1

You can wear the mouthpiece for 10 to 20 minutes at a time (I wore mine for 20). It caused some initial discomfort. But after figuring out how to correctly wear it, I no longer had problems with it.

What does the gel taste like? It tasted bland even though it had a minty scent. Minutes after application, it started to have this weird flavor. It’s not too bad so I was able to tolerate it. Rinsing my mouth with water got rid of the aftertaste.

Maintaining My Results

My results lasted for a month before my teeth darkened by one shade, maybe because I drink coffee several times a day.

I used the kit again for 6 days and achieved the lightest shade possible—better than my initial results. I assumed that given my coffee habit, I needed to repeat the treatment at least once a month.

However, your results can last longer (2 to 4 months) and you may need fewer touchups.

To keep your teeth white: Laughland doesn’t say how often you need to re-use the kit. So try to be mindful of your results and adjust your treatment based on your comfort level and the shade you’re going for.

What Customers Say About Laughland

I was curious about other users’ experiences with the kit so I went through 900+ customer reviews on Laughland’s website.

I asked our team from NewMouth to help me narrow down the most common feedback, and highlighted them below:

Laughland Whitening Kit Pros

According to many reviewers, the kit produced noticeable results:

“My teeth are already looking much whiter, got some comments from coworkers yesterday.”

“At least 3 shades whiter in a week!”

“I tried whitening toothpaste for a while but this is 10x better. Finally found something that works”

Customers also reported little to no sensitivity from using Laughland, even though some of them typically had sensitive teeth:

“I’ve only given the treatment a go twice, but I’m happy to share that I haven’t experienced any sensitivity!”

“Though I have super sensitive teeth, this gel has given me zero issues.”

“Around the second month of using Laughland, I started noticing my teeth brightening up with minimal sensitivity. I must say, that Laughland has truly exceeded my expectations. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and the pain-free experience.”

Users often praised the kit’s application and hands-free mouthpiece for being convenient and easy to follow:

“Laughland’s product is a no-brainer to use, straightforward and efficient!”

“Very easy to use and can hook up to your phone and move around with it.”

“Once you get used to the mouthpiece it’s smooth sailing, your teeth will be whiter within a few days”

Laughland Whitening Kit Cons

One common complaint is the excess salivation caused by the mouthpiece:

“Whitening works, but too much saliva.”

“I found it very difficult to keep the mouthpiece in my mouth with the buildup of saliva and not wanting to swallow the stuff.”

“Saliva build-up was bothering me, but customer support’s advice made it manageable.”

While many users found Laughland to be effective, some were also disappointed after seeing little to no change in the shade of their teeth:

“Didn’t really do anything at all”

“I used the “gentle” whitening kit exactly as instructed for six days. I took progress photos and noticed zero difference.”

“I didn’t notice any difference in whiteness. I think the application is inefficient as the gel isn’t directly on the teeth and getting into all the crevices from the mouthpiece”

A handful of reviewers also experienced discomfort in their teeth and gums when they used stronger formulas or too much whitening gel:

“Had to stop using halfway through the pack because it caused sharp pain in my teeth.”

“I got the strongest formula and my teeth started hurting midweek. I’ll probably stop if it keeps getting worse.”

“It works amazingly but the first time I used it, I accepted put too much of the whitening gel and it caused an irritation on the roof of my mouth.”

Comparing Laughland To Other Whitening Kits

Laughland’s F8-16 whitening gel has 33% more hydrogen peroxide than Crest’s Classic Whitening Strips. Its F8-17 whitening gel is even better and has 70% more of the active ingredient.

We also compared Laughland to other teeth whitening kits we tried:

Active IngredientHydrogen peroxide (8% or 11%) or sodium bicarbonate (23%)Hydrogen and carbamide peroxideCarbamide peroxide (16%, 22%, 35%, or 44%)Hydrogen peroxide (6%)
Application Time10 to 20 minutes10 to 30 minutes30 minutes30 minutes
Treatment Duration6 days21 to 30 days7 to 14 days5 to 10 days
Best For People WithLow, medium, and high sensitivityLow to average sensitivityLow, medium, and high sensitivityAverage sensitivity

Where To Buy Laughland Teeth Whitening Kit

Laughland whitening pen with logo 1

You can purchase Laughland’s At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit from their website for $76. I got a free To-Go Whitening Pen ($14 value) with my order.

They also offer refills at $25 per set of three (3) whitening gel syringes—enough to last 12 treatments.

Final Thoughts on Laughland Whitening Kit

Laughland offers a simple and affordable way to whiten your teeth at home. It’s easy to use and delivers quick results. But what truly makes it stand out are the customizable treatments. When you receive your kit, it will include whitening gels that match your needs.


Unfortunately, Laughland may not work on everyone and results can vary. You also need to repeat the treatment to maintain the brightness of your teeth, which can be inconvenient and add to the cost over time. 

While the gel’s weird aftertaste is tolerable and easy to get rid of, the excess salivation it causes can be off-putting. If you think that Laughland isn’t a good option overall, you may want to try these alternatives:

  • For stubborn teeth stains In-office teeth whitening is the best choice even though they’re more expensive.
  • For personalized whitening Auraglow lets you order refills with different concentrations of carbamide peroxide (16% to 44%) so you can adjust your treatment after using up your kit.
  • For better taste Zimba’s whitening products come in a wide range of yummy flavors like coconut, peach, strawberry, and watermelon.

Last updated on April 18, 2024
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Last updated on April 18, 2024
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