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Updated on June 3, 2022

Wondersmile UK Review

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What is WonderSmile?

WonderSmile is a direct-to-consumer clear aligner company that offers at-home teeth straightening. It’s a convenient and affordable alternative to braces and Invisalign that treats minor teeth misalignment.

WonderSmile treatment can fix issues such as gapped teeth and crowded teeth. Treatment time is 6 to 9 months on average, depending on whether you choose their All-Day or NightClear aligners. 

Note: NewMouth does not recommend nighttime aligner treatment. Learn why here.

Their All-Day aligners cost £1,450 for a one-time payment. You can also pay for treatment in £24 weekly installments with a 10% down payment. 

While other aligner companies have payment plans that often include interest payments, WonderSmile is unique in that its plan is interest-free. This means you’ll never pay more for treatment if you choose to finance it. This plan also does not require a credit check.

This makes WonderSmile a convenient and affordable option for those with minor teeth alignment issues. 

Some other highlights of WonderSmile include:

  • A Lifetime Guarantee to fix your teeth at no extra cost if they revert back after properly following treatment
  • Referring a friend earns you a £100 gift card
  • A £250 discount for single arch aligner treatment 

Read on to learn more about WonderSmile treatment and whether it’s right for you.

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Best Flexibility

Wondersmile allows you to begin treatment with an at-home impression kit or at a studio. They also offer free refinements (terms apply) if your teeth move after treatment. 

Treatment costs up to £1,490 and takes between 6 and 9 months, on average. Since treatment is monitored remotely, we only recommend them for mild cases.

How Does WonderSmile Work?

There are two ways to begin WonderSmile treatment:

The first and best way is to book an appointment online for a 15-minute, risk-free consultation at a WonderSmile Clinic

WonderSmile is based in Australia but also operates in the United Kingdom. In the UK, there are 12 WonderSmile clinics where customers can begin treatment. 

Six clinics are located in London, and the rest are in the following cites:

  • Liverpool
  • Leicester 
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Chelmsford
  • Glasgow

If you go to a clinic, a trained dentist or orthodontist will take a 3D scan of your bite. This minimizes the chance for errors and is the option NewMouth recommends.

If you’re not located within a close-enough distance to a WonderSmile clinic, here is how to begin treatment remotely:

  1. Order an impression kit online.
  2. Once the kit arrives, take impressions of your teeth and send them back.
  3. A WonderSmile dental professional will review your impressions and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for treatment. If they don’t approve you, you’ll receive a refund for the price of the impression kit.
  4. If they approve you, a WonderSmile orthodontist will create your treatment plan. Next, you’ll submit payment for treatment. 
  5. A series of 14 to 18 clear aligners will be sent to your door within 25 working days.

Once you receive your aligners, you’ll wear them for 22 hours per day. You can remove them to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth, or play an instrument or sport. 

Every week or so, you’ll switch to the next set of aligners in your treatment plan. You can sign in to your online profile to know when it’s time to change. WonderSmile will also send you reminders.

WonderSmile vs. Invisalign: What Are the Differences?

WonderSmile is different from Invisalign in a few key ways:

At-Home vs. In-Office Treatment

Unlike WonderSmile, Invisalign is an in-office aligner company. This means you need to visit a dentist or orthodontist to begin Invisalign treatment. This is not true of WonderSmile, where an in-office consultation is optional.

With Invisalign, you also have to return to the dentist or orthodontist every 6 weeks. During these appointments, they will check your treatment progress and give you your next set of aligners.

For many people, this is inconvenient and is one reason to choose at-home aligners like WonderSmile.


WonderSmile is much more affordable than Invisalign. The aligners cost just £1,450 for a one-time payment or £24 in weekly installments with a 10% down-payment. 

By contrast, the cost of Invisalign in the UK ranges from £1,500 to £5,500, depending on your location and provider.

Social 6

WonderSmile only treats the first six teeth in the top or bottom arches. These are the teeth most visible when you smile, which is why they’re sometimes referred to as the “Social 6” or “Social 12.” 

For this reason, WonderSmile is more of a cosmetic option for minor bite issues. Invisalign can treat a much wider range of teeth alignment issues.

How Much Does WonderSmile Cost?

WonderSmile’s All-Day Aligners cost £1,450 for a one-time payment. You can also pay for treatment in £24 weekly installments with a 10% down-payment. 

Other expenses include the impression kit (£25) and post-treatment retainers (£60 each). The fee for the kit is refundable if you do not qualify for treatment.

For treatment on just your top or bottom set of teeth (single arch treatment), you'll receive a £250 discount. However, we don’t recommend this type of treatment because your bite should be treated as a whole. 

Finally, if you’re unhappy with your treatment, you can request a refund within the first 30 days of trying it.

Does the NHS Cover WonderSmile?

Invisible aligners like WonderSmile are considered to be cosmetic treatments and therefore, not covered by the NHS (National Health Service).

WonderSmile Costs vs. Other At-Home Aligner Brands

Here’s how the price of WonderSmile stacks up against the top UK at-home aligner brands:

WonderSmile vs. PlusDent

When comparing the cost for treating minor teeth alignment issues, PlusDent is slightly more affordable. Treatment with PlusDent costs £1,390 in comparison to WonderSmile’s cost of £1,450.

WonderSmile vs. Straight Teeth Direct

At  £1,350, Straight Teeth Direct is slightly more affordable than WonderSmile. 

WonderSmile vs. SmileDirectClub (SDC)

SmileDirectClub was the first company in the at-home aligner industry. However, they’re more expensive than WonderSmile. Their daytime aligners start at £1,539.

WonderSmile vs. Straight My Teeth 

Straight My Teeth are the most affordable option on this list. The cost to begin treatment with them is £999, which is significantly less expensive than WonderSmile.

Pros of WonderSmile

  • Much more affordable than Invisalign or braces
  • Discounts for single-arch treatment
  • Orthodontists (teeth-straightening experts) design your treatment plan
  • Rewards for referrals — you receive a £100 gift card for every patient you refer (the patient receives a $200 discount off treatment)
  • Interest-free financing for treatment
  • WonderSmile aligners are BPA-free
  • Customer service available 7 days a week
  • Lifetime Guarantee of free refinements if your teeth ever revert back to their misalignment after treatment

Cons of WonderSmile

  • Only treats a limited range of teeth alignment issues
  • Remote treatment is not always as precise as in-office treatment
  • Not the most affordable option (but not the most expensive either)
  • Does not offer free post-treatment retainers (£60 additional cost)
  • WonderSmile treatment is not covered by the NHS
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Last updated on June 3, 2022
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