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Anthony Armenta is a content contributor for New Mouth and other health information platforms. He earned his B.A. in International Relations from the University of California, Irvine before deciding to live abroad in Spain. While he has spent almost 10 years in the European country, Anthony has focused the last 5 years as a freelance health content writer and medical editor for different public hospitals in central Barcelona. 
He primarily works with three leading investigative groups (infectious diseases, pulmonology, and hematology/oncology) from Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. This public Spanish hospital ranked #21 in World's Best Hospital 2020 according to Newsweek. Research from these specialties has included topics such as candidemia (a fungal infection), COVID-19 pneumonia, CAR T-cells, and HIV. In fact, Anthony more recently edited a breakthrough manuscript of a study that explored the use of personalized therapy and artificial intelligence for patients with COVID-19. 
However, his familiarity with other health topics does not stop there. He has covered areas like breast cancer and plastic surgery, and written weekly, evidence-based blog posts for a Barcelona-based virtual reality platform centered around psychology and mental health.  He has also begun collaborating with a Barcelona-raised graphic designer, whose modern yet minimalist style garnered past work opportunities from global fashion company Inditex, to now offer design and content writing services for doctors and health start-ups. 
His commitment to writing fact-driven, health content stems from the belief that this type of information can empower all individuals to take action and improve their health today. This includes simplifying the language used to talk about health, so topics like addiction or vision problems are both digestible and friendly to all those who want to live and feel better. 


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Major: International Relations

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